RAVEMEN is a well known brand that offers a variety of bright and affordable bike lights. The XR6000 is one of RAVEMEN’s brightest headlights with an impressive 6000 lumen output and a unique dual beam design that can be used for road cycling or mountain biking. Retail price of the XR6000 is $349.95 which is impressive for the 6000 lumen output. To achieve the high output, the XR6000 is a wired light that features a large 8000mAh battery pack that connects to a 9 LED headlight. An aluminum housing with integrated heat fins helps dissipate the heat from the LEDs while a dual beam design offers a road-friendly soft beam cutoff and a full-brightness mountain bike mode. RAVEMEN includes a wireless remote for operating the headlight as well as an OLED display on the battery pack to indicate the current battery status.

The RAVEMEN XR6000 is the brand’s brightest headlight and features an impressive 6000 lumen output with a versatile dual beam design.

Retail Price$349.95
Rating9.1 / 10
Measured Weight (in g) 202 (headlight), 394 (battery pack) 38 (handlebar mount), 16 (remote)
Likes+ Dual beam design can be used for road or mountain biking
+ OLED battery display on battery pack
+ Easy to use two button interface
Dislikes– Lacks side visibility
– Soft beam cutoff still creates glare
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The RAVEMEN XR6000 comes in a bright orange cardboard box with a glossy graphic of the headlight right on the front. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • XR6000 headlight
  • Metal out-front mount w/ hardware and allen key
  • 8000 mAh battery pack w/ Velcro straps
  • Wireless remote w/ rubber strap for mounting
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Warranty card
  • Instruction manual
  • Quick start guide

A foam holder keeps all the items together inside the box and is a great way to store or travel with the light as well.


RAVEMEN has incorporated a custom aluminum side mount for mounting the XR6000 to handlebars. The mount attaches to the light using a side bolt and allows you to easily adjust the angle of the beam. It’s a tool-free thumb screw design to attach to the bike which makes it easy to quickly remove the light from the handlebar while leaving the base on the handlebars. Thanks to the wired design, the headlight itself is quite light and compact so you can use this headlight in combination with other out-front mounts or computer mounts. RAVEMEN also offers an optional GoPro adapter which gives you more mounting options for the headlight.


The RAVEMEN XR6000 is the brand’s brightest headlight to date with an impressive 6000 lumen output. This is a wired headlight design which means you have a compact headlight with only the LEDs and basic controls on it that is connected via a wire to a separate battery pack. With this wired setup, RAVEMEN is able to increase the battery capacity to achieve the higher output while keeping the headlight compact. The headlight itself is quite small with an aluminum construction and heat fins cut directly into the body. It’s an all-black design with exposed hardware on the front of the lens and branding on the rear of the light and battery pack.

Ravemen XR6000 MTB Wired Bike Headlight Review - LED Design
The XR6000 combines a center low beam with multiple diffusers to reduce glare along with 8 additional LEDs to light up the road.

One of the main features of the XR6000 is the dual beam lens design which uses 9 LEDs. The center LED has multiple horizontal and vertical built into the lens to produce an anti-glare low beam mode. This produces a T shaped lens as the horizontal diffusers spread the beam and vertical diffusers reduce glare. The other 8 LEDs, four on each side, are used in the high beam mode and provide a wide and uniform beam for mountain biking. With this dual beam design you can easily use the XR6000 for road cycling or mountain biking with a simple press of the button. The LEDs are slightly inset into the aluminum housing to prevent glare but it also means there is no side visibility with the headlight. It would have been nice to see some side cutouts and a larger glare shield on top of the housing.

Ravemen XR6000 MTB Wired Bike Headlight Review - User Interface
The headlight and remote both have two button controls that let you switch between beams and intensity modes.

The XR6000 uses RAVEMEN’s ABP01 battery pack which retails for $139.95 on its own. It is an 8000mAh battery pack that has four 21700 Li-ion batteries inside it. The battery mounts to bikes using two Velcro straps with rubber pads on the base of the battery to hold it steady. What’s cool about the battery pack is that RAVEMEN has incorporated an OLED screen to display the battery status. It’s an easy to read display that lets you quickly see how much battery is left without having to interpret LEDs or colors like those on the Magicshine Monteer battery packs. This battery pack can also be used as a power bank to charge other devices using the USB-C port. Otherwise, the USB-C port is used to charge the battery pack with a claimed time of 4.5 hours to charge from empty.

Controlling the XR6000 can be done through the two buttons on the rear of the headlight or the included wireless remote. RAVEMEN has utilized a two level menu to separate the low beam from the high beam settings. Pressing the right button on the headlight toggles between the beam mode while the left button cycles through the available intensities within that beam mode. Holding the left button also activates the flash mode which is a feature we appreciate as you don’t have to cycle through flash while changing intensities. To shut the light off, you have to hold the right button down for a few seconds. The wireless remote is similar to other RAVEMEN lights like the PR2000 and mirrors the same functionality.


RAVEMEN has incorporated eight output modes for the XR6000 with five modes for the low beam mode and three for the high beam mode. In the low beam mode only the center anti-glare lens is illuminated which creates a T shaped beam pattern. There are four constant low modes to choose from that range from 250 – 1500 lumen and 18 – 3.5 hr runtimes respectively. There is an additional 500 lumen flash mode that alternates between a medium and low constant mode similar to nighttime flash modes on other lights. The high beam mode activates all nine LEDs and has three output modes: low (1500 lumen / 4 hr), medium (3000 / 2 hr) and high (6000 lumen / 1.2 hr).

Ravemen XR6000 MTB Wired Bike Headlight Review - Beam Optics
With 9 LEDs, the high beam mode lights up the road with a combination of flood and spot beams.

The low beam mode is ideal for road cycling or busier trails as the diffusers on the center LED help reduce glare and focus the light on the ground. We found the medium and high modes the most useful for higher speeds while the flash mode and lower power modes are better saved for city riding or daytime riding. In the high beam mode the additional eight LEDs create a nice flood pattern to illuminate everything around you. It’s perfect for mountain biking or gravel riding as you can see around corners and ahead of you. Compared to the Magicshine Monteer 6500S the XR6000 has a more uniform spread as the LED configuration is a bit different. Also we’d still recommend a headlight with a sharp beam cutoff, like the Magicshine Monteer 12000 or Lupine SL Mono, if you plan to do a substantial amount of road cycling as the anti-glare design of the XR6000 is only a soft beam cutoff.


Overall, we found the RAVEMEN XR6000 to be a bright and well designed light. With a nine LED setup and an anti-glare center low beam the XR6000 can be used on or off road. We found the T-shaped anti-glare beam to be a nice feature for road cycling while the full nine LED high beam mode is perfect to light up the road. RAVEMEN’s included handlebar mound and wired battery setup are also easy to install and secure enough for rough terrain. Some of the unique features of the light is the OLED screen that displays the battery status on the wired battery pack and the two-level menu with a simple hold to access the full power mode. The few things we’d improve on the light would be to incorporate side markers for additional visibility and utilizing a sharp beam cutoff to completely eliminate glare in the low beam mode. That said, if you’re looking for a very bright light with long runtimes and versatility then the RAVEMEN XR600 is a great option.

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