Smith’s Vert PivLock sunglasses combine an oversized frameless shield design with a new quick-release PivLock lens system. These are developed for cycling, running or other high-intensity sport use with a lightweight construction. Retail price ranges from $209 for the standard ChromaPop lenses and up to $219 for the mirrored ChromaPop lenses. Smith has incorporated a clever PivLock lens attachment system that allows you to rotate the temples off the lens with little fuss. The sunglasses even include an additional clear lens that’s perfect for riding in low visibility conditions. For comfort, the sunglasses have two-position non-slip Megol nose pads and flexible temples.

The Smith Vert PivLock are sporty oversized sunglasses with a clever PivLock system to easily swap out lenses.

Retail Price$209-$219
RatingDesign: A-
Optics: A
Comfort: A
Value: A-
Measured weight (in g)27
Likes + Crisp optics
+ Oversized lens offers wide field of view
+ Magnetic lens change design
Dislikes– Premium price
Where to Buy (US)Smith Optics


The Smith Vert Pivlock comes in a medium sized cardboard box with branding printed directly on it. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Smith Vert PivLock sunglasses
  • Zippered hard carrying case
  • Spare clear lens
  • Fabric carrying case
  • Smith sticker
  • PivLock explanation card

The zippered carrying case is fairly large as it is used to store the spare lenses in a dedicated slot. If you prefer something smaller and don’t need the extra protection, the fabric carrying case is more compact and easier to travel with.


The Smith Vert PivLock has an aggressive shield lens with a frameless design that’s specifically developed for high-intensity sports. With its frameless design the sunglasses are mostly lenses and feature two thin horizontal vents on each side. This has an aggressive design with sharp corners and a curved bottom. The sunglasses are oversized with a 6-base cylindrical shield lens curvature that wraps around your face. A high impact resistant TR90 nylon material is used for the frame and nose pads which keeps the frame light and flexible. Smith offers the sunglasses six different frame and lens combinations including: black, bone, amethyst, green, and white. The finish on the frame feels premium with sharp edges and a semi-gloss finish.

The Vert PivLock has thin and light temples that curve inward to hold them in place on bumpy roads or steep trails. These utilize non-slip Megol material on the temple arms to help hold them in place without getting snagged on hair. Although they don’t have a wire core to hold the shape, the flexible and thin design easily adjusts to different head shapes without creating pressure points. The nose pads also have a clever two position design that can be clicked into a wide or narrow position. With this built-in adjustment you don’t have to worry about losing interchangeable nose pads like those found on the Oakley Kato.

Smith Vert PivLock Oversized Frameless Sunglasses Review - Lens Closeup
With their frameless design, the Vert PivLock have a sleek and sporty look.

One of the main features of the Smith Vert PivLock sunglasses is the PivLock interchangeable lens system. As the name implies the lens attaches with a simple pivot to lock the corners of the lens to the temples. This uses a two piece design with a small plastic attachment that stays with the lens and an extruded pin on the temple that slides into it and rotates into place. The lens can quickly be swapped out for the included clear one or optional replacement lenses. Note, the nose pad does need to be removed separately and swapped between lenses. This setup isn’t as slick as the magnetic design on the Smith Shift Mag or Shimano S-PHYRE sunglasses but far easier to use than traditional tab designs.

Smith Vert PivLock Oversized Frameless Sunglasses Review - Inside View
The sunglasses have a highly curved lens and thin and flexible temple arms that bend inward.

As with other Smith sunglasses, the Vert PivLock features ChromaPop lenses in both standard and mirrored options. These offer excellent clarity and enhance colors to improve color contrast on the road or trail. In this review we have the ChromaPop Violet Mirror lens which has an attractive Violet color and 15% VLT which is a Cat 3 filter. This is perfect for sunny days or overcast days as the mirror finish reduces glare. Smith also has 10-30% VLT options in different tints and mirroring options to match nearly any kit or bike color scheme.


With their oversized lens shape and frameless design the Vert PivLock are ideal for cycling or other high-intensity sports. We were impressed with the clarity and high contrast of the ChromaPop lenses which block harsh sunlight while enhancing the colors on the road. The Vert PivLock offers an immersive experience as you can’t see any frame edges to remind you that you’re wearing sunglasses. The sunglasses’s lightweight and soft temple arms also make them comfortable for long rides, something we can’t say about the Smith XC, as there are no pressure points. The ChromaPop Violet Mirror lenses also paired very well with our Limar Air Atlas helmet and Pearl iZUMi PRO kit which have similar violet colors.

Smith Vert PivLock Oversized Frameless Sunglasses Review - Side View
One of the main features of the sunglasses are the PivLock temples which have a simple tab design that pops off the lens.


Overall, we found the Smith Vert PivLock to be a comfortable and attractive pair of cycling sunglasses. The Vert PivLock has a classic shield shape and frameless design that offers a wide field of view and immersive experience. It’s easy to forget you’re wearing the sunglasses as the ChromaPop lenses have excellent clarity and there is no frame to block your vision. Smith has also integrated their clever PivLock lens attachment system which adds plastic covers to the edges of the lenses with a rod and pivoting locking mechanism to attach or remove lenses. This design allows you to simply rotate the temple arm and then pull it off the frame without having to struggle with traditional tabs. The only downside of the sunglasses is the premium price point which is somewhat offset by the inclusion of the spare clear lens and hard case. That said, if you’re looking for frameless sunglasses with sporty style and easy to install lens system then the Smith Vert PivLock is a great choice.

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