Unless you have calibrated hands, it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between 5 and10 N-m torque values. That’s why it’s important to use a proper torque wrench especially on road or mountain bike components. In this review we’ll be looking at the Pro Bike Tool 1/4 Inch Click Torque wrench set which is a popular torque wrench among cyclists in addition to being a best seller on Amazon. With a retail price of under $70 and an included carrying case with 11 bits out of the box, the torque wrench set provides a lot of value. Designed around a 1/4″ inch driver and reversible head, the torque wrench offers a 2 to 20 N-m torque range as well as 0.1 N-m increments making it ideal for working on bikes.

The Pro Bike Tool 1/4 inch torque wrench includes all the bits you’ll need as well as a slick carrying case.

Retail Price$67.99
Measured Weight (in g)714 (total) : 280 (torque wrench) + 434 (bit attachment)

Likes+ Great build quality
+ Includes carrying case and bits
+ Easy to tell when desired torque is reached
Dislikes– Large size
– Extension bar has some play
– Measurements in N-m only
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Pro Bike Tool includes a carrying case for the torque wrench which makes unboxing straight forward. Inside the case you’ll find:

  • Torque wrench
  • 11-bits (2/ 2.5/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 8/ 10 Hex and T10/ T20 / T25 Torx)
  • Plastic carrying case
  • 100 mm extension bar
  • Calibration certification


One of the advantages of the Pro Bike Tool torque wrench set is that not only does it include all the bits you would need but it also includes a carrying case to keep everything together. Despite being made from plastic, it feels durable and well designed with a knurling for extra grip. The Pro Bike Tools logo is embossed on the cover in white text which has held up well through heavy use. The case can also be locked with a large external clasp that keeps everything in place. Overall, we found the case to be great for storing the torque wrench and preventing any of the bits or attachments from getting lost. Curiously, there is an empty ‘storage’ area spot in the case which could potentially be used for additional bits.

The torque wrench itself looks and feels well built in the silver polished finish we reviewed – note it is also available in a sleeker black finish. The Torque setting and the Pro Bike Tool branding are etched on the tool which ensures they’ll stay visible even with heavy use. The ratcheting head has a simple button to release any attached bits as well as a reverse lever making it easy to loosen or tighten different bolts. We did find the torque wrench to be a bit large especially compared to other torque wrenches like the ultra- compact Topeak Torq stick. The larger design  does mean you have more leverage for stubborn bolts. The larger size also means the torque values and controls are also larger and easier to read. 

Pro Bike Tool Torque Wrench - measurement
The torque values are easy to read and adjust between the 2-20 range.

Pro Bike Tool includes an impressive 11 bits with the torque wrench which should be enough for most bike repair or maintenance. The bits are made from S2 alloy steel feel and while they are well designed are on the larger side due to the 1/4 inch socket attachments. Pro Bike Tool includes 8 different hex sizes from 2 to 10mm which should cover most repair tasks on a bike. There are also three different Torx bits T10, T20 and T25 which should be more than sufficient. The sizes are engraved onto the bits making them easy to identify. Also, we found the bits easy to remove from the case thanks to the hollowed sides of the case.


The torque wrench uses a standard click style mechanism with reversible and ratcheting head that makes quick work of most work. Even at lower torque settings there is good feedback when the desired torque is reached which prevents accidentally over tightening bolts. While the torque wrench itself is on the larger side for the 2 to 20N-m range, we liked the large and legible N-m setting indicator as well as the micro adjustments down to 0.1 N-m increment. This is particularly helpful as many bike components have recommended torque values that are usually decimals. Adjusting the torque value is as easy as pulling the knurled handle back and rotating it clockwise or counter clockwise.

Pro Bike Tool Torque Wrench - grip
The knurled handle has excellent grip and leverage.


Overall, we found the Pro Bike Tool torque wrench set well designed with a lot of extras making it a great value. The included 11 bits are enough for most maintenance or repairs while the case keeps everything organized. Although there are lower priced torque wrenches on the market, the included extras as 2 to 20 N-m range make the Pro Bike Tool torque wrench a great option for working on bikes or lower torque applications. The larger size of the torque wrench also means it is easy to set the torque value and even has micro adjustments down to 0.1 N-m increment. If you’re looking to expand your tool collection or just getting into basic bike maintenance, the Pro Bike Tool torque wrench set is definitely one to consider.

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