Whether you’re a gravel cyclist with multiple bags already on your bike or a minimalist road cyclist trying to minimize weight, strap-style EDC packs are a great way to carry extra gear. These are simple fabric loops that can be mounted on saddle rails, seaposts or downtubes to carry gear. Topeak’s Elementa frame strap is their newest offering in the EDC space with three different available sizes. There is a $24.95 size small (20” x 1”), $27.95 size medium (27” x 1”) and a $29.95 size large (28” x 1.5”) to choose from. All the variations use a similar anti-slip and anti-scratch fabric along with a hook and loop fastener system to attach it to the bike. One of the clever features of the Topeak Elementa are the two removable nylon hoops which provide secure storage for multi-tools or smaller items. In this review, we’ll specifically be looking at the medium and larger size variations.

The Topeak Elementa frame straps combine a simple frame strap design with a clever removable nylon hoop design for flexible gear storage.

Rating8.4 / 10
Retail Price$27.95 (M) / $29.95 (L)
Measured Weight (in g)32 (M) / 45 (L)
Likes+ High quality materials
+ Removable hoops allow for adjustable storage
+ Can be mounted anywhere with extra long strap length
Dislikes– Requires some practice to align non-slip material on frame
Where to Buy (US)Topeak


The Topeak Elementa are shipped attached to a cardboard backing with Topeak’s distinctive white and yellow color scheme. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Elementa frame strap
  • 2x nylon hoops attached to strap

Once you unstrap the Elementa from the cardboard it’s ready to go and can be swapped over to your bike.


Topeak has developed the Elementa as a stand-alone strap to carry extra gear or in conjunction with the Elementa seat bag. This design is quite similar to the SILCA Hypalon EDC strap which also is used on the SILCA Mattone seat pack. It’s a simple product idea that’s useful for nearly any cyclist as a way to carry extra gear or replace bulky saddlebags. Visually, Topeak has added an off-road inspired graphical design onto the fabric with subtle Topeak branding. What separates this from a $5 piece of Velcro are the integrated bungee straps and Nylon hoops. The two Nylon hoops are attached by Velcro which allows you to easily adjust the positions or remove them entirely. This allows you to secure a tube, CO2 or mini tools securely in place and then use the tension of the outer strap to hold it against the bike. 

Topeak Elementa Bike Frame Strap Review - Unfolded View
The Elementa features an extra long strap with Velcro attachments that can be used for two removable nylon straps.

Topeak has used a simple hook and loop fastener design rather than a dial like the KOM Cycling frame strap. Even the smallest size of the Elementa is nearly two feet long to accommodate nearly any mounting position. It’s also significantly longer than the Lizard Skin frame strap which uses a similar plastic hook but has an elastic inner sleeve instead of the bungee design of the Elementa. One side of the strap consists of Velcro while the other side has a combination of non-slip rubber material, Velcro and non-slip Topeak branded portion. The elastic strap is sewn into the Elementa strap underneath the non-slip material.


We tested the Elementa on our Decathlon Triban RC 520 to carry an extra tube, multi-tool and tire levers. The simple Velcro hook design worked well to mount the frame strap on the bike and keep it in place. It’s small size made it perfect for carrying extra gear or replacing larger saddlebags for shorter rides. Our main issue with the strap is that wrapping the Elementa can be a bit confusing as you have to align the non-slip material at the frame contact locations before pulling the strap taut. It takes some practice but eventually you get the hang of it and the elastic hooks and wrapping order. Otherwise, the minimalist design offers enough flexibility to carry gear or even food or short or long rides.

Topeak Elementa Bike Frame Strap Review - Side View
With expandable rubber straps and nylon loops the Elementa is a great way to carry extra tubes, gear or food nearly anywhere on a bike frame.


Overall, we found the Topeak Elementa to be a convenient and well designed frame strap. Despite its simple Velcro and hook design, the Elementa feels premium with its sharp graphics and non-slip materials. We were impressed with the removable nylon straps which are perfectly sized for small items such as multi-tools, tire repair kits or even tire levers. With multiple sizes available and affordable pricing the Elementa straps are great for commuters, gravel riders or even road cyclists looking for some flexible storage. The only negative we’d highlight is that it can be confusing to position the strap properly on the bike. That said, if you’re looking for a minimalist frame strap with extra long length for flexible mounting then the Topeak Elementa is a good option.

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