There are two ways to go fast as a cyclist, additional training or reducing weight. For those looking at the second option then you’ll want a lightweight bike and gear such as the POC Ventral Lite. It’s one of the lightest variations of the Ventral helmet that POC offers and has been optimized to maximize ventilation and trim every extra gram. While the Ventral Lite looks similar to the other POC Ventral helmets, the structure has been optimized with a different density EPS foam to allow them to reduce the in-mold PC shell to only the necessary areas. Additionally, the 360° head cradle has been put on a diet with the use of cables instead of plastic straps and lighter dial elements. Retail price on the Ventral Lite is $275, the same as the Ventral NFC helmet, and is offered in a variety of distinct color combinations.

The POC Ventral Lite is an ultra lightweight and highly ventilated helmet that retains POC’s distinctive design language while shedding grams.

Rating 8.9/10
Retail Price$275
Measured weight (in g)  246 (size M)
Likes+ Lightweight
+ Open and highly ventilated design
+ Available in unique color combinations
Dislikes– Premium price
– Non-adjustable side straps may not work for everyone
– Lacks MIPS liner or POC Spin pads
Where to Buy (US)POC


The Ventral Lite comes in POC’s distinctive white helmet box with branding limited to reflective POC logos. Inside the sleek box you’ll find:

  • Ventral Lite helmet
  • White fabric travel bag
  • Eye Garage adhesive pads

Curiously, POC ships the helmet with the adhesive Eye Garage pads not attached. That means you can leave them off to save a gram or two or if you don’t plan to use them. The pads are simply non-slip and apply to the outside front vents to help hold sunglasses in place when being stored in the vents.


To create the Ventral Lite, POC did more than simply take a dremel to the existing Ventral lineup of helmets. Strategically placed vents give the helmet a swiss-cheese look and funnel air through internal passages for maximum ventilation and weight savings. The vents are similar to the POC Ventral Air Spin NFC but expanded for additional airflow and weight reduction. Even the in-mold PC shell has been minimized to only the front and rear of the helmet leaving exposed foam. Despite the minimalist design, POC still offers the Ventral Lite in a variety of unique solid and contrasting color schemes.  Color options range from matte black, gray, to bright options such as black / blue or black / green.

To reduce weight on the Ventral Lite helmet, POC minimized the PC shell to only the critical regions leaving exposed foam.

For the Uranium Black / Hydrogen White variation shown in this review, the upper shell is black while the bottom of the helmet is white. What sets the POC Ventral Lite apart from other helmets on the market is the fact that POC even color matches the straps and head cradle which gives the helmet a designer and premium look regardless of the color scheme you choose. Branding is also limited to a POC logo on the rear of the helmet and small text on the side. If you own POC sunglasses, you’ll also be impressed with how well they work together as our Hydrogen White POC Devour matched perfectly with the helmet and sat flush with the brim.

The aggressive rear design of the helmet is complimented by a reflective POC logo.


With the medium sized North American version of Ventral Lite tipping our scales at only 246 grams, the helmet is one of the lightest we’ve reviewed. Combined with the swiss-cheese ventilation design, it’s easy to forget you’re wearing the Ventral Lite helmet. Even though the helmet has been put on a diet, the inner paddings are still flush and can easily be removed from the velcro for cleaning. The lightweight nylon straps and cradle system also provide a secure fit that doesn’t have any pressure points. One downside of this helmet is that the side straps are not adjustable which could be an issue for some riders. Otherwise the Ventral Lite is one of the most ventilated and comfortable helmets we’ve worn to date.

The ultra-light cradle system uses a wrap-around wire system and non-adjustable nylon side straps for a secure fit.


Overall we found the POC Ventral Lite to be a lightweight and highly ventilated helmet. POC has carefully modified the Ventral Lite to improve the airflow and reduce every gram. The combination of minimized PC shell, modified EPS foam, and ultra-light head cradle system help the helmet achieve an impressive 246 gram weight for the medium version we reviewed. While there are higher-bang-for-your-buck ways to reduce weight on the bike, the lightweight of the helmet means you’ll forget your wearing it. We also appreciate the attention to detail and design elements that POC puts in their products with the color matched strap and cradle system. The primary downsides of the helmets are the premium price, something you can say about most POC products, and the non-adjustable side straps. That said, you don’t need to be a weight-weenie or pro-athlete to appreciate the lightweight and ventilation of the Ventral Lite helmet.

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