Whether you own one bicycle or believe in the “n+1” philosophy, where the ideal number of bikes is always one more than the number you own, it can be difficult finding space to store them. Vertical bike storage options allow you to get your bike off the ground and out of the way. The Pro Bike Tool Swivel Wall Hanger is a clever vertical bike storage mount that can swivel side to side to accommodate cramped areas. With a retail price of $39.99 and an impressive 66.2 lb weight limit, the Swivel Wall Hanger is designed to work with everything from road, mountain, to commuter bikes. Pro Bike Tool even includes all the necessary hardware with the Swivel Wall Hanger to accommodate wood stud or masonry walls.

The Pro Bike Tool Swivel Bike Wall Hanger that not only frees up floor space by storing your bike vertically but also allows you to swivel the bike side-to-side.

Retail Price$39.99
Rating9.3 / 10
Likes+ Space saving design
+ Premium metal top bracket and hook
+ High weight capacity supports variety of bikes
Dislikes– Non-smooth swiveling
– Installation requires a wood stud or masonry wall
– Extra space gives you a reason to buy more bikes
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The Pro Bike Tool Swivel Bike Wall Hanger comes in a nondescript cardboard box with Pro Bike Tool branding and specs printed directly on it. It’s a surprisingly small size box thanks to the careful packaging and disassembly of the parts. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Wheel hook
  • Wheel stopper
  • Wheel cradle
  • 5x masonry plastic anchors 
  • 5x mounting screws
  • 2x bolts for wheel cradle
  • Allen key
  • Bracket
  • Hook holder
  • Rubber cap
  • Instruction manual

Despite the number of items that come with the mount the detailed instructions and illustrations make it easy to identify each part.


To install the Swivel Bike Hanger, you’ll need a few measurements and a stud detector if you plan to install it on a wood wall. Once you’ve measured the length of your bike you want to mark that height off the wall along the stud or on a masonry wall. This ensures the rear wheel will be off the ground and allow the bike to swivel side-to-side. Pro Bike Tool includes long screws to mount the top and bottom hangers so we recommend pre-drilling the wall before screwing it in. Three screws secure the top metal bracket which supports the full weight of the bike. The bottom wheel stop is a simple plastic piece that also uses two long screws even though it only prevents your tire from rubbing against the wall.

Pro Bike Tool Swivel Bike Wall Hanger Review - Left Swivel
Unlike other wall hangers, the Pro Bike Tool Wall Swivel mount supports the full weight of the bike and elevates it off the ground.

Once the top hanger bracket is secured to the wall, with the notch side upward, you can slide the hook holder and hook onto the top of the bracket. Then you simply slide the plastic wheel cradle upward onto the bottom of the hook and secure it using the two small bolts. At this point, you can test fit your bike on the hook and mark the bottom wheel stop mounting location. Next step is as simple as drilling the bolts into the wheel stop to secure it against the wall. While the installation is straightforward, it does create five fairly large holes as the mount supports the full weight of the bike. For those in a rental or temporary location, free standing mounts or floor mounts might be a better option.


Unlike the Hornit Clug and other bike wall hangers that leave the rear wheel on the ground and simply hold the front wheel against the wall, the Pro Bike Tool Swivel Bike Wall Hanger elevates the bike completely off the ground. This design means the wall hanger has to support the full weight of the bike. To achieve the 66.2 lb weight capacity, the Swivel Bike Wall Hanger comes with high-quality brackets and hardware. The top bracket and hook are metal as they support the full weight of the bike and feel well built. Most of the other parts are plastic but still feel well designed and include thoughtful details such as a wide wheel cradle and texturing to grip tires. To allow the hanger to swivel as the top hook can rotate within the top bracket while the other components stay static.

Pro Bike Tool Swivel Bike Wall Hanger Review - Top Tab
There are two tabs on the top of the hook that can be used to keep the bike perpendicular to the wall or depressed for side-to-side swiveling.

Pro Bike Tool has also incorporated two tabs on top of the hook holder that keep the mount perpendicular to the wall so if you want to swivel the mount from the neutral position, it requires a little force for the tabs to depress. We found the swiveling action isn’t as smooth as expected particularly with our light weight road bike. We found that the wheel would rotate in the wheel cradle before the mount would swivel so we often had to directly grip the wheel cradle to adjust the angle. The bottom wheel stopper is a simple plastic T-shaped bracket that allows you to either place your wheel on the left or right side depending on which side you prefer to swivel and helps secure the rear wheel as the bike swivels. 

Pro Bike Tool Swivel Bike Wall Hanger Review - Bottom Mount
The rear wheel rests on a T-shaped bracket to prevent scratching the wall and help swivel the bike in the chosen direction.

Compared to standard floor stands such as the Maxxhaul Floor Stand, the vertical design of the Pro Bike Tool Swivel Bike Hanger is significantly more efficient. By orienting the bike vertically, the stand frees up valuable floor space and allows you to store more bikes and gear in the same area. We also found the swiveling design to be a clever bonus as you can place the bike nearly parallel to the wall which is useful in cramped or tight areas. The extra flexibility to angle the bike is particularly useful if you use the hanger on stud wood walls which limits the placement of the hanger.


Overall, we found the Pro Bike Tool Swivel Bike Wall Hanger to be well designed and a space saving bike storage option. Combining a vertical wall hanger with a swiveling design, the Swivel Bike Wall Hanger allows you to efficiently store bikes in crowded or tight areas while keeping valuable floor space clear. The main downside of the hanger is the fact that you will need wood studs or a masonry wall to drive the five screws in to install the hanger. We also found that the swiveling wasn’t as smooth as we expected with our lightweight road bike and often required rotating the mount directly. That aside, the Pro Bike Tool Swivel Bike Hanger is a clever and easy way to store bikes and free up space. In fact it works so well that you may end up rationalizing buying another bike to fill the newly freed up space.

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