Handlebar bags are a convenient and easy way to carry extra gear on a bike for running errands or longer self-supported rides. Thousand’s new Crossbody Handlebar bag is a compact handlebar bag that can also be worn as a cross body bag with a clever 2-in-1 design. The Crossbody bag retails for $49 and offers 2L capacity. The bag uses three plastic buckles to attach to handlebars as well as an additional body strap that can be stored in a hidden rear pocket. With its clever design you can easily use the Crossbody bag on or off the bike and take advantage of the water repellent design and reflective logos for additional visibility.

The Thousand Crossbody Handlebar Bag combines a compact 2L handlebar bag design with a clever shoulder strap for wearing the bag off the bike.

Retail Price$49
Rating9.4 / 10
Measured Weight (in g) 226
Likes+ 2-in-1 design
+ Reflective detailing keeps you visible at night
+ Separate interior pockets with bright interior
Dislikes– Bulky plastic mounting buckles instead of Velcro straps
Where to Buy (US)Thousand


The Thousand Crossbody Handlebar Bag comes tucked inside a plastic bag inside a shipping box to keep it clean. Aside from some simple Thousand tags attached to the bag, the bag is ready to be used.


One of the main party tricks of the bag is the versatile mounting design which allows the Crossbody Handlebar bag to be mounted onto bikes or on your body. The handlebar mounting uses three plastic buckles with two on the top and one on the rear. Each buckle is secured to the bag using a reinforced loop with adjustable lengths to accommodate different bike setups. The rear buckle goes around head tubes to prevent the bag from bouncing while riding. Compared to the Velcro straps on other bags like the Topeak Tubular Barbag, the buckles are a bit bulky. What’s clever about this bag is the additional body strap attached to the bag which uses a rubber coated soft-touch buckle. There is an integrated hidden rear sleeve to store the strap when it isn’t being used which doesn’t encroach on the inner pocket space and does a great job keeping the strap out of sight.


Thousand has developed the Crossbody Handlebar Bag not only for the journey but also for the destination with its 2-in-1 design. This is a fairly compact bag with a 2L capacity and 24 x 13 x 8 cm dimensions. The bag is constructed from a combination of polyester and nylon and has a soft fabric feel to it. Thousand currently offers the bag in two colors: black and the olive color we have in this review. We suspect there will be more color options in the future to match Thousand’s fun helmet color schemes like Speedway Creme. Branding is limited to a reflecting Thousand logo along the front and on the zipper pulls  Otherwise the bag looks and feels premium with clean stitches and a slight sheen on the exterior.

Thousand Crossbody Bag 2-in-1 Handlebar Bag Review - Mounting Design
The bag uses three plastic buckles to attach to a bike as well as a larger soft buckle for wearing it off the bike.

As far as storage, the Crossbody Handlebar Bag has two main pockets, a front zipper and a main inner compartment. Each of the zippers have ergonomic pulls with rubber handles that are easy to use with or without gloves. Inside the front pocket you’ll find a bright yellow interior with “Explore On” printed on it. The pocket is fairly large and can accommodate large cell phones or other small items. Inside the main compartment you’ll find a color matched interior with the same yellow color piping around the seams. There are also two mesh pockets to secure small items in place. Thanks to the wide zipper opening you can really open up the main pocket and easily access all the contents.

Thousand Crossbody Bag 2-in-1 Handlebar Bag Review - Easter Egg
Smaller items can be stored in the front pocket which has a bright yellow interior and fun “Explore On” easter egg printed onto it.


With its versatile mounting design the Thousand Crossbody Handlebar Bag is a great choice for commuting or running errands. We mounted the bag on our Priority Ace of Spades commuter bike as a way to carry extra gear on or off the bike. The bag is easy to mount with the plastic buckles and stays steady on the bike even over rough terrain. We found the hidden rear pocket to be a nice way to hide the shoulder strap and avoid having to carry separate straps or potentially losing them. While the Crossbody bag isn’t the most affordable handlebar bag it has quite a few features and costs half the price of similar Lead Out! handlebar bags we’ve previously reviewed. Also, the bright interiors of the pockets makes it easy to find items and it’s large enough for longer tools or snacks.

Thousand Crossbody Bag 2-in-1 Handlebar Bag Review - Inside Bag
A wide center zipper provides access to the main storage compartment which has bright yellow piping and mesh pockets for storing smaller items.


Overall, we found the Thousand Crossbody Handlebar Bag is a versatile and well built bag. WIth its 2-in-1 design the bag can be mounted to the bike or worn on your body for commuting or running errands. As with other Thousand products, there are plenty of premium features such as a bright interior pocket and full width main zipper. When the bag is mounted onto the bike the shoulder strap tucks into a hidden rear pocket which keeps it out of sight. We appreciated the reflective detailing and separating interior storage compartments. The main downsides of the bag is the somewhat bulky plastic buckles used for mounting the bag. That said, if you’re looking for a sleek and versatile bag that can be mounted on handlebars or as a cross body bag then the Thousand Crossbody Handlebar Bag is a great choice.

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