If you spend a lot of time riding off pavement, it’s important to wear a proper helmet. The Sweet Protection Dissenter MIPS helmet is a competitively priced all-around helmet for those who spend time on trails or dirt. The Dissenter MIPS benefits Sweet Protection’s years of experience and features a MIPS liner and removable visor. Well priced at $149.95 the helmet is currently offered in four matte color schemes: black, white, gray, and blue. The Dissenter MIPS utilizes an in-mold construction with a single-piece polycarbonate shell for a lightweight and low profile design that blends the line between enduro and gravel cycling helmets.

The Sweet Protection Dissenter MIPS is an affordable all-around helmet that incorporates premium design details and a sleek low profile.

Rating 8.7/10
Retail Price$149.95
Measured weight (in g) 368 (medium)
Likes+ Competitively priced
+ Aggressive yet sleek styling
+ MIPS liner is well integrated
Dislikes– Limited color selection
– Visor position is non-adjustable
– Shell does not wrap around inner edge
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The Dissenter MIPS helmet is shipped in a standard cardboard helmet box. Sweet Protection includes a few extras with the helmet: 

  • Dissenter MIPS helmet
  • Fabric storage bag
  • Extra set of comfort inner pads

The additional pads are thicker than those installed on the helmet and offer more support for cyclists that desire it.


Designed as an all-around trail helmet, the Sweet Protection Dissenter MIPS has a low profile design that blends elements from road cycling and mountain biking helmets. Out front is a wide removable plastic visor to provide some protection from the sun. Pulling the tabs from the visor reveals a sleek almost road helmet like front profile with four large air vents. We’re particularly impressed with the unique touches on the helmet like a shiny Sweet Protection ‘S’ badge on the front of the helmet. There are a total of 13 vents on the helmet and digitally optimized internal air channels that provide excellent ventilation on or off the road. 

Sweet Protection Dissenter MIPS - Profile
With an all-around design, the Dissenter MIPS has a low profile shape with removable visor.

Branding on the helmet is minimal with only a small sized Sweet Protection logo on each side of the helmet, the model name written in a retro font on the rear of the helmet, and color-matched ‘S’ logos on the side straps. The one-piece external shell has a sleek and aggressive appearance particularly in the matte blue color scheme of the helmet shown in this review. Semi-glossy graphics near the ear cutouts highlight the lines of the helmet and provide some visual contrast to the sides of the helmet. Aside from the large front visor, the other indication that this is a trail helmet is the extended rear profile that provides additional protection for the back of your head. It provides more coverage than road cycling helmets but isn’t as bulky as larger mountain biking helmets.

Sweet Protection Dissenter MIPS - Rear
The Dissenter MIPS is well ventilated and has an easy to use dual direction dial fit system.


The Dissenter MIPS features Sweet Protection’s Occigrip turn dial head cradle system which is similar to other dial systems and provides an easy to use dual-direction dial to tighten or loosen the cradle. The height can also be adjusted between four different positions by sliding the rear attachment point upward or downward. We found the cradle design to be quite comfortable as the wrap around straps are thin and lightweight. There were no pressure points as the inner pads are soft and evenly distributed on top of the thin well integrated MIPS liner. Even though there is no magnetic clasp with the helmet, the plastic buckles and nylon straps are well designed. In particular, the side straps use a wide plastic strap dividers that helps distribute the pressure while still being easy to adjust.

Sweet Protection Dissenter MIPS - Inside
The MIPS liner is well integrated into the helmet with inner air channels for improved ventilation.


Overall, we found the Sweet Protection Dissenter MIPS to be a well designed comfortable trail helmet. By blending elements from road cycling and mountain biking helmets, the Dissenter MIPS retains a low profile design while providing additional protection in the rear. It’s an excellent combination of ventilation and light weight for trail riders with an affordable price tag. Premium touches like an ‘S’ badge on the front of the helmet, one-piece shell, and color matched badge on the side straps make the helmet feel more expensive. Although we would have liked to see some more color schemes and an adjustable front visor, the Dissenter MIPS is a great value for a beginner or more experienced riders who venture off the road.

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