For those doing time trials or triathlons, TT helmets are well known as the best-bang-for-the-buck option to improve aerodynamics. The Smith Jetstream TT is Smith’s latest TT helmet, an iteration of the Podium TT helmet, that allows you to sustain your speed and make every second count. Smith has incorporated a magnetically attached lens that integrates seamlessly with the helmet to improve aerodynamic performance. Retail price on the Jetstream TT is $380 and includes both a clear lens as well as ChromaPop tinted lens options. The helmet is offered in a few color variations including the distinctive Cinder Haze as well as black and white color schemes. In terms of safety, the helmet features both Smith’s Zonal Koroyd (a three-dimensional structure for energy absorption) as well as a traditional MIPS liner.

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Retail Price$380
Rating9.1 / 10
Measured weight (in g)386 (size small)
Likes+ Sleek profile
+ Integrated magnetically attached visor
+ Includes both clear and tinted lens option
Dislikes– Premium price
– Large lens has internal reflections at some angles in direct sun
Where to Buy (US)Smith


The Smith Jetstream TT comes in a large cardboard box with graphics printed on it. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Jetstream TT helmet
  • Zippered carrying case
  • Mirrored lens + clear lens
  • Safety pamphlet

The included zippered carrying case not only looks cool but it’s highly functional as it fits both lenses securely and has an easy to use carrying handle. There is even additional storage space in the center of the case for other small items.


The Smith Jetstream TT helmet is an evolution of Smith’s Podium TT helmet. What’s new about the Jetstream is the updated ventilation design and refined short tail shape. Smith offers the helmet in three colors: white, matte cinder haze and the matte black which is shown in this review. It’s an attractive design with a two piece shell: a curved top portion and the extended side fairings. Unlike traditional road cycling helmets such as the Smith Trace which sit high on your head, the Jetstream TT extends downward to cover your ears and improve the aerodynamic profile. Branding is limited to relatively small Smith logos on each side of the helmet.

Smith Jetstream TT Aerodynamic Cycling Helmet Review - Side Profile
The Jetstream TT has a classic short tail profile the helps air flow smoothly around the helmet.

Internally the helmet retains a standard construction with an adjustable cradle system and MIPS liner. It’s a surprisingly open design on the interior with the side fairings nothing more than thin poly-carbonate shell and the rear extension constructed of tapered EPS foam. The MIPS liner is cut around the front vents and uses elastic attachment points to allow it to rotate and limit the amount of impact you’d feel in a crash. Smith has also incorporated Zonal Koroyd technology which strategically replaces EPS foam with three dimensional cylindrical structures that are lighter than EPS foam but offer better energy absorption.

Smith Jetstream TT Aerodynamic Cycling Helmet Review - Top Profile
From the top, the helmet is all business with nearly no exposed vents and a smooth contoured shell.

What sets the Jetstream TT apart from other aero helmets on the market is the removable front visor. The large wrap-around visor attaches to the helmet using simple but effective magnets embedded into the visor and helmet. For optimal aerodynamics, the visor sits nearly flush against the helmet and the side fairings. The lens itself is semi-frameless with an open bottom and wide vents cut into the top to prevent the lens from fogging up. Our helmet had the ChromaPop Everyday Red Mirror lens which is a category 2 lens with 25% VLT. Despite the large and highly curved lens there is no distortion or variation in the lens finish. Our only complaint is that at some angles in direct sun there are internal reflections. Note, the visor sits far enough forward that you can easily wear prescription or standard sunglasses underneath the visor.


Whether you’re crushing KOM records or on a cool-down ride, the Jetstream TT makes you look fast. Don’t be surprised if other cyclists start asking questions about the helmet or give you second looks. Although we can’t confirm if the aerodynamic short tail profile really increases your speed, the helmet feels and looks fast with a nearly silent ride when riding in a tucked position. The helmet becomes noisy at less optimal angles and can catch you off guard if you don’t expect it. Even though our small sized helmet was likely a bit too small as our ears weren’t fully covered, it’s a comfortable and easy to adjust helmet. The rear dial and bottom straps are easy to adjust and tweak for a secure fit. Ventilation on the helmet is limited which means the helmet becomes warm when riding slowly in hot weather. As long as you are carrying some speed the helmet is able to sufficiently flow air through the helmet.

Smith Jetstream TT Aerodynamic Cycling Helmet Review - Inside Helmet
Inside the helmet is remarkably open with an exposed rear cradle, MIPS liner and thin side fairings that cover your ears.


Overall, we found the Smith Jetstream TT to be an attractive and comfortable aero helmet. The short tail profile and integrated visor make the helmet look and feel fast on the bike. We were impressed with the magnetically attached visor which sits flush against the helmet shell and is offset enough to accommodate traditional sunglasses underneath. While the $380 retail price is near the top of the market, the included ChromaPop tinted lens and helmet mean you’re getting an aero helmet as well as a pair of sunglasses. Aside from the price, the only other issue we found with the helmet is that the highly curved lens has some internal reflections when the sun hits it at some side angles. That said, if you’re looking for an aerodynamic helmet with the latest safety features then the Jetstream TT is a great option.

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