These days it seems like every new bike has some sort of superlative attached to it such as stiffer road bikes, lighter mountain bikes or more compliant gravel bikes. For the new Priority Sauce we’d describe it as a “funner” bike that doesn’t take itself seriously. Unlike most bikes on the market, the Priority Sauce defies categorization and instead is more of a mish-mash of various features across the spectrum. Priority describes it as a spicy mash-up of old and new – off-road cruise, single-speed gravel grinder, retro mountain bike, bombproof commuter and fun bar bike all combined into a single bike. The Priority Sauce has an attractive $799 retail price and features a low-maintenance Gates Carbon belt drive, hydraulic disc brakes and retro styled aluminum frame. Where the bike specs become unusual is the fact that the Priority Sauce comes with 2.25” tires, internal routing for a dropper post and even has an old school integrated handlebar and stem combination.

The Priority Sauce is a unique mash-up of modern components with retro design for a genuinely fun “go anywhere do anything” style fun bike.

Retail Price$799
RatingDesign:   A
Handling:  A
Value:  A
Weight (lb)~26 (S/M)
Likes+ Gates Carbon belt drive
+ Retro styling and integrated handlebar stem
+ Confidence inspiring hydraulic disc brakes
Dislikes– Lacks spicy color schemes
– Single speed setup limits versatility
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The Priority Sauce comes well packed in a large recyclable Priority Bicycles branded cardboard box. The motto “Happiness in Motion” is also printed on the bike box which captures the essence of cycling. Once you’ve opened up the box you’ll find:

  • Priority Sauce bike
  • Assembly tools (wrench and Allen keys)
  • Instruction manual

As with other Priority bikes we’ve reviewed, the Sauce was very well packed with more than enough protective padding and foam to ensure the bike arrives damage free.


With Priority’s direct-to-consumer sales model, you simply buy the bike directly from Priority’s website and have it shipped home. You can assemble the bike yourself, take it to a local shop or one of Priority’s recommended service centers to have the bike assembled for you. It’s a straightforward process as the Sauce comes about 90% assembled right out of the box. We’d estimate the total time to take about 30 minutes with much of that time taken up by removing protective covering and cutting zip ties off the bike. The handlebar, pedals, seatpost and front brake caliper are the main components that need to be attached to the bike. We’d recommend starting by attaching the front brake caliper and bolting on the front wheel to allow the bike to sit on its kickstand.

Priority Sauce Gates Belt Disc Brake Bike Review - Side View
The Sauce features retro styling that mimics old-school mountain bikes and BMX bikes and features an aluminum frame and upright geometry.

We had a bit of trouble getting the plastic clip for the front brake cable to slide into the slot, but after some cursing and gentle pressure it clipped into place. The one-piece handlebar and stem slide onto the steerer and are bolted into place. After that you can attach the pedals onto the crank, making sure to pay attention to the right / left labels and remember that the non-drive size is counter-threaded. The seatpost simply slides into the frame and is secured by tightening the clamp. Make sure the “minimum insertion” indicator line on the seatpost is below the clamp. Again, the entire assembly process is straightforward and doesn’t require much mechanical knowledge. We’d recommend using some blue loctite during assembly and using a torque wrench (like those from Pro Bike Tools or Topeak) to ensure everything is snug before riding.


The Priority Sauce is a unique bike that combines retro-styling elements with modern components. Visually, the Sauce combines the swoopy frame design of the Priority Coast with mountain bike style 27.5” wheels and commuter style flat bars that are reminiscent of the Priority Ace of Spades. Consistent with the “sauce” theme, the bike is offered in a green Chimichurri color scheme or the silver Cast Iron color we have in this review. Although we would have preferred more spicy color or graphic options than the silver finish, it’s an attractive design with subtle metallic flakes. There are two off-white stripes along the forks and simple Priority branding on the top tube. Unique to the Sauce are the red pepper graphics on the seatpost and a flame graphic on the downtube to add a little style to the bike.

If you look at a side view of the bike you realize how unusual the geometry actually is. The front half of the bike looks similar to a cruiser bike with a curved downtube and toptube with exposed welds at the attachment points. There is external cable routing for the front and rear brakes that attach to welded on tabs using plastic clips to keep everything tidy. The rear half of the bike looks more like a hard tail mountain bike with short triangular shape and highly angled seatpost and headtube. Priority has even built in internal routing points along the downtube and seatube for those looking to add a dropper seat post. In our opinion, the unusual geometry and combination of polished 27.5″ wheels resembles a cross between a BMX bike with an old school mountain bike.


While the bike itself may have retro vibes, the components are modern and well chosen. The most obvious feature of the Priority Sauce is the single speed Gates Carbon belt drive system. The belt drive utilizes a 46T Gates CDN front crank and a 22T Gates CDC rear sprocket. It’s a well-tested setup that provides nearly maintenance free riding and eliminates grease marks from pants associated with typical chain drives. Priority has also used some other brand name parts such as the 27.5″ x 2.25″ Goodyear Peak tires and a Selle Royal Essenza Comfort Sport saddle which offer a smooth and comfortable ride. To finish off the bike, Priority has incorporated their in-house 174Hudson brand hydraulic disc brakes. With the single speed setup and polished one-piece handlebar and stem combination the bike has a clean and simple cockpit. It’s an impressive overall package with the only parts we plan on upgrading being a more sporty saddle like a Velo Angel Revo and textured handlebar grips such as the Lizard Skins Charger Evo.

Priority Sauce Gates Belt Disc Brake Bike Review - Drivetrain
As with all of Priority’s bikes, the Sauce features a low maintenance Gates Carbon belt drive which ensures you spend more time riding.


Despite having a few too many bikes already we were excited to get our hands on the Priority Sauce. The affordable price and the bombproof setup of the bike means it’s the perfect bike for exploring trails or cruising around town. Rather than trying to excel in any one category, the mash-up design of the Sauce means it’s just a fun all-around bike you can hop on and ride. The combination of the responsive handling and upright geometry makes the bike comfortable to cruise around in. We were impressed with the smooth modulation of the hydraulic disc brakes as they are easy to operate and give you confidence to push the bike. The carbon belt system eliminates most maintenance while the chunky 2.25″ Goodyear tires offer excellent off-road traction. It’s a simple setup that means the Sauce can be taken off curbs or on gravel trails with confidence.

As with most multi-purpose products, the Priority Sauce isn’t great for specific tasks. The wide tires have too much drag to make the Sauce a good long-distance commuter – we’d recommend swapping the tires or wheelset out for something with lower rolling resistance. Additionally, the single speed setup means the Sauce is best on flat gravel or dirt trails as there are no granny gears for climbing up steep terrain.

Priority Sauce Gates Belt Disc Brake Bike Review - Handlebars
One of the unique features of the Sauce are the integrated handlebar and stem which reduce weight and give the bike a BMX look.


Overall, we found the Priority Sauce to be a unique and intriguing mash-up of different bike features and components. It’s a hard bike to describe as it emphasizes having fun over fitting into any traditional bike category. The bombproof 27.5” wheels and aluminum frame are comfortable jumping off curbs or flying down gravel trails. Modern touches such as hydraulic disc brakes, internal routing for a dropper seatpost and the single speed Gates Carbon belt drive ensure you’ll spend more time riding than at a bike shop. For us, the Priority Sauce feels like a grown-up version of a BMX bike that’s just fun to ride. The bike isn’t perfect though and won’t work for everyone – the wide tires aren’t well suited for long commutes, the single speed setup makes climbing a challenge and the upright geometry isn’t as optimized as endurance or gravel bikes. That said, the Priority Sauce has all the right ingredients to make every ride more fun and allow you to experience the joy of riding.

Disclaimer: The product for this review was provided by Priority Bicycles. The views expressed on this website are solely those of the authors and are here to help people make an informed choice before a purchase. The authors or the blog itself does not get any monetary compensation from the product manufacturer or third-party websites/vendor links that are posted here.

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