The updated Thousand Heritage 2.0 helmet not only improved the ventilation and venting but it also added a magnetic mount to the rear for an optional taillight. In this review, we’ll be looking at the new magnetic helmet taillight that is specifically designed for the Heritage 2.0 helmet. This is a magnetic design so it simply pops into place and is an optional extra that can be purchased with the Heritage 2.0 helmet or separately. The taillight retails for $25 and offers 40 lumen output. It seamlessly attaches to the rear of the Heritage 2.0 helmets using a magnetic mount. Thousand has also utilized a modern USB-C charging port and an IP54 rating. With its seamless mounting and 3 output modes, the helmet taillight is a simple way to add visibility.

The Thousand Heritage 2.0 Magnetic Helmet Taillight is a compact and bright helmet light with unique lens design.

Rating9.5 / 10
Retail Price$25
Measured weight (in g)40
Likes+ Seamless magnetic mount
+ Well design lens with multi-LED setup
+ Eye catching flash patterns
Dislikes– Lacks multi-level battery status indicator
Where to Buy (US)Thousand


The Thousand Heritage 2.0 taillight comes in a compact cardboard box with specs printed onto it. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Heritage 2.0 helmet taillight
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Instruction manual

Unlike the magnetic taillight that comes with the Thousand Chapter helmet, this taillight does not include any seatpost mounts. We imagine Thousand could add an optional magnetic mount for seat posts if there was enough demand.


Thousand has designed the magnetic helmet taillight to seamlessly integrate into the Heritage 2.0 helmets. The light itself has a modern rectangular profile with rounded corners and five surface mounted LEDs. For a sleek look, the taillight is curved to sit flush against the back of the Heritage 2.0 helmet. There is a single rubber power button on the bottom and the USB-C charging port on the backside. You’ll notice there are no mounting hooks on the taillight, instead the light is slightly curved with integrated magnets that snap onto the helmet. Unfortunately, Thousand has made this light only compatible with the Heritage 2.0 which means you can’t use it on the Chapter MIPS or use the Chapter’s magnetic light here. The magnetic mount on the helmets have been altered such that they won’t attach on the other helmets.

Thousand Heritage Magnetic Helmet Taillight Review - Side Profile
The taillight uses a magnetic mount which allows it to seamlessly attach to the Heritage 2.0 helmet without the need for additional mounts.

What’s unique about this taillight is that Thousand has taken the extra time to optimize the lens instead of the basic light design found on helmets like the Smith Dispatch. You can see the grooves cut into the inside of the lens to help focus the output of each beam. The center LED has a circular pattern while the rest of the light has a rounded rectangular design. When you turn on the taillight you can see the side LEDs have a unique angular illumination pattern. While the taillight isn’t as wide as some other helmets like the Unit 1 Faro the curved shape and raised design has excellent side visibility.

Thousand Heritage Magnetic Helmet Taillight Review - Curved Back
The taillight uses a modern USB-C charging port and simple single button interface.

There are three output modes to choose from: constant, flash and eco pulse. A short press cycles through the modes while a long hold shuts the light off or turns it on. Thousand has eliminated the magnetic switch that the Chapter MIPS taillight has which would automatically turn the light on when you attached it to a mount which means you have to manually control it. It is a welcome change as the magnetic switch was a convenient but confusing feature. Mode memory ensures the light always turns back on the same mode that was previously selected. As with many lights, there is no multi-level battery status indicator, something we like about Magicshine Seemee taillights, so you’ll need to remember to periodically charge the light.


The helmet taillight has three modes to choose from: constant, flash and eco pulse. Constant is a uniform output mode that lights up all the LED at 30 lumen and has a 5 hour runtime. Flash mode is one of our favorite modes and illuminates the center LED and then lights up the other LEDs in an outward pattern. The flash mode also achieves the maximum 40 lumen output and has a 5 hour runtime. Finally, there is eco pulse that flashes all the LEDs on and off at 10 lumens for up to 12 hours. While the placement and brightness of the taillight is great, we’d still recommend using a bright taillight during daytime riding and as a supplement at night. The helmet light helps improve visibility and with the unique lens design has an attractive illumination pattern. We are happy that Thousand has kept it simple and not adding additional features like brake sensors or light sensors like the Lazer Universal helmet light.

Thousand Heritage Magnetic Helmet Taillight Review - Illumination Pattern
The taillight has a five LED design with a unique lens design that focuses the center LED and disperses the side LEDs.


Overall, we found the Thousand Heritage 2.0 taillight to be sleek and bright. The taillight has a simple curved design that magnetically attaches to the Heritage helmet without the need for any straps or additional mounting parts. It’s a clever design that allows the Heritage helmet to look good with or without the taillight and eliminates the need for extra parts. We found the lens design to be impressive with its multiple groves as it creates a turn signal-like appearance especially in the flash mode. At 40 lumen the light is bright, but we’d still recommend a bright tail light for daytime visibility. The main improvement we’d make to the taillight would be to add a multi-level battery status indicator to avoid having to estimate the battery status. That said, if you have a Thousand Heritage 2.0 helmet and are looking for additional illumination the helmet taillight is a must-have accessory.

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