Unless you’re a professional cyclist with a support team trailing you, it’s essential to carry tools for roadside repairs or adjustments. In this review we’ll be looking at one of Topeak’s smaller folding mini-tools, the simply named Topeak Mini 9. With a retail price of only $21.95, the Mini 9 multi-tool offers 9 functions. There are two rows of swiveling tools attached to an anodized extruded aluminum body. There are six allen wrenches ranging from 2-8mm which can be used for tightening stems or removing thru-axles. Additionally there is a T25 Torx wrench and a PH2 phillips head to cover other small jobs. Topeak even includes a neoprene carrying bag which can be used to keep the tool clean or for easy storage.

The Topeak Mini 9 is a compact 9 function cycling multi-tool that offers multiple Allen wrenches as well as T25 Torx and PH2 Phillips bits.

Rating8.5 / 10
Retail Price$21.95
Measured Weight (in g)92 (tool), 7 (neoprene bag)
Likes+ Compact size
+ Enough Allen wrenches and bits to cover most jobs
+ Attractive aluminum body and neoprene bag
Dislikes– Only available in black
Where to Buy (US)Todson


The Topeak Mini 9 multi-tool comes in a compact cardboard box with Topeak’s distinctive white and yellow color scheme. A cutout in the front of the box shows off the multi-tool allowing you to interact with it on the shelf. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Mini 9 multi-tool
  • Neoprene travel bag

The travel bag is a nice feature we’ve seen with other Topeak tools and keeps the tool clean or from getting scratched while being transported.


As the name implies, the Mini 9 is a nine function folding mini multi-tool that’s small while still being useful. Topeak offers quite a few variations of Mini folding tools including an even smaller Mini 6, a forged aluminum Mini 9 Pro and larger Mini PT30. Although it’s not the smallest tool Topeak offers, the Mini 9 is lightweight and small with the longest dimension being only 2.6”. There are four rows of tools on each side of the body which fold together to achieve a small form factor. Topeak only offers this in this single black color finish with Mini 9 printed on the side. The body of the multi-tool is anodized extruded aluminum which looks and feels premium.

Topeak Mini 9 Mult-Tool Cycling Tool Review - Unfolded
There are 9 available functions on the Mini 9 with two rows of swiveling tools on each side.

In terms of functionality, the Mini 9 comes with 6 different Allen wrenches: 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8mm. The largest 6 and 8mm sizes are combined into a single Allen wrench with a removable tip which is a clever way to package the bits. If you have a bike with thru-axles without handles, then the 8mm wrench is essential for removing a wheel for a flat repair. For other adjustments, there is also a standard T25 Torx wrench and a PH2 Phillips head. With the smaller size of this mini tool, there are no additional functions such as tubeless tire repair, chain breakers or spoke tools. The minimalist approach keeps the tool compact and means you should be able to do most road-side repairs with it and use dedicated larger tools at home for other tasks.

Topeak also includes a neoprene storage bag with the Mini 9 with a Velcro top. It’s a nice feature that prevents the metal mini tool from scratching or damaging other items in your pocket or saddlebag. It’s nearly identical to the one included with the  Mini PT30 which we’ve been using for nearly two years. Aside from some small holes in the bag where the edges of the body rub against it has held up well and has kept the multi-tool inside it looking nearly brand new. It’s definitely a nice perk and at only a few grams worth using to store the Topeak Mini 9 in a saddlebag or in a jersey pocket.

Topeak Mini 9 Mult-Tool Cycling Tool Review - Neoprene Bag
Folded up, the Mini 9 is a very compact multi-tool that can be tucked into a saddlebag by itself or using the included neoprene bag.


Overall, we found the Topeak Mini 9 to be a compact and well designed multi-tool. With 9 functions the Mini 9 has enough Allen bits to cover most adjustments on a bike as well as a T25 Torx and Phillips head for other jobs. While the multi-tool lacks the bells-and-whistles of more complicated multi-tools it’s compact and easy to use. The anodized aluminum body and chrome vanadium steel tools look and feel premium. We are also fans of the included neoprene storage bag which keeps the tool looking new and makes it easy to travel with. For improved leverage, it’s also easy to extend both sides of the tools and grip the body of the multi-tool. The only downside of the tool is that Topeak only offers this version in a black finish while their other tools have flashy gold color options. That said, if you’re looking for a simple and durable multi-tool for roadside repairs the Topeak Mini 9 multi-tool is a great option.

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