While cycling itself is an environmentally friendly activity, many bicycle components are not. As one of the largest saddle manufacturers in the world, Velo is seeking to reduce their environmental impact by investing in alternative materials and product processes. The new Velo Angel Revo we have in this review is Velo’s first saddle to utilize a number of future-friendly materials and processes. With a retail price of $125 the Angel Revo is part of Velo’s flagship Angel series which combines their patented Y-Cut pressure relief channel and ArcTech technology. The Angel Revo is also Velo’s first saddle to feature their AtmosFoam which is a nitrogen-infused padding that’s claimed to be more comfortable and reduce CO2 emissions. Velo currently only offers the Angel Revo in a short nose 248x148mm configuration with titanium rails.

The Velo Angel Revo is an affordable and comfortable bike saddle that features a number of eco-friendly materials.

Retail Price$125
Measured Weight (in g)280
Likes+ Eco friendly materials and production process
+ Atmos Shaping eliminates seam between cover and base
+ Soft and comfortable nitrogen foam
Dislikes– Only available in single width option
– Omni saddle cover has slippery finish
Where to Buy (US)Velo


The Velo Angel Revo saddle comes in an unmarked cardboard box with the saddle secured in place by foam. Velo branding is limited to the inside of the cardboard box instead of the exterior.


Velo has designed the Angel Revo to blend the best features of the Velo Angel TT and Velo Senso TT saddles which are two saddles we’ve previously reviewed. It’s easy to see the resemblance between the saddles as the Angel Revo has a similar large Y-Cut pressure relief channel and similar  profiles. Velo currently offers the Revo in three colorways: Monogram Black, Cali (i.e. black with a dark red / red / yellow stripe) and the limited edition Fern we have here.  Developed by Santa Barbara based designer Molly Lofton, the Fern design pairs glossy palm tree leaf graphics and a terrazzo pattern. The bright green colors and graphic patterns of the Fern design pop against the black saddle base and is a welcome alternative to standard black saddles.

Velo Angel Revo Bike Saddle Nitrogen Eco-friendly Review - Top Down View
One of the more distinctive features of the saddle is the patented Y-Cutout press relieve channel which extends nearly the full length of the saddle.

One of the main features of the Angel Revo is that it uses future-friendly materials and produced processes. While Velo doesn’t go as far as claiming the saddle is 100% sustainable like the Selle Italia Model X, Velo has reduced the environmental impact of the Angel Revo. The main feature is the AtmosFoam which is a nitrogen-infused foam that improves performance and durability. To the touch, the AtmosFoam feels thicker and softer than traditional saddles. The foam is covered with their Omni saddle cover which utilizes recycled knitted fabric instead of microfiber substrates. Our only complaint about the saddle cover is that it feels very slick to the touch and lacks perforations or non-slip details.

Velo Angel Revo Bike Saddle Nitrogen Eco-friendly Review - Underside
The saddle features Velo’s Atmos Shaping construction which has a seamless attachment between the saddle and the base.

One of our favorite details of the saddle is the Atmos Shaping which is a seamless method of connecting the saddle cover with the base. This design eliminates the typical fabric bunching under the saddle, something visible in the Ergon SR Pro, which collects dirt and gives the saddle a less polished appearance. The base of the saddle is also constructed with a proprietary EuphoraBase shell, which is a non-petroleum-based hybrid bioplastic. It feels and looks like a standard saddle base but combined with the Y-cutout and rail design offers a fair amount of flexibility.

Velo Angel Revo Bike Saddle Nitrogen Eco-friendly Review - Side Profile
The Angel Revo has a short nose design with a slightly curved profile that helps you stay in place.


Velo doesn’t categorize or separate their saddles for separate cycling disciplines such as mountain biking or road cycling. Instead, they leave it up to you to decide if the saddle is a good fit for your anatomy and riding style. We used the Angel Revo for both commuting and gravel riding and found it to be comfortable and well damped. The nitrogen filled AtmosFoam feels plush and absorbs imperfections on the road. For more dedicated road cycling we found the saddle to be too padded for our taste. The only real complaint is that the saddle cover is very slick, we would have preferred a non-slip finish to provide for a more secure feel. As always, we’d highly recommend trying the saddle for yourself as saddle fit is very person-specific. Velo currently only offers the saddle in a standard 148mm width but depending on your anatomy you may prefer a more narrow or wider width that’s available in other Velo saddles.


Overall, we found the Velo Angel Revo to be an attractive and comfortable saddle. As a part of Velo’s Angel saddle lineup, the Revo features most of Velo’s unique saddle technologies such as the Y-cutout and ArcTech rail attachment design. Despite all the tech, the Angel Revo is surprisingly budget friendly and offered in multiple eye-catching color schemes. We particularly like the Atmos Shaping feature which eliminates the traditional fabric overlap at the saddle cover and base attachment point, this makes the saddle looks more premium and easier to clean. Also the Fern color scheme is also quite unique which high contrast colors and attractive leaf inspired graphics. The main downsides of the saddle are lack of width options and the slippery saddle cover. That said, if you’re looking for a comfortable and soft saddle for commuting, mountain biking or gravel riding then the Angel Revo is a great option.

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