Although POC is best known for their sleek sunglasses and helmets, they also offer cycling apparel. The POC Essential collection is a full cycling apparel line up that includes everything from socks, bibs, to jackets. In this review, we’ll be focusing on two of the Essential Gloves in the collection – the Mesh Glove and the Road Light Glove. Both gloves feature 4-way stretch mesh fabric for a comfortable fit and ventilation. The fingerless mesh road light retails for $40 while the full-fingered mesh glove is $45. Both gloves are offered in a variety of graphic schemes with POC’s unique colors. As a part of the Essential collection, the gloves also have a minimalist multi-panel design with integrated Silicone non-slip pads strategically placed.

The POC Essential Gloves combine unique color schemes with a form fitting strapless design.

Rating 9.0/10
Retail Price$40 (Fingerless Mesh Road Light) / $45 (Fingered Mesh Glove)
Likes+ Lightweight
+ Mesh panels provide direct feel with ventilation
+ Available in unique color combinations
Dislikes– Not available with gel inserts or padding
– Strapless design requires more force to put on/off
Where to Buy (US)POC


As with other clothing, the POC gloves come in a simple plastic bag with a few tags attached to them.


Visually the POC Essential gloves echo the modern and minimalist styling that POC is known for. Rather than having traditional pull tabs, the gloves feature pull tabs at the cuffs with the non-slip Silicone material. Although it makes putting the gloves on or off more difficult, the payoff is a more comfortable fit without any velcro or loose material. POC also offers a variety of graphics from vibrant red, blue to more muted gray colors to satisfy even the pickiest cyclists and match other POC gear. Unlike other cycling gloves, branding is limited to a single POC logo on the index finger of each glove in a contrasting color. Both gloves use a multi-panel construction with the 4-way stretch mesh material used on the rear and front faces with soft terry-cloth inserts on the between the thumb and index finger for wiping your nose on the road.

POC Essential Gloves - Fingered and Fingerless Comparison
Both gloves feature a mesh front panel for air ventilation and a multi-panel form fitting construction.
POC Essential Gloves - Fingerless Gloves
The Essential Road Light gloves feature a sleek and minimalist design with elastic cuffs and textured grip pads.


While the POC sizing chart the large size would have been the preferred size for both gloves, for this review we tested the medium variations. We were a bit worried about the smaller size, but thanks to the elastic construction both gloves were comfortable and form fitting. Although they don’t have any gel inserts or padding on the palm, we didn’t feel any pressure points even when switching between the drops and handlebars (this could be because our handlebar tape is cushy). Instead you have a direct connection to the handlebars with the Silicone prints providing extra grip for shifting or interacting with touch screens. Both gloves are perfect for warm weather riding as the mesh construction allows airflow through the front and back of the glove.

POC Essential Gloves - Fingertips
Details such as the non-slip finger tips help keep the gloves lightweight and functional.


Overall, we found the POC Essential Mesh and Road Light gloves to be well designed and comfortable on the road. Both gloves are offered in a variety of graphic schemes with POC’s unique vibrant color palette. Not only does that mean the gloves match well with other POC gear such as helmets, sunglasses, and kits, but also the minimal branding has the modern look POC is known for. Thanks to the 4-way stretch mesh fabric the gloves are highly ventilated and comfortable. Even though both gloves lack padding or gel inserts, the lightweight material and Silicone prints make them easy to use on or off the road. If you are looking for minimalist summer gloves with style, the POC Essential gloves are a compelling option.

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