Due to the ever increasing size of cell phones, mounting one onto a bicycle handlebar can take valuable space and add clutter. SKS’s Compit Stem mount is a minimalist and integrated cell phone mount that addresses this problem. Retailing for $29.99, the Compit Stem mount is a compact and adjustable cell phone mount that attaches below the headset top cap. Designed to work with any 1 ⅛” headset, the Compit Stem is a lightweight mount with an adjustable angle that can be rotated to place your smart phone ahead or behind the top cap. The mount is designed to work with SKS’s Compit smart bags, covers, or even power bank accessories. With a rigid structure, the Compit provides a simple rotational turn attachment design with locking tab to ensure your smart phone doesn’t fall off even on rough roads or terrain.

The SKS Compit Stem is a minimalist cell phone mount that allows you to secure your mobile phone directly to the bike’s top cap.

Retail Price$29.99
Rating8.9 / 10
Measured Weight (in g)26
Likes+ Reduces handlebar clutter
+ Integrated design makes it more theft resistant
+ Adjustable angle and bi-directional orientation
Dislikes– Requires threadless stem
– Limited Compit phone case availability on SKS US
– Easy to forget to release tab when removing phone
Where to Buy (US)SKS US


The SKS Compit Stem comes packed in a simple cardboard box with SKS graphics on the exterior. Inside the box you’ll find the SKS Compit Stem mount fully assembled inside some cardboard holders. Note that SKS doesn’t include an instruction manual and instead has the instructions printed on the box along with a QR code that takes you to the product page which has a single page instruction manual.


SKS has opted for an integrated design with the Compit Stem as it directly mounts underneath the headset top cap. Although this design is more theft resistant, it does require a threadless stem and hence incompatible with quill stem style bikes. Installation instructions are as simple as removing your existing top cap bolt, sliding the mount on the fork, and then properly tightening the top cap bolt again. We’d highly recommend using a torque wrench like the Pro Bike Tools torque wrench and not exceeding the printed torque specification of the top cap to ensure you don’t damage the top cap or headset. SKS doesn’t provide any tools or hardware as you simply re-use your existing top cap bolt.

SKS Compit Stem Smartphone Mount Review - Side
The Compit Stem has a minimalist design that tucks under the top cap with an adjustable design.


The SKS Compit Stem has a minimalist and simple two-piece construction. To attach to the headset, the main body of the Compit stem has a circular ring with 1 ⅛” inner diameter to slide over the headset and two extensions along the side that have bolt attachments. The extensions attach the second part of the body which is the cell phone attachment component. It’s a large circular puck that looks similar to Garmin quarter turn style GPS and light mounts. Reinforcement in the center of the mount provides a strong base for even bulky phones or the SKS power bank. The angle of the phone can be adjusted from about +45° to a -45° with a bit of force on the mount to accommodate forward or rear mounting from the top cap.

SKS Compit Stem Smartphone Mount Review - SKS App
SKS also offers their own MyBike app which features a sleek display for real-time metrics, navigation and even a bell.

The mount requires a specific SKS Compit adapter which SKS offers as cell phone covers, universal mounts, or even a smart phone bag. Although the SKS Germany website offers a wide variety of cell phone cases, the SKS US site is limited to the Iphone and Samsung options currently. We tried the universal cover which is a thin plastic adapter with a 3M adhesive to attach our phone case. The Compit adapter allows your cell phone to be mounted vertically or horizontally on the mount allowing you to maximize the screen use. You do have to remember to pull the tab down to release the phone from the adapter when removing your phone though, although you can still remove the phone with force.

SKS Compit Stem Smartphone Mount Review - Profile
Thanks to the stem positioning, even larger smartphones mount safely on the bike without sacrificing any handlebar space.


Overall we found the SKS Compit Stem mount to be a simple and well designed smartphone mount. Because it uses the headset top cap to secure itself to the bike, the mount is very secure and stable on or off the road. We found the adjustable angle and optional forward or reverse mounting provided enough flexibility to find the ideal viewing angle. The only downsides to the mount is the fact that SKS doesn’t have as many accessories as other companies such as Quad Lock. That aside, if you’re looking for a minimalist cell phone mount, the SKS Compit Stem mount is an affordable option.

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