Ralph Waldo Emerson is credited for the phrase – “build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.” That phrase is the perfect intro for the Tyre Glider which is a unique evolution of the tried and true bike tire lever. Developed during the Covid lockdown, the Tyre Glider was developed to not only make tire removal easier but also simplify tire installation. With a retail price of $14, the Tyre Glider has an unusual dual function design. It’s constructed from recycled plastic with a sturdy and rigid build quality. Designed to be used with most wheel and tire combinations, the Tyre Glider features a tapered edge for getting under tires and an integrated hook to slide along the rim for tire installation.

The Tyre Glider is a clever improved tire lever that not only can be used to remove tires but also simplifies installation.

Rating8.8 / 10
Retail Price$14
Measured Weight (in g)18
Likes+ Innovative design
+ Eliminates the frustration of installing tires
+ Thick construction feels durable and ergonomic
Dislikes– Large form factor
– Thick tip is difficult to get under stiff tires
Where to Buy (US)Tyre Glider


The Tyre Glider comes simply attached to a cardboard backing with basic specs and instructions printed directly onto it. Note, unlike most tire levers which are used in pairs the Tyre Glider works just as well by itself.


At first glance, the Tyre Glider doesn’t look like a tire lever as it has a complex multi-angled design. Rather than the traditional long thin design with a tapered end on one side and a hook on the other, the Tyre Glider is short and wide. At 3” long and 1.25” x 1.5” the form factor is bulkier than even combination tire levers such as the KOM Cycling Combo levers due to its large cross section. The design of the Tyre Glider is quite complex with multiple edges and cutouts. The traditional tapered end is placed perpendicular to the lever end instead of parallel to provide a more ergonomic hand position.

Tyre Glider Bike Tire Lever Review - Comparison
Compared to a standard tire lever like Pedros, the Tyre Glider is taller and wider.

Tapered edges along the front edge of the Tyre Glider provide a smooth edge to grip. Where the Tyre Glider really differs from a standard lever is the half circle protrusion and hook cutout on the side. These two details combined with a slight curved lip help install tires as they push the tire back onto the rim. To keep the weight down and improve the rigidity, there are a variety of cutouts molded into the lever. Although the Tyre Glider is designed to be used by itself there are some cleverly placed slots that allow a pair of levers to be stored together.

Tyre Glider Bike Tire Lever Review - Tire Removal
To remove a tire, the Tyre Glider sits perpendicular to the rim to allow for more leverage.


To use the Tyre Glider, you’ll likely need to review their how-to guide video as it’s not immediately clear how it works. Removing tires requires wedging the perpendicular tapered end under the bead of the tire. Due to the offset position and thick edge, we found it to be difficult to get under tight tires. Once it is under the tire, the Tyre Glider sits perpendicular to the rim allowing for a more ergonomic hand position. For stubborn tires it’s easier to position the lever parallel to the ground so that you can push your full weight into it. Once the tire loosens up it quickly slides off the rim and gives you access to the tube.

Tyre Glider Bike Tire Lever Review - Tire Installation
Our favorite feature of the Tyre Glider is tire installation, a build in hook allows the lever to slider along the rim to easily install stubborn tires.

We weren’t particularly blown away with the tire removal aspect of the Tyre Glider and prefer traditional tire levers as they are easier to get the tire. Instead, we think the tire installation function of the Tyre Glider is the main selling point. The simple hook cutout on the edge of the Tyre Glider is easy to push down onto rims (note, newer hookless rims won’t work) and effectively keeps the lever in place as you slide along the tire. It’s far more effective than having to use your thumbs to massage the tire in place or risk tube punctures using standard tire levers to pop the tire in place. For that purpose alone, we think the Tyre Glider is a very useful bike tire lever to keep around the house or bring on rides.


Overall, we found the Tyre Glider to be a clever evolution of the standard tire lever. The Tyre Glider combines the traditional tapered end for removing tires with a slotted L shape that holds against the rim hook for tire installation. While we still prefer traditional KOM Cycling or Park Tool tire levers for tire removal, as the thicker tapered end of the Tyre Glider is difficult to get under stiff road tires, the Tyre Glider really shines for tire installation. An integrated hook allows the Tyre Glider to simply slide along the rim like a zipper and push the tire bead onto the rim. It’s an ingenious design that quickly pops stubborn tires back onto the rim without risking damage to inner tubes. The only other downside is that the Tyre Glider doesn’t pack as well as normal levers as it has a square-like cross section due to the dual-functionality. That said, the budget friendly price and clever design is something we’d recommend particularly to simplify tire installation.

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