Sweet Protection’s new Fluxer MIPS helmet is a lightweight and highly ventilated helmet designed for warm weather. The Fluxer takes styling cues from the aerodynamic Sweet Protection Falconer helmet but optimizes comfort and ventilation. Retail price of the helmet is $200 which also slots underneath the Falconer helmets with a fully finished external shell and MIPS Air Nodes. As with other Sweet Protection helmets, the Fluxer has their proprietary STACC ventilation system which strategically placed vents to maximize cooling. The helmet is also lightweight with a 360 Occigrip Fit System and lightweight nylon straps. Additionally, the helmet features integrated eyewear grippers to store sunglasses while riding.

The Sweet Protection Fluxer combines a lightweight and shallow road helmet design with unique color schemes.

Rating 9.1 / 10
Retail Price$200
Measured weight (in g) 290 (medium)
Likes+ Unique colors options not typically found on helmets
+ Lightweight construction with premium feel
+ Large internal channels keep air moving
Dislikes– Non-adjustable side strap
– Thin and raised dial has small contact area
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The Sweet Protection Fluxer helmet comes in a compact cardboard cardboard box with a folding lid design. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Fluxer MIPS helmet
  • Spare front pad
  • Fabric carrying bag
  • Informational pamphlets

The included white fabric carrying bag is a nice perk and is a great way to store or travel with the helmet.


The Sweet Protect Fluxer MIPS helmet is the brand’s most ventilated road cycling helmet. Visually, it shares a lot of styling queues from the Falconer helmet with a swoopy design and vertical vents. The helmet has a premium appearance with fully finished design and shallow fit you’d expect from a road cycling helmet. Sweet Protection offers the Fluxer helmet in six unique color schemes from standard white and black to light purple and green. What we have in this review is the one of the coolest options, Barbera Metallic which is inspired from the BMW car color. Sweet Protection uses a satin finish on the exterior of the helmet with glossy inserts which gives the helmets an interesting appearance. The glossy inserts have metallic flakes that sparkle in the sun while the satin outer portion has a subtle glossy finish. With the unusual color schemes and minimal branding, the Fluxer is reminiscent of POC helmets and feels like a premium helmet.

Sweet Protection Fluxer MIPS Road Cycling Helmet Review - Side View
The combination of matte exterior and glossy inserts with the Barbera Metallic paint finish gives the helmet a sleek look.

The Fluxer uses a combination of standard EPS foam with MIPS Air Nodes. This allows the interior of the helmet to be completely open with deep air channels cut into the foam. Each of the removable pads on the helmet have low-friction MIPS Air Node attachments which allow them to move side-to-side to reduce rotational forces in a crash. Sweet Protection has optimized the ventilation of the helmet by also integrating their STACC (superficial temporal arteries cooling channel) which use specially located vents to help regulate body temperature. The front two side vents also have eyewear grippers which help hold sunglasses in place and the temple arms against the helmet.

Sweet Protection Fluxer MIPS Road Cycling Helmet Review - Rear Quarter
The helmet has a premium look with full finished rim and a two piece shell.

Sweet Protection has utilized their 360 degree Occigrip fit system which consists of a rear dial and wrap around retention system. The rear dial itself is unusual as it has a thin and flat textured wheel that is slightly offset from the cradle. It’s a bit harder to grip than standard dial designs as there is less contact surface but has a nice ratcheting design that provides on-the-fly adjustments. The rear cradle can easily be adjusted by sliding it along the tabs and has a nice flat surface that is claimed to be ponytail friendly. Lightweight plastic straps wrap around the front of the helmet and provide a snug fit as you adjust the fit. The side straps are non-adjustable lightweight nylon with simple Sweet Protection branding printed on them. There is a plastic buckle to open with smaller rubber grippers to tuck away any excess strap length.


Our medium sized helmet fit our test rider well with plenty of adjustment to accommodate buffs or winter gear underneath it. Sizing felt similar to Lazer and Smith helmets with a shallow road cycling helmet profile that looks sleek. While the Fluxer name is an odd choice, the helmet itself is lightweight and well ventilated which makes you quickly forget your are even wearing it. Even on 90 degree days with long climbs, the Fluxer helmet felt comfortable without any pressure points or discomfort. We particularly liked the metallic paint finish which gives the helmet a unique look that really shines in the sun. The non-adjustable side straps were not an issue for us, but might be for riders so we’d recommend trying the helmet out in person if possible.

Sweet Protection Fluxer MIPS Road Cycling Helmet Review - Interior
To achieve the lightweight design, Sweet Protection uses non-adjustable nylon straps and MIPS Air Nodes.


Overall, we found the Sweet Protection Fluxer MIPS helmet to be lightweight with premium fit and finish. Sweet Protection has done a great job translating the sleek road cycling profile of their Falconer helmets and creating the lighter and more ventilated Fluxer MIPS helmet. The helmet also has a premium look and feel with it’s fully finished exterior and satin / glossy color schemes. We were particularly impressed with the Barbera Metallic color which is a stylish and unique color scheme not typically found on helmets. The minor negatives we found with the Fluxer is that the side straps are non-adjustable and that the rear dial has a small contact area. That said, if you’re looking for a premium looking and highly ventilated road cycling helmet then the Fluxer MIPS is a great choice.

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