Shimano 105 is widely known as Shimano’s entry-level performance lineup and sits under the more expensive and lighter Ultegra and top-of-the-line Dura-Ace product lines. The Shimano R7000 series is Shimano’s current 105 series which consists of everything from full groupsets to the SPD-SL pedals we have in this review. With a retail price of $150, the PD-R7000 are lightweight single sided performance pedals designed for Shimano SPD-SL cleats. As with other Shimano 105 products, the PD-R7000 inherits many of the design features and technology from the more expensive products including the carbon composite body and an adjustable entry / release tension. The pedals feature a low 16.5mm stack height as well as a sealed cartridge axle to ensure smooth operation.

The Shimano 105 PD-R7000 SPD-SL pedals offer high-performance and a secure feel at an affordable price point.

Retail Price$150
Rating9.5 / 10
Measured Weight (in g)256
Likes+ Wide and stable platform is perfect for road cycling
+ Serviceable design
+ Trick-down tech makes them the best value in lineup
Dislikes– Limited color options
Where to Buy (US)Shimano


The Shimano 105 pedals come in a simple cardboard box with branding printed directly onto the cardboard. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • PD-R7000 pedals
  • 2x yellow SM-SH11 SPD-SL cleats (6 degrees of float)
  • Mounting hardware + washers

Shimano includes both the cleats, pedals and hardware needed to convert both your bike and shoes over to the SPD-SL setup right out of the box. The yellow SM-SH11 SPD-SL cleats are one of the most popular cleats options with six degrees of float and are a great choice even if these are your first clipless shoes.


Visually, the Shimano 105 pedals are hard to tell apart from their Ultegra or Dura Ace counterparts. All the pedals share nearly the identical shape with a wide platform and spring on the rear. The main differences with the other models are slightly lighter weights and lower stack heights. Additionally, the Ultegra and Dura-Ace pedals do offer an optional 4mm longer axle which might be a critical feature if your bike fit requires it. Thanks to trickle-down-technology, the 105 series offers the best bang-for-your-buck with nearly identical performance to the more expensive variations. The body of the pedal is a carbon composite material that’s designed for durability and strength. These are a fully serviceable design as well which means you can remove the axle and re-grease them as needed or easily replace parts over time. That’s one of the big perks of buying Shimano products, regardless of where you are in the world you can find replacement parts or qualified bike shops for repair services.

Shimano PD-P7000 105 SPD-SL Cycling Pedals Review - Pedal Profile
Aside from the Shimano 105 logo on the pedals it’s hard to tell them apart from the Ultegra or Dura-Ace variations.

For a sleeker look, the pedals have a smooth tapered axle with an 8mm Allen on the inside for installing or removing the pedals. As with LOOK Keo pedals, float adjustments on the Shimano 105 pedals are done by purchasing different color-coded cleats. Shimano includes the popular yellow SM-SH11 SPD-SL cleats that have 6 degrees of float which provides enough adjustment to feel comfortable while still feeling secure. Tension adjustment is adjustable directly on the pedals which means you can make it easier or harder to clip in or out depending on your riding style. There is a small Allen key hole on the rear of the pedal along with a white line indicator which moves as you adjust the tension. Clockwise and counterclockwise rotations move the indicator and also have an audible click. We’d highly recommend doing a few test rides in a safe area to repeatedly clip in and out of the pedals after making any adjustments.

Shimano PD-P7000 105 SPD-SL Cycling Pedals Review - Top Design
To use the pedals you simply slide the front of the cleats into the center cutout and then push down to clip the rear onto the spring loaded clamp.


As long time LOOK Keo riders, we had some reservations about swapping over to the Shimano SPD-SL cleats and pedals. While both cleat designs use the same three-bolt attachment, which offers nearly universal compatibility with road cycling shoes, there are subtle differences in the shape that makes them non-compatible. Unless your previous pedals are rusted on to your bike, installing the pedals and cleats only requires a few minutes of work. On the road, the wider design of the SPD-SL cleats provides a noticeable difference with a secure and planted feeling that lets you do high-effort sprints or multi-hour rides comfortably. As seasoned cyclists, we adjusted the spring tension to the middle setting which requires a moderate amount of force to clip into or out of. If it wasn’t for the Shimano 105 graphic printed onto the pedal it would be easy to mistake these for Ultegra or Dura-Ace variations.

Shimano PD-P7000 105 SPD-SL Cycling Pedals Review - Tension Adjustment
The tension level o the pedals is indicated by a black indicator on the rear of the pedal and three marker lines.


Overall, we found the Shimano PD-R7000 105 SPD-SL pedals are well designed and high quality performance pedals. Shimano’s current 105 lineup offers nearly identical performance to their higher-end offerings but at much more affordable price points. This trick-down-technology approach means the PD-R7000 105 pedals offer premium design and high performance. We were impressed with the wide design of the pedals and direct connection they offered with the bike. The marginal weight and stack height differences between the 105 pedals and high-end variations make it easy to recommend the 105 pedals for anyone running SPD-SL pedals. Our only negative for the pedal would be the lack of color or finish options as the pedals only come in black. That said, if you’re looking for high-quality and well built SPD-SL pedals the Shimano PD7000 105 pedals are a perfect choice.

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