Top tube bags are a convenient and simple way to carry more gear or snacks on a ride. The new Topeak FastFuel Bag Bolt-On is their latest compact and padded top tube bag which can be attached to a bike using straps or bolted on using existing water bottle bosses. With a retail price of $44.95 the FastFuel Bag Bolt-On offers a versatile bolt-on or strap mounting system to accommodate a wide variety of bikes. There is a 0.5L storage capacity with a single large storage compartment and full length zipper. Topeak has also incorporated premium details such as a high-visibility yellow interior and battery cable pass through to allow you to charge devices on your handlebar.

The Topeak FastFuel Bag Bolt-on is a 0.5L top tube bag with a versatile bolt-on or strap design for carrying extra gear or food.

Retail Price$44.95
Rating8.8 / 10
Measured Weight (in g) 75
Likes+ Premium construction
+ High visibility interior makes it easy to find items
+ Enough room for food and gear
Dislikes– Hardware is not included
– Strap setup can sway side-to-side for some top tube shapes
Where to Buy (US) Topeak


The Topeak FastFuel Bag Bolt-On comes attached to a cardboard backing with specs and branding printed on it. A cutout in the front of the box shows off the multi-tool allowing you to interact with it on the shelf. Once you pull the bag of the cardboard backing it’s ready to go.


To attach the bag to the bike you have a front strap and an optional bottom strap. Both of these are scratch-free designs to prevent any damage to your bike’s paint finish. This can also be bolted into top tube water bottle cages via pass throughs on the bottom of the bag. Each of the Velcro straps are quite long which means they should work on aero stems or thicker mountain bike setups. We found the straps to be too long on our thinner road bikes and recommend folding them over or cutting them down to size. Note, Topeak doesn’t include any hardware so you’ll need washers or wider bolts to ensure the bag is secured when bolted in. Not surprisingly, the bolt-on design is the most secure option while the single bottom strap can lead to some swaying.


As the product name implies, the Topeak FastFuel Bag Bolt-on provides quick access to fuel and can optionally be bolted in. This gives you the flexibility to strap it down to a road bike or bolt it on your gravel bike or all-road bike with top tube water bottle cage mounts. The bag has a single large compartment with an angled design. There is a top zipper that gives you full access to the contents and high visibility yellow interior that makes it easy to see items. It’s a subtle detail, but a feature we’ve seen with other Topeak bags like the Burrito Pack that improves the usability of it. Branding is limited to Topeak side badging and tag on the rear on the otherwise all-black finish.

Topeak FastFuel Bag Bolt-on Toptube Bag Review - Side Profile
With 0.5L capacity, the FastFuel bag is large enough to carry pumps, tools and gear.

While this isn’t waterproof like the similar Topeak FastFuel Drybag X, it does have a similar semi-rigid construction and durable feel. One of the cool features of the bag is a battery cable passthrough which lets you route a cable through the front of the bag. This is achieved by overlapping fabric on the front corner to allow for a cable to be run through it while keeping the interior contents protected from the elements. The bag itself is on the larger side with 7.4″ x 3.2″ x 1.6″ dimensions which allows it to fit pumps, tools or longer items.

Topeak FastFuel Bag Bolt-on Toptube Bag Review - Inside
One of our favorite features of the bag is the high visibility yellow interior which makes it easy to find item inside it.


Even with saddlebags and jersey pockets, it can be hard to fit all the food and snacks you need for longer self-supported rides. That’s why we found the Topeak FastFuel Bag Bolt-on to be so handy as extra storage. We used it to carry snacks and other small treats as its toptube mounting location offers quick access while riding. While we were impressed with the convenience of it, we do wish Topeak had utilized dual bottom straps as the bag can sway. On our Cannondale Synapse we were able to leverage the bolt-on mounting which is far more secure and convenient. In either mounting setup, we would caution that overstuffing the bag can cause some occasional leg rub. Otherwise, the bag itself is well designed and easy to mount and keep clean with the durable construction.

Topeak FastFuel Bag Bolt-on Toptube Bag Review - Top Profile
We recommend packing the FastFuel bag carefully as the non-rigid walls can stretch and rub against your legs.


Overall, we found the Topeak FastFuel Bag Bolt-on is a convenient and well constructed toptube bag. With its central mounting location right behind the stem, the bag offers quick access to snacks or gear while you are riding. We appreciated the bright high visibility yellow interior and long top zipper.  The bag also offers the option to strap the bag or bolt it on the top tube if your bike has top tube water bottle mounts. We found the bolt-on design offered the most secure setup while the single bottom strap would lead to some side-to-side swaying on thinner road bikes. That said, if you’re looking for a mid-sized top tube bag to carry extra gear with the option to bolt it on then the Topeak FastFuel Bag Bolt-on is a good option.

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