Although everyone knows they should check their tire pressure regularly, it’s often annoying and cumbersome to do. Handheld digital pressure gauges like the Topeak SMARTGAUGE D2x make checking bike or car tire pressure quick and easy. With a large backlit digital screen and $57.95 retail price the Topeak SMARTGAUGE D2x offers a simple way to check tire pressures. The air pressure gauge is compatible with Shrader or Presta valves by simply sliding a toggle on the head. A 360 degree swivel body also means you can always view the pressure regardless of the air valve position which is particularly useful for car tires. Unlike most pressure gauges, the Topeak SMARTGAUGE D2x is accurate upto 260 PSI / 18 Bar making it ideal for high pressure applications such as bicycle suspensions.

The Topeak SMARTGAUGE D2x is a premium digital air pressure gauge with a full 360 degree swivel body for quickly checking tire pressure.

Retail Price$59.75
Rating8.7 / 10
Measured Weight (in g)52
Likes+ Premium feel
+ 360 degree rotatable body
+ Easy to use with auto-on and auto-off
Dislikes– Premium price
– Glossy front cover is easy to scratch and get dirty
Where to Buy (US)Topeak


The Topeak SMARTGAUGE D2x comes well packaged with Topeak’s characteristic white and yellow cardboard box with a center cutout to view and interact with the gauge. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • SMARTGAUGE D2x digital air pressure gauge
  • Informational packet w/ battery

To start using the SMARTGAUGE D2x you simply need to install the included CR2032 battery into the pressure gauge by removing the rear cover. 


Despite the plastic construction the semi-gloss black SMARTGAUGE D2x finish feels premium and well constructed. The main body has a rectangular profile with rounded corners that is easy to hold and ergonomic. Glossy black trim on the display side of the body gives it a high-end look but is easy to scratch and can collect fingerprints. The LCD display screen is embedded on the right half of the body with three rubber buttons to the left to operate it. Branding is limited to only SMARTGAUGE written on the display side and Topeak debossed on the rear. The rear side is also where you’ll find the CR2032 watch battery cover which can easily be opened and closed with a small coin.

Topeak SMARTGAUGE D2x Digital Pressure Gauge Review - Nozzle
The SMARTGAUGE D2x has an ergonomic rounded design with non-slip rubber pads on the side and a 360 degree swivel body.

What is particularly special about the Topeak SMARTGAUGE D2x is the fact that the body can rotate a full 360 degrees around the head. Most budget digital pressure gauges have a fixed angle or like the SKS AIRCHECKER limited to 180 degrees or less rotation. With the full 360 degrees of rotation of the SMARTGAUGE, it’s always easy to see the pressure reading regardless of the air valve location. Unlike the Topeak Smarthead nozzles found on their JoeBlow floor pumps that automatically detects the valve type, the SMARTGAUGE D2x uses a manual toggle for the valve type. It’s a simple plastic slider at the top of the head with small illustrations of Shrader and Presta valves. Although the correct side needs to be selected before attaching the pressure gauge it’s easy to use.

Topeak SMARTGAUGE D2x Digital Pressure Gauge Review - Nozzle Selector
Topeak has integrated a simple sliding toggle to switch between Shrader and Presta valve stem types with easy-to-use illustrations.


The Topeak SMARTGAUGE D2x has a simple to use three button interface arranged in a semicircle. In the center is the power button that can be pressed to turn the SMARTGAUGE on or held to turn it off. Topeak also recommends pressing the power button once to reset the pressure reading when switching between different tires. The button on the right enables live mode which allows the SMARTGAUGE D2x to continually re-reading the air pressure. It’s a convenient mode when combined with the deflate button to reduce tire pressures. In live mode the screen flashes and the audible beeps indicate when the pressure has stabilized.

Topeak SMARTGAUGE D2x Digital Pressure Gauge Review - LCD Display
Thanks to the bright backlit screen and 360 degree rotatable body it’s easy to view the pressure at any angle.


Overall we found the Topeak SMARTGAUGE D2x to be a premium and easy to use digital pressure gauge. Thanks to the fully rotatable body of the SMARTGAUGE D2x it’s easy to check pressures on a variety of applications from bikes to cars. The angled head also works well with recessed valves such as those found on car tires. We also found the backlit screen to be easy to read with a premium appearance thanks to the black/white color scheme. Premium features such as auto-on and auto-off also allow for nearly button-less operation as you can just insert the SMARTGAUGE D2x on a valve and view the pressure. The deflation button is also a nice feature not found on budget pressure gauges and when combined with the live mode allow for accurate adjustments. While the Topeak SMARTGAUGE D2x isn’t cheap, the high pressure accuracy and swivel head make it a great investment.

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