In the pursuit of speed and lightness, almost all road bikes have ditched one of the most useful attachments to any bike. What’s missing from the modern road bike you may be wondering? For us, it’s a kickstand. With a kickstand on your bike, you can simply park your bike anywhere instead of searching for a place to lean your bike without scratching it. Topeak has released the latest iteration of their slick FlashStand bike stands which are a modern interpretation of a kickstand. In this review, we’ll be specifically looking at the Topeak FlashStand Slim X which is compatible with most 700c road bike crank arms.

The Topeak FlashStand Slim X is a slick portable crank arm bike stand that fits in your pocket for displaying or storing your 700c road bike.

With a folding two leg design, the FlashStand Slim X is only 6.5” x 1.9” x 0.9” when stored, allowing it to easily fit in your pocket or saddlebag. This updated version has more compatibility thanks to the wider clamp opening (upto 41 x 16 x 80 mm). As with many Topeak products, the FlashStand Slim X has premium build quality and aluminium/polymer construction. The slim form factor and weight allows the FlashStand Slim X to easily be used as a portable display or storage stand.

CategoryBicycle Stand
Retail Price$49.95
Measured Weight (in g)200
Likes+ Compact size
+ Premium fit and finish
+ Compatible with variety of cranks
Dislikes– Stability is limited with crank mount
– Crank mounted cadence sensors get in the way
– Premium price
Where to Buy (US) Topeak


Topeak packages the FlashStand Slim X in a simple cardboard box with their iconic white and yellow graphics. Minimal environmentally friendly packaging is used with the FlashStand prominently displayed in the center of the box. The compact size of the FlashStand in the storage configuration makes it look more like a multi-tool than a bike stand..

In the box you’ll find:

  • FlashStand Slim X stand
  • User manual


If you’ve ever tried to take a photo of your bike on the road, you’ll know that placing your helmet or the perfect sized stick under your pedal can provide enough balance for long enough to take the shot. Topeak has utilized this simple trick to design the FlashStand Slim X which has a simple two-piece design that supports the non-drive side crank arm. The upper portion of the stand is a simple rectangle with a slot that slips over the crank arm, while the lower portion consists of two stabilizer arms that fold out. The FlashStand is particularly clever as the two parts slide into each other when being stored resulting in a very compact form factor that easily fits in your jersey pocket.

Topeak FlashStand Slim X - compact form
Provided storage bag protects the FlashStand from scratches

A simple lock button holds the two-parts of the FlashStand together. To use the FlashStand you simply need to hold the lock button down and slide the arms downward allowing the stabiler arms to fold out. Next you simply slide the FlashStand over the non-drive side crank arm and rotate the crank arm to be perpendicular to the ground. Stowing the FlashStand it’s as simple as removing it from the crank by folding the stabilizer arms back in and holding the lock button to slide the bottom portion back into the upper portion. One issue we ran into was that the FlashStand does not fit over-crank mounted cadence magnets, as they can protrude larger than the allowable dimensions of the stand.

Topeak FlashStand Slim X - hollow legs
Hollow aluminium legs keep the weight down


Given the diminutive size of the FlashStand Slim X, our primary concern was how well this would hold up a road bike. Even with our heavier Decathlon Triban RC520 loaded with commuting accessories, the FlashStand worked quite well to hold the bike in place. With the non-drive side crank angled straight down, the two stabilizing arms of the FlashStand keep the bike in place surprisingly well. However, it isn’t nearly as stable as Topeak’s larger LineUp stand which uses a swing arm design. The stability of the FlashStand comes from the fact that the bike is leaning toward the non-drive side, so the bike will fall over when pushed the other direction or the cranks are rotated. Nevertheless, the FlashStand makes a great display stand, taking photos mid-ride or for short-term storage.

Topeak FlashStand Slim X - design
Clever design and folding two legs ensure the FlashStand fits in your pocket
Topeak FlashStand Slim X - size comparison
Size comparison between Topeak FlashStand and LineUp stand


Overall, we found that the Topeak FlashStand Slim X is an impressive display stand with compact size and premium build quality. In the folded storage state, the FlashStand looks more like a multitool than a bike stand and easily fits in a jersey pocket or saddlebag. The clever two leg design and crank arm mount means the FlashStand works with most 700c road bikes and beats having to balance bikes or helmets or well placed sticks. At $50 the FlashStand Slim X isn’t the best deal in terms of value compared to the Topeak LineUp stand, however, the premium finish and compact form factor make it well worth the money. The FlashStand isn’t as stable as large floor stands like Topeak’s own Lineup, but the portability means it’s the perfect stand for getting bike shots to impress people on social media or as a quick display stand.

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