Bontrager’s Blendr system is a modular mounting system that provides an integrated design to mount accessories on your bicycle. It’s a three piece design that combines a stem, base and mounting accessory to attach lights, computers or phones. While Bontrager has extended the system to include integrated handlebars, taillights and saddlebags, we’re going to focus on the core stem / base / mounts products in this guide. Bontrager also has a comprehensive compatibility chart that covers all the options and even legacy products no longer available we’d highly recommend taking a look at. There are a wide variety of accessories which makes the Blendr system perfect for riders of high-end road bikes down to budget single speed bikes.

Starting with the stem, there is the top-of-the-line $288.99 RSL Stem which has OCLV carbon construction and titanium bolts. The more affordable options are the $120.99 forged alloy Pro Blendr stem and even a $30.99 Comp Blendr Stem option. To utilize the Blendr mounts you’ll need to install either the dual-mount $19.99 Duo base or the single $14.99 Mono Base. The bases each have bolt-on two prong Go-Pro style attachments which are compatible with a number of mounts. The more notable mounts are the $34.99 alloy Pro Blendr Wahoo / Garmin mount, the $19.99 Garmin Low mounts and the $19.99 Garmin High mount. For attaching Trek / Bontrager lights you can use the $9.99 Universal Light Mount or the Low Commuter Light Mount. There is also a simple $19.99 GoPro mount which can be used with a wide range of accessories.


At first glance the Blendr stems look like traditional stems with two bolt attachments to steering tubes and four bolt face plates. Upon closer inspection you’ll notice each of the stems has a two-piece face plate with a specially designed center cutout that fits the Blendr base perfectly. To secure the Blendr base in place, there are notches cut into the stem which match up to the base’s tab extensions. When the stem is attached to a handlebar and the face bolts are tightened down, the base becomes sandwiched between the stem and handlebar. The RSL is the fanciest stem option which gives you a lightweight carbon construction while the more affordable options are alloy construction. The stem and base combination provides secure mounting for heavier computers or lights without the need for dual clamps like those found on the Topeak UTF out-front mount.

Trek Blendr Bike Handlebar Light Computer Mount Guide - Stem Base Closeup
The key to the Blendr system is the base design which slots between the stem faceplate and against the handlebar for secure mounting.

Whether you choose the dual or mono Blendr base, each of them have Go-Pro like two prong attachments which let you attach a variety of mounts on to them. These use a bolt with a nut to securely attach accessories and prevent heavier items from sliding down. Its simple interface is positioned close to the stem which means you have an integrated appearance. The adapters themselves are a plastic construction but are thick with a matte finish that blends well with the stem face plate. You can also loosen the bolt and adjust the angle to optimize the viewing angle to your bike setup. Bontrager also offers quite a few application specific options for integrated bars which utilizes bases that bolt directly onto the bar.


Once you have the stem and base setup you can find the right mounts for your setup. Bontrager offers a wide variety of mounts to cover GoPro, Garmin, Wahoo and Bontrager lights. If you use the appropriate mounts and the dual base you can easily mount both a computer and light onto the handlebar. Each of the mounts, including the GoPro mount, have bolt on designs which require an Allen key to install and remove. All the mounts are centered directly in front of the stem which ensures your accessories are directly in your line of sight. Except for the Pro Alloy Garmin mount, most of these products are plastic yet feel well made. Everything in the Blendr lineup is also a matte black finish which helps them blend into the bike.

Trek Blendr Bike Handlebar Light Computer Mount Guide - Accessories
Trek offers a wide range of options from fancy carbon stems, dual bases to a variety of mounts for computers and lights.

If you have a larger GPS computer, like the Bryton S800 or Garmin Edge 1040, we’d recommend using the Pro Alloy mount with the Garmin base or the High Garmin Mount which places the computer slightly above the top stem bolts. Otherwise, smaller computers like the iGPSPORT BSC300 work well with the Low Garmin Mount and line the top of the computer with the top of the stem for a clean look. Using the dual base you can easily combine a GPS computer with a bike light underneath to stay visible during the day or nighttime riding. The Low Commuter Light Mount is a slick undermount that works perfectly with the Trek Commuter Pro RT which are directional lights and should only be mounted upright. The additional GoPro mount is perfect for attaching third-party lights or even a GoPro camera.

Trek Blendr Bike Handlebar Light Computer Mount Guide - On Bike
The Blendr mounting system is particularly useful for aero road bars which aren’t compatible with out-front mounts.


Overall, we found the Bontrager Blendr mounting system to be a simple and clever modular mounting system. The three-piece handlebar system uses a specific faceplate design that allows a base to be securely mounted against the handlebar and provide slots for one or two items. The two prong GoPro style connectors are compatible with a wide variety of Bontrager mount accessories to accommodate computers, lights or even cameras. With it’s integrated design you can mount multiple accessories directly off the stem without extra clamps like those used in out-front mounts. We appreciated the affordable design and versatility of the system. Bontrager has also included a number of mounts for their popular Ion and Flare RT lights as well as the larger Commuter light with specific light mounts. The only downside to the Blendr system is that there are limited alloy options and no color options available. That said, if you’re looking for a way to de-clutter your handlebars then you should definitely check out the Bontrager Blendr system.

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