Topeak’s Power Levers have been a popular tool for easily installing or removing chains. With the new Topeak Power Lever Pro, Topeak have extended the levers to not only act as a tire lever and chain plier but also include a chain breaker. It’s an impressive combo tool that puts everything into a compact form factor. Despite the multi-function design, the levers retail for only $34.95 and are compatible with everything up to 13 speed chains. The levers can be combined to compress or stretch chain removable links for replacement or cleaning. Additionally, there is a metal chain hook and storage for a master link built directly into the lever.

The Topeak Power Lever Pro combines tire levers, a chain breaker and master link pliers into a compact form factor.

Retail Price$34.95
Rating7.7 / 10
Measured Weight (in g) 71
Likes+ Small form factor takes up same space as standard tire levers
+ Combines multiple tools into one convenient tool
+ Colored levers make it easy to identify levers
Dislikes– Tire levers may break on stiff tires
Where to BuyTopeak


The Topeak Power Lever Pro comes zip tied to a cardboard backing with specs and branding printed onto it. Once you cut the zip ties off you’re ready to use the levers. While the metal chain hook is removable, the chain breaker is bolted onto the lever and pivots outward to be used.


Topeak’s Power Lever Pro combines four different functions into a single multi-piece tool that barely takes up more space than traditional tire levers. This can be used as a master link tool to install or remove a chain, as tire levers for tires or as a chain tool. There are three main pieces with the tool: two levers and the chain tool. The plastic levers are hollowed out in the center to store the chain breaker, a metal chain hook and a slot for storing master links. The outer body of the levers has a textured design that provides excellent grip with metal inserts for the plier portion. Dimensionally the tool is 4.9” x 1.2” x 0.7” and should easily fit in jersey pockets or saddlebags. One of the levers is black while the other lever has a navy green coloration to make it easier to differentiate between the levers.

Topeak Power Lever Pro Multi Tool Review - Power Link
One of the best features of the levers is the Power Link functionality which lets you easily install or remove chains.

Starting with the tire lever, you can see there are two nearly symmetric levers with curved tips to slide under tires beads. The levers are both the same length and provide plenty of leverage to deal with stubborn tires. While there isn’t a traditional spoke hook you can use the curved plier end to rest against spokes to hold it in place. The other mode of the pliers is the master link plier mode which lets you connect the two levers together using the protruding rod to connect or remove chain master links. It’s a slightly confusing operation as the opening / closing modes require positioning the levers correctly. The black lever should always be on top, while the green lever is positioned to the right or flipped and to the left behind it. This is a simple way to install or remove chains as you can compress or expand master links by applying pressure.

Topeak Power Lever Pro Multi Tool Review - Chain Breaker
Topeak has cleverly integrated a chain breaker into the body of the tire lever.

Finally, the Power Lever Pro can also be used as a chain tool to remove chain pins. This is done by connecting the separate chain breaker to the green lever and using the black lever with the built-in 4mm Allen key to rotate the tool. Topeak has designed this to be compatible with 13 speed chains including Sram Flattop chains. While the chain tool isn’t as ergonomic as dedicated larger tools, it’s compact and has an ingenious design that doesn’t add much bulk to the levers. The chain breaker is similar to Topeak’s Stealth BB Hide ‘n Tool with the lever acting as an extended handle to hold it.


Having recently reviewed the KMC X11 Aurora chain, the Power Lever Pro came in particularly handy for installing chains. The Power Lever functionality is clever and easy to use as it allows you to compress or stretch chain links to remove or install a chain quick-link connector. Even though this lever is a bit smaller than the Power Lever X that’s part of Topeak’s Gravel Gear Bag it’s still ergonomic and easy to handle. The included metal chain hook is also simple yet surprisingly effective and ensures the chain doesn’t go flying when you remove the quick link. Similarly, the chain breaker works well as you can use both levers as handles and have plenty of leverage.

Topeak Power Lever Pro Multi Tool Review - Textured Finish
The levers have an attractive textured finish with color coating which makes it easy to identify the levers.

Unfortunately, one of the weak points of the levers is the tire lever portion which consists of thin plastic tips. Before we could even get video footage of a tire installation we managed to crack the tip of one of the levers. Topeak does appear to be aware of this shortcoming as the manual specifically states that the “Power Lever Pro is not designed to be used on heavy duty, thick casing downhill or extreme offroad riding type tires.” We managed to break the lever on our 700×25 American Classic tires while trying to seat the final piece of the tire. That’s why we’d recommend sticking to tire levers like Pedros which have held up to multiple years of similar use and using the Power Lever Pro for the Power Link and chain functionality.


Overall, we found the Topeak Power Lever Pro to be a clever multi-tool. Topeak has managed to combine three functions into a compact form factor that’s easy to bring along on a ride. The Power Lever Pro features Topeak’s ergonomic Power Link functionality to install or remove chain quick links, a chain breaker and tire levers. There is even a metal chain hook as well as a slot for storing a master link on one of the levers. With the textured exterior, all the functions work pretty well and ensure you are prepared for any repair or maintenance. The big downside of this design is that the tire levers themselves aren’t that strong and may break on more stubborn tires. That said, if you’re looking for a compact tool for installing chains that provides extra functionality the Topeak Power Lever Pro is worth considering.

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