SKS’s Speedrocker fenders not only have one of the coolest names for a fender set on the market, but also offer the convenience of a clip-on fender design specifically created for gravel riding. The multi-piece impact resistance Speedrockers keep your bike and clothes clean from dirt or debris when riding in wet weather. SKS offers the Speedrocker fenders for $85.99 and also has an optional $16.99 rear fender extension to protect riders behind you. The Speedrocker fenders utilize a combination of rubber and velcro straps to quickly attach to any disc brake bike. These fenders are compatible with 700c or 650b wheelsets and up to 42mm wide tires. For additional splash protection the front fender is a two-piece design with a motorcycle style mudguard.

The SKS Speedrocker fenders combine the convenience of clip-on fenders with an impact resistance construction for gravel riding.

Retail Price$85.99
Rating8.7 / 10
Measured Weight (in g)508
Likes+ Aggressive appearance with motorcycle style front mudguard
+ Easy to remove clip-on design with adjustable struts
+ Impact resistant design works on or off-road
Dislikes– Two-piece front fender takes time to dial in
– Requires an optional extension to protect cyclists behind you
Where to Buy (US)SKS US


The SKS Speedrocker fenders come in an oversized SKS branded cardboard box with large cutouts that allow you to see and interact with the fender pieces. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Speedrocker fenders
  • Rubber inserts for mounts
  • Clear frame protector stickers
  • Velcro + rubber straps
  • Installation manual

Despite the large size of the fenders SKS has done a great job minimizing excess packaging with only a few zip ties and a plastic bag to contain all the small parts. Note, you’ll need an Allen key to adjust the strut positions which is not provided with the kit.


As with any non-bike specific fender set, there is a little assembly and adjustment required to dial in the SKS Speedrocker fenders. Although SKS’s instructions can be a little overwhelming at first, they are relatively well written and easy to follow if you’re patient. The first step is inserting the rubber inlays inside the mount attachment points which requires stretching then over the two hooks. After that you can attach the front fender pieces to the fork using a velcro strap on each side of the fork and two straps for the strut attachment. The position of the front fenders can be adjusted by loosening the mount pivot bolts until you have at least 15 mm between the tire and the fender. The strut length can also be adjusted by about 2” by loosening the outer bolt and pulling the strut inward or outward. If these adjustments aren’t enough to align the fender you can also cut the metal strut piece using a saw or metal snips. Also note that the Velcro and rubber straps are all quite long to accommodate a variety of frame designs and can be cut down to eliminate excess length and achieve a cleaner installation.

The rear fender simply slides over the rear tire and uses the provided rubber straps to attach the single strut the bottom of the seat stays and a direction attachment from the fender to the middle of the seat stays. There is an optional third attachment point which can be used on bikes that do not have cables running up the seat tube that connects the front of the rear fender to the bike. SKS has integrated a clever telescoping extension that can be adjusted to optimize the attachment point location. For non-compatible bikes, you can also remove the extension entirely and leave the front of the rear wheel section (the area near the bottom bracket and seatstay) unprotected. We’d recommend allocating ~20 minutes for the first installation as it requires some fiddling and potentially cutting of the metal struts to get the proper positioning. After the first adjustments, you can install / remove the fenders in a few minutes without the need for tools or removing wheels.

SKS Speedrocker Bicycle Fender Gravel Cycling Review - Rear Mount
The clip-on design of the Speedrocker uses a combination of Velcro and rubber straps to quickly attach to the bike.


To match the sporty product name and gravel riding target audience, the SKS Speedrocker fenders have an aggressive visual design and slightly squared off profile. The fenders look and feel premium with thick impact resistance plastic construction and a matte black finish. It’s more sturdy and rigid then you’d expect from a plastic construction. Speedrocker is debossed along the rear fender with glossy lettering that gives it a sleek ghosted-on-like visual appearance. There are also premium touches such as the integrated U-stay attachments for the struts which maximizes protection as well as telescoping struts for fine tuning the installation. The front fenders are perhaps the coolest feature as SKS has utilized a two piece design.

SKS Speedrocker Bicycle Fender Gravel Cycling Review - Side View
With it’s multi-part design, the Speedrocker has an aggressive design that even transforms commuter bikes.

Rather than a single front fender that goes under the fork or just a rear section (a design that often requires removing the wheel), the Speedrocker has two separate pieces: a fender and a mudguard. The pieces attach to the fork and to each other using a single velcro strap on each side that slots through both fender mounts. SKS describes it as a dual spoiler design as the rear of the fender flares upward similar to a race car spoiler to deflect dirt and debris. While the design is slightly more complicated to install, it offers additional coverage (i.e. like the single piece SKS Raceblade Pro XL) and additional adjustment points. Both the front and rear fenders also have metal struts for additional rigidity which have SKS’s automatic safety stay release system (ESC). It’s a clever design that allows the struts to disconnect from the mounts if debris or larger items get stuck in the wheel and push against the fenders.


We installed the SKS Speedrocker fenders on our E11even Fitness bike just in time for a wet winter. Despite being a clip-on fender design, the Speedrocker fenders have a secure mounting design with great protection from water and dirt. Even on gravel rides and rough roads, we found that the fenders mounts remained in place with minimal flexing of the fenders. While the short rear fender length won’t protect riders behind you from your spray, there is plenty of coverage to keep you clean. The two-piece front fender is not only easier to install, as you don’t have to run it under the fork or remove your front tire, but it also prevents debris from bouncing off the headset. We’d still recommend cleaning your bike post rides as mud / dirt can accumulate on the inside of the fork and at the strut attachment points on the fender. While the fender design isn’t as quick to install or remove as small rear fenders like the Topeak D-Flash S or the Ass Saver fenders, the additional protection is worth the extra time.

SKS Speedrocker Bicycle Fender Gravel Cycling Review - Mudguard
One of the unique features of the Speedrocker is the two piece front fender with flared mudguard which provides additional protection.


Overall, we found the SKS Speedrocker to be a well designed and robust clip-on fender set. Designed for gravel riding, the Speedrocker fenders have a study impact resistant plastic construction and a front mudguard for additional protection. Compared to other fenders, the Speedrockers offer additional protection from water and debris without the need to remove wheels or tools. We were impressed with the rigidity of the fenders which only use Velcro and rubber straps to attach to the frame. It’s also an attractive fender set with a squared off profile and ghosted on Speedrocker debossed on the rear fender. The main negatives we’d call out is the slightly time-consuming initial setup and the fact that you’ll need to purchase an optional extension for the rear fender to fully protect riders behind you from spray. That said, if you’re looking for convenient clip-on fenders that can handle gravel or rough roads then the SKS Speedrocker should be on your list.

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