Unless you’re a professional cyclist with a support car following you, it is important to carry a multitool. Having even simple tools such as an allen wrench can be the difference between being stranded on the side of the road and finishing your ride. In this review we’ll be looking at Topeak’s latest full featured multitools, the Topeak Mini PT30. With 30 functions, the Mini PT30 is a premium quality tool with a compact form factor (7.4 x 4 x 1.9 cm / 2.9” x 1.6” x 0.7”) that is easy to carry in a jersey pocket or saddlebag. The PT30 houses an array of Allen wrenches, Torx wrenches, tubeless repair tools as well as a removable chain tool. Offered in three color variations: yellow, black and silver the forged aluminium body and chrome steel tools look and feel durable.

The Topeak Mini PT30 offers an impressive 30 functions that include Allen wrenches, Torx wrenches and even tubeless repair and chain tools.

Retail Price$49.95
Measured Weight (in g)168 (Tool)/6 (Bag)
Likes+ Compact size
+ Enough functionality for most common repairs
+ Included storage bag
Dislikes– Premium price
– Specific folding order for knife/plug tool
– Difficult to hold the chain tool
Where to Buy (US) Topeak


Despite the 30 functions of the Mini PT30 tool, the compact size means it is packaged in a small cardboard box. As with other Topeak products, the packaging is well designed with an open window to view the tool itself. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Mini PT30 Tool
  • Neoprene storage bag
  • Instruction manual

The neoprene bag is nice as it makes it easy to store the tool with it getting scratched or scratching anything else.


The Mini PT30 utilizes a compact and rigid aluminium frame that serves as the main structure of the multitool.  Especially with the chrome finished tools and contrasting semi-gloss black finish, the Mini PT30 looks and feels premium. As with most multitools, you’ll find a line of rotating tools on each end of the Mini PT30. These can be fully rotated to help improve leverage or access hard to reach items. There is also a simple metal tab mechanism that allows the plug insertion tool and saw to lock in place. This is particularly useful to keep the tools in place during difficult repairs. The locking mechanism, at least on the plug tool, can be a little difficult to operate but once you know how it works it is straightforward.

Topeak Mini PT30 - functions
Each side of the multitool offers a full lineup of tools as well as a removable chain tool.

Contrary to the product name, which implies 30 tools, we counted 27 tools on the Mini PT30. This is simply because the 30 refers to the total number of functions offered by the tool. In terms of tools the Mini PT30 has the following (the locking saw/plug and extendable tools count as additional 3 functions):

  • 8x Allen Wrenches – 2L / 2.5 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 8 / 10 mm (the 10mm Allen is a hex socket that fits over the 8mm)
  • 3x Torx Wrenches – T10 / T15 / T25
  • 2x Screwdrivers – #2 Phillips / flat head
  • 2x Tubeless Tools – Tire reamer / plug insertion tool
  • 4x Spoke Wrenches – 14G / 15G / Mavic M7 / Shimano 4.5mm
  • 3x Misc Items – Serrated knife / saw / disc spacer
  • 5x Chain Tools – Chain pin breaker / secondary fence for stiff links / master link storage / master link compressor / chain hook

The chain tool is attached on the backside of the Mini PT30 with a simple bolt that doubles as the chain breaker bolt. It also has an allen head which makes chain installation/removal easy. Unless you’re having a very rough day, the Mini PT30 has more than enough tools for most repairs. To be honest, most people won’t ever use a majority of the included tools but thanks to the compact size, you’ll be relieved if you find yourself in need of one.

Topeak Mini PT30 - design
The Mini PT30 offers 30 functions in a compact form factor.


The Mini PT30 has enough functionality that it can replace a number of specialized bike tools. Basic maintenance items such as installing or tightening components can be done with the Allen and Torx keys while the detachable chain tool makes installing chains easy. However, the compact size of the Mini PT30 does mean you don’t have as much leverage compared to the equivalent full sized tool. This is particularly obvious with the detachable chain tool which can be difficult to use compared to a normal chain breaker with an extended handle. The same can be said about the Allen and Torx bits which are shorter than traditional tools. While the Mini PT30 isn’t a replacement for full sized tools for home use, we found that the multitool’s compact size and wide array of tools was more than enough for any roadside repairs. 

Topeak Mini PT30 - chain tool
Although the removable chain tool offers the same functionality as traditional chain tools, the lack of a handle makes it more difficult to hold.


Overall, we found the Topeak Mini PT30 is a well designed and sleek multitool. Despite the compact dimensions, Topeak was able to combine an impressive 30 functions into the Mini PT30. The well finished Allen, Torx, Tubeless, as well as chain tool are more than enough for most repairs. Although the Mini PT30 is priced higher than other multitools, the semigloss finish, attention to detail and included neoprene storage bag makes it stand out. We only found a few drawbacks to the Mini PT30 such as the compact size of the chain tool making it difficult to hold and a specific folding order for the knife and tubeless plug tool. While most people won’t need this many tools, the Mini PT30 compact size makes it easy to carry and provides peace of mind.

Disclaimer: The product for this review was provided by Topeak. The views expressed on this website are solely those of the authors and are here to help people make an informed choice before a purchase. The authors or the blog itself does not get any monetary compensation from the product manufacturer or third-party websites/vendor links that are posted here.

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