Dropping a chain while riding or when swapping your wheel is not only an inconvenience but can get your hands and bike covered in grease. To avoid this, Rehook has a special tool to grab on the chain and quickly set it in place without the mess. Rehook offers two variations of the tool, the Rehook Original and a multi-tool variation the Rehook PLUS with retail price of $19 and $39 respectively. Both variations have lightweight plastic construction with a honeycomb structure and a rubber strap for mounting directly to the bike. For those looking for more functionality, the Rehook PLUS adds 11 functions which includes tire levers, hex bits, screwdriver bits, wrench heads and even spoke wrenches. What’s clever with the Rehook PLUS is that it’s only slightly larger than the Rehook Original as all the tools are integrated or attached in the body.

The Rehook Original is a clever bike tool to reattach a dropped chain while the Rehook PLUS adds integrated tire levers and tools.

Retail Price$19 (Original) / $39 (PLUS)
Measured Weight (in g)22 (Original) / 60 (PLUS)
Likes+ Clever design
+ PLUS combines multiple tools into single package
+ Mess-free way to reattach chain
Dislikes– Bulky size
– Might be too specialized for some cyclists
– Rubber mounting strap is flimsy
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The Rehook Original comes attached to a simple cardboard backing with a zip tie. The simple black graphics illustrate how to use the tool and the features. With the Rehook PLUS there are quite a few more accessories included in the black/blue cardboard box. Inside you’ll find:

  • Rehook PLUS
  • Removable blue tire lever
  • 5 / 6 mm Hex key bit
  • PH1 Screwdriver bit

The bits attach directly into holders inside the body of the Rehook. There are an additional 8 / 9 / 10 mm wrench heads cut into a reinforced metal portion of the body and 2 spoke keys (3.23 and 3.45mm) on the sides.


Both versions of the Rehook can also be directly mounted onto a bike frame with an included rubber strap that attaches to integrated hooks on the body of the tool. The strap is quite flexible with multiple cutouts so it should work on a variety of bike frame sizes. Although we appreciate the simplicity, we prefer the thicker rubber straps that usually come with bike taillights as the Rehook’s rubber strap started to crack within a few days of use so we recommend storing the tool inside saddlebags instead as it’s a very convenient tool to have on the road.


What makes the Rehook work so well with bike chains is the three-prong head that slots between the links of a chain. It is a simple design that allows the tool to hook onto the chain and easily manipulate it. The prong head extends from a wider beveled plastic body that allows for extra leverage. The body material is thick plastic and has a non-slip black texture. While it is lightweight, It’s a pretty large tool that is slightly longer than tire levers. Branding is limited to the Rehook embossed onto the main body with the distinctive sharp angled logo design. Both versions of the Rehook tools also have plastic tabs that extend off the sides to attach the rubber mounting strap.

Rehook Original and Plus Chain Tool - Comparison
The Rehook Plus is slightly larger than the original version to accommodate the tools and tire lever extension.

The Rehook PLUS not only offers the same three-prong chain grabbing head and plastic body as the Rehook but it adds a lot of additional features. It’s slightly larger to accommodate the integrated tools and longer as a tire lever extends off the bottom. Rehook claims 11 essential tools which includes the bit holder itself. Not only is a tire lever built in, but there is also a smaller removable blue tire lever to help install or remove stubborn tires. Removing the blue tire lever exposes the hollowed out interior of the Rehook PLUS which stores three removable bits: a 5 / 6 Hex key bit as well as PH1 screwdriver bit. The bits sit inside small plastic cutouts that help keep them in place but are also a bit cumbersome to remove – we found sliding them back and forth released them.

Rehook Original and Plus Chain Tool - Tool Attachments
The Rehook Plus has a hollowed out center that holds three tool bits as well as a removable tire lever.

The bits attach to a small cutout above the integrated tire lever that provides excellent leverage. Additionally, the Rehook PLUS has three wrench heads cut directly into the body. These are reinforced with a metal insert and offer 8 / 9 / 10 mm sizes. The cutouts are well placed near the edge of the body which allows enough room to easily grip the main body of the Rehook. Finally, there are also two spoke tools cut out into the sides of the Rehook PLUS with metal reinforcements. Overall the Rehook PLUS feels well built and sturdy as all the integrated tools sit flush behind the removable tire lever.


If you’ve ever had to search for a stick or tree branch to remount your dropped chain on the road, then you’ll appreciate the Rehook. The long plastic body feels solid and makes it easy to get leverage to lift dropped chains and drop it back into place. In our opinion, the Rehook Original is a bit of overkill as it’s bulky for a single function tool. That’s why we prefer the Rehook PLUS which takes the same form factor and adds additional tools and tire levers. Although the Rehook PLUS doesn’t have as much functionality as multi-tools such as the Topeak PT30 it has enough tools for basic adjustments. Note, the hex and screwdriver bits are fairly shallow and because they attach to the Rehook body will have difficulty reaching recessed bolts or hard to reach areas.

Rehook Original and Plus Chain Tool - Tool Attachment
The Rehook Plus has some clever details such as a tool bit older, cut outs for wrenches as well as two spoke tools.


Overall, we found the Rehook Original and Rehook PLUS to be clever bike tools that simplify reattaching chains. The three prong head securely attaches to chains while the long body provides enough leverage to lift and rotate chains back onto chainrings. Not only does it keep your hands clean from chain grease but it works better than hex bits or roadside debris. However, given the fact that dropped chains shouldn’t happen that often with properly adjusted derailleurs the Rehook Original is likely an overly specialized tool for most cyclists. However, the Rehook PLUS integrates basic tools and tire levers into nearly the same form factor. All in all, the Rehook is a convenient tool to carry on the bike or keep at home especially if you own multiple bikes or swap wheels often.

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