Perhaps one of the most common issues for cyclists is saddle discomfort. Without a properly fitting saddle, pain and soreness can prevent you from putting out your full power not to mention comfort on longer rides. Also, as with many sports, cycling can often be male-dominated with more research and development toward bike saddles for men leaving women with fewer saddle options. Specialized is well known for their Body Geometry approach whether it’s cycling shoes, bicycle frames, or even accessories, so when they released their MIMIC line of women saddles we were excited to try it out. With MIMIC technology, Specialized has combined years of research and analysis to create a women’s specific line of bike saddles. MIMIC was developed specifically for women and is short for biomimicry. At its core, MIMIC is a variable density foam designed to conform to women’s anatomy in order to relieve pressure and support soft tissue. In this review we’ll specifically look at one of the most affordable variations, the Specialized Women’s Power Comp MIMIC saddle. Available in three width variations (143 / 155 /168 mm), the saddle features Chromoly rails and a stiff injected nylon base. As with other Specialized products they also offer more expensive Expert / Pro and S-Works variations with lighter materials.

The Specialized Women’s Mimic Comp saddle uses extensive testing and research to create women’s specific saddle.

Retail Price$130 (TESTED – Cr-Mo, Comp) / $160 (Ti Alloy, Expert) $240 (Ti Alloy, Pro) / $300 (Carbon, S-Works)
Measured Weight (in g)226
Likes+ Unique shape
+ Multiple width and material variations
+ Minimal but comfortable variable padding
Dislikes– Limited color selection
Where to Buy (US) Specialized


The Specialized MIMIC Comp saddle comes attached to a simple cardboard backing with the saddle information printed on it. Unboxing only takes a few seconds as the saddle is anchored to a cardboard backing


As the name implies, the Power Comp MIMIC saddle shares the distinctive yet somewhat wide and short nosed form of the popular Specialized Power saddle. It’s easy to dismiss the saddle at first glance as it lacks the sleekness and elegance associated with narrow road cycling saddles. Instead it has a more functional design created with countless hours of research and testing to create an ergonomic saddle that provides stability and comfort for riders. The saddle is only available in a single color (Black with a metallic dotted graphic on the nose), the neutral color combination which pairs well with any bike color scheme. An understated Specialized logo can be found on the rear of the saddle in a gloss black along with a grid of non-slip indentations.

The MIMIC part of the saddle is designed to provide targeted support where it is needed for the ride. A multi-layered approach is utilized with memory foam cushion on the top (for sensitive tissue), soft foam on the nose of the saddle (to prevent high pressure), firm foam on the rear (for structural support) and finally the green flexible TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane to prevent swelling). This gives the saddle a distinctive look and feel as the center cutout is covered by the TPU material to provide pressure relief and prevent soft tissue from swelling through. To the touch, the variable density design is clear as the saddle is much softer near the front and firmer on the rear portion.

Specialized Women’s Power Comp MIMIC saddle - design
The saddle shares the same distinctive design as the Specialized Power saddle.

With the lower cost Comp version of the MIMIC saddle, the base of the saddle is constructed from injected nylon instead of carbon fiber. While it’s not as attractive as the more expensive carbon variations, unless you spend a lot of time looking underneath your saddle, you won’t likely notice. The weight savings are also minimal as the claimed 220g weight for the comp is only 170g of the S-Works variation which makes the Comp version the best value of the product line. Specialized has also incorporated their SWAT mount, which are two threaded holes on the rear of the saddle that can be used in conjunction with SWAT accessories such as saddlebags or water bottle cages.


The bike saddle is something most riders don’t put much thought into unless it becomes uncomfortable. If you’ve experienced a poorly fitting saddle, you’ll know it can make even short rides painful. Saddle fit is very dependent on your anatomy and riding style so we highly recommend you try the saddle yourself instead of taking the word of reviews. For our rider, the MIMIC saddle was recommended by our local bike fitter who suggested the wider 168mm width Comp saddle after experiencing ride fatigue on short 20 mile rides with riding with the stock 143mm saddle. Compared to the narrow saddle it replaced, the Power Comp MIMIC was quite transformative as the wider saddle offered the necessary stability and support. The saddle, although wider with minimal padding, utilizes medium density foam which was very comfortable for us than other saddles with thicker padding. 

Specialized Women’s Power Comp MIMIC saddle - underside
Instead of a traditional saddle an elastic material is used to provide pressure relief.


Overall, we found the Specialized Women’s Power Comp MIMIC saddle to be an innovative and comfortable saddle. It’s clear that the ‘most researched saddle ever’ claim isn’t just a marketing hype as the patented MIMIC technology and ergonomic design are distinct and well thought out. With a variety of width as well as saddle material options, most riders won’t have an issue finding a Power MIMIC saddle that matches their budget and anatomy. We prefer the Comp version of the saddle as it offers the best value with only a minimal weight difference compared to the carbon fiber variations. While we can’t guarantee the ergonomic design will be a match for you, we found it to be a transformative experience and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending it.

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