Cycling in warmer climates not only requires careful water and nutrition intake but also a lightweight cycling kit to allow you to maximize your performance. Q36.5’s Clima collection is their ultimate warm weather kit with ground-breaking thermoregulation and proprietary technology. In this review, we have a full Clima kit which includes the Salopette Dottore bib shorts and the Clima Short Sleeve jersey. Both items are made in Italy with aerodynamic fits that are designed to optimize performance and aerodynamics. The Salopette Dottore bib shorts retail for a premium $383 and include real silver thread for its antibacterial and conductivity properties. The Clima Short Sleeve jersey is slightly more affordable at $265 and uses Graphene yarn for heat dissipation to keep your body at the ideal temperature regardless of the heat. Combined together, the bib shorts and short sleeve are a premium and high-tech warm weather cycling kit.

The Q36.5 Clima Salopette Dottore bib shorts and Clima Short Sleeve jersey combine high tech materials with an aerodynamic fit for optimal performance in warm temperatures.

Salopette Dottore Clima Bib ShortsClima Short Sleeve Jersey
RatingDesign:  A
Size: A
Comfort: A
Design:  A
Size: A
Retail Price$383$265
Likes+ Aerodynamic fit with minimal seams
+ Supportive and comfortable chamois
+ Highly breathable with zonal compression
+ Lightweight construction
+ Highly breathable material keeps you cool regardless of temperature
+ Attractive white/black color scheme with minimal branding
Dislikes– Premium price– Premium price
Where to Buy (US)Q36.5Q36.5


While most cycling apparel come folded in basic bags, Q36.5 has taken apparel packaging to the next level. Each piece comes in a separate unique cardboard box with tissue wrapping that looks like it should belong under a Christmas tree instead of a shipping box. The jersey comes in a flat cardboard box, while the bib short comes wrapped in an elastic band and long rectangular box that folds open like a flower. Even though you’ll just throw the packaging away, it’s a thoughtful detail that helps give the clothing a premium feel.


Bib shorts are one of the most critical aspects of any bike kit and connect you with the saddle. The Salopette Dottore Clima are Q36.5’s most expensive bib shorts and feature their top-of-the-line technology for warm weather riding. Q36.5 offers the bib shorts in two colors: navy and the black that we have here. The bib shorts have an ergogenic pattern which results in  minimal seams and strategically placed panels. The different panels have different textures with the silver thread visible in some sections and more durable material on the chamois region. Branding is limited to the reflective Q36.5 tags on the legs and the rear.

Q36.5 Clima Cycling Bib Shorts Jersey Summer Kit Review - Bib Shorts Side
The bib shorts have an aerodynamic fit with zonal compression panels to optimize performance.

On the legs there are also chevron patterns on the legs that are visually similar to the Q36.5 Grid Skin bib shorts but don’t have any additional material behind them. The bib straps themselves use a taped tabular strap system and a mesh elastic material for comfort. On the rear there is a smaller patch which connects the straps together but otherwise leaves a large rear opening for ventilation. The shammy on the shorts uses a dual-density construction with anti-bacterial material that’s designed to be comfortable on any length of ride.


The Q36.5’s Clima short sleeve jersey is the brand’s cutting-edge warm weather jersey that combines high tech materials and an aerodynamic design. This is specifically designed for warm weather riding with a lightweight and close fit to reduce drag. Q36.5 offers the jersey in three colors: navy, olive green and the white/black we have here. The jerseys feature black sleeves and pocket accents along with a unique checkered pattern on the middle section with a nearly transparent material. The jersey is constructed with a mixture of 60% polyester, 28% elastane and 12% polyamide.

Q36.5 Clima Cycling Bib Shorts Jersey Summer Kit Review - Jersey Rear
The jersey is nearly transparent and exposes the unique bib strap design that connects the two straps on the rear with a small elastic bridge panel.

The jersey uses a full length and color matched front zipper with premium touches such as zipper garages on both the top and bottom. Branding on the jersey is limited to color-shifting Q36.5 tags on the front zipper and an Italian flag on the rear. The jersey has an understated design that stands out particularly in the high contrast white and black color scheme. There are also other warm weather touches such as raw edges on the sleeves and a low collar. On the rear of the jersey there is a standard four pocket setup with three main pockets and a smaller zippered one on the right side that’s useful for storing keys or credit cards.

Q36.5 Clima Cycling Bib Shorts Jersey Summer Kit Review - Jersey Closeup
The Clima short sleeve jersey has unique stripe appearances thanks to the Graphene Yarn Technology which results in excellent breathability and lightweight.


Based on our experience with the Q36.5 Grid Skin cycling kit from a previous review which fit slightly baggy in the size large, we took our own advice and sized it down to medium for both pieces. We are glad we did, as both the jersey and bib shorts have a skin tight yet comfortable fit. It’s a bit surprising that the medium sizing works so well as you typically have to size up for European brands like Decathlon’s Van Rysel apparel. Thanks to a heatwave we were able to take full advantage of the Clima kit and were quite impressed with the breathability. Even in direct sun and 90 degree temperatures, we always felt comfortable as the advanced materials whisked away sweat. The shammy on the bib shorts is also one of the best we’ve worn and is comfortable regardless of how far you ride.


Overall, we found the Q36.5 Clima cycling kit to be well designed and comfortable on the road. With its combination of high tech materials such as graphene and silver thread both the Salopette Dottore Clima bib shorts and Clima short sleeve jersey are perfect for warm weather riding. The lightweight materials and breathability of the cycling kit whisk away sweat and keep you comfortable regardless of the temperature. We were also impressed with the fit, as both items have aggressive race fits with compression when you need it yet comfortable enough even after a full day in the saddle. The only downside of Clima kit is that all the technology and Italian production result in premium retail prices. That said, if you’re looking for the ultimate warm weather cycling kit the Q36.5 Clima is one of the best we’ve worn and worth the investment.

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