Shimano has expanded their eyewear lineup for 2024 with three new lightweight models. In this review, we’ll be looking at the Technium L which is the one of the lightest as it features a half frame design. The Shimano Technium L is the “light” version with a retail price of $100 to $125 depending on whether you choose the standard Ridescape lenses or the photochromic option. The sunglasses are constructed from a bio-based frame which consists of Arkema Rilsan clear G850 Rnew which is 45% renewable. To customize the sunglasses, Shimano has incorporated a reversible nose pad and even includes a clear lens that can be swapped in.

The Shimano Technium L are lightweight and budget friendly cycling sunglasses that feature Shimano’s crisp Ridescape lenses.

Retail Price$100-$125
Rating9.2 / 10
Measured weight (in g)26
Likes+ Lightweight construction
+ Semi-frameless design provides a wide field of view
+ Shimano includes an extra clear lens at no extra cost
Dislikes– Subdued styling
Where to Buy (US)Shimano


The Shimano Technium L sunglasses come in a simple cardboard sunglass box with blue Shimano branding printed onto it. Shimano has utilized a premium feeling folding top lid design with an integrated magnet to hold the lid in place. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Technium L sunglasses
  • Fabric carrying case w/ compartment for spare lens
  • Spare clear lens
  • Informational lens and warranty pamphlets

Shimano does not include a zippered hard case with the sunglasses which is not surprising given the price point of the Technium sunglasses.


The Technium L has a modern yet sporty design with straight edges and smooth corners. As the product name implies, the Technium L is the light version with a half frame design which eliminates the bottom edge of the frame. This creates a wide field of view and helps the sunglasses achieve their lightweight 26 gram weight. Shimano offers the Technium L in multiple frame colors: white, crimson, bronze gold, smoky navy, matte black and dark olive. Even with the brighter Crimson version we have in this review, the colors are fairly reserved and lack the metallic finish of the high-end S-PHYRE sunglass options. Also, each of the frame colors are paired with a specific lens so you’ll have to be careful when purchasing the sunglasses.

Shimano Technium L Cycling CE-TCNL2 Sunglasses Review - Front Profile
Shimano has gone with a conservative design with smooth curves and semi-gloss frame color options.

Shimano offers the sunglasses with their Ridescape and photochromic options. The Ridescape lenses are specifically tuned for road cycling, gravel, trail riding or low light conditions. We have the Ridescape Road N2 lens here in this review which has an attractive mirrored finish that’s optimized for road cycling. Shimano lists the RD lenses as having 21% VLT which is a medium tint category 2 filter level. The lenses are also vented to reduce fogging and have multiple coatings on them for durability and clarity. The Technium L sunglasses also have an interchangeable lens design which allows you to easily swap lenses. Shimano even includes a spare clear lens which is helpful if you ride during low light conditions and still want eye protection.

Shimano Technium L Cycling CE-TCNL2 Sunglasses Review - Temple Arms
The Technium L sunglasses have radiused temple arms with thin and flexible tips to accommodate different head sizes.

The nosepads on the Technium L are a simple reversible design with a non-slip rubber construction. They are held on using hooks and can be pulled off the mount and flipped around for a different fit. It’s very similar to Oakley nose pad designs with the hooks sliding into internal cavities in the nose pad itself. The rubber is a non-slip design which helps it stay in place without being uncomfortable. There is also a rubber coating on the radiused temple arms which are thin and flexible. Note, the temple arms on the sunglasses are also a locking design so they snap in place once you get to about 45 degrees.


Even though Shimano is better known for the drivetrains, the Technium sunglasses feel comfortable and have great clarity. Their lightweight and non-slip temple arms hold the sunglasses securely in place even throughout your ride. We were impressed with the clarity and uniformity of the Ridescape lenses which block out the harsh sun and increase contrast on the road. The small vents and open design help to limit fogging and the various lens treatments keep the lenses clear. While the Technium sunglasses lack the eye-catching style of KOO or ROKA sunglasses, they look good on or off the bike. We are also happy that Shimano includes clear lenses with the sunglasses as it allows you to use the Technium during low light conditions by simply swapping out the lens.

Shimano Technium L Cycling CE-TCNL2 Sunglasses Review - Lens Shape
Thanks to their semi-frameless design, the sunglasses have a wide field of view.


Overall, we found the Shimano Technium L sunglasses to be comfortable and well designed sunglasses. Shimano has utilized a semi-frameless design to keep the sunglasses lightweight and provide a wide field of view. The Ridescape lenses also have excellent clarity and color rendering which ensures you always have a clear view of the road and can see any obstacles or debris. We found the sunglasses to be comfortable with the flexible temple arms and the reversible nose pad allowing for easy customization of the fit. The only real negative of these sunglasses is that they lack some of the more unique features of the Shimano S-PHYRE sunglasses such as metallic paint finish or magnetic lens system. That said, if you’re looking for a set of budget friendly sunglasses from a dependable brand then the Technium L are a great choice.

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