Despite Velo being one of the world’s largest saddle producers you may not be that familiar with the Velo brand. However, it’s likely you’ve ridden one of their saddles just under a different brand name as they make saddles for many of the top brands. As with many cyclists it’s often difficult to justify the premium prices that come with the high-end offerings. That’s why we were excited to get our hands on the Velo Senso Ray bike saddle which offers Ti-alloy rails and an attractive $85 retail price. The Senso Ray saddle follows the current trend of stubby nose saddles and measures at a compact 242 × 143 mm. As a part of Velo’s Senso saddle range, a very diverse product line, the saddle also features Velo’s Atmos shaping and Airform padding. 

Atmos shaping is a saddle construction design Velo utilizes that joins the upper surface and seam between the polyurethane upper cover and the nylon injected base. This gives the saddle a sleek look that is also easy to clean. The Airform padding improves the shock absorption compared to standard padding. With the Senso Ray, Velo hopes to attract more riders to their brand by offering a high-performance saddle at an affordable price. 

The Velo Senso Ray combines their patented Atmos Shaping, Airform padding, and Titanium alloy rails into a high performance yet affordable bike saddle.

CategoryBicycle Saddle
Retail Price$85.00
Measured Weight (in g)242
Likes+ Affordable price
+ Center relief channel for additional comfort
+ No visible seam between saddle cover and base
Dislikes– Only available in single size
– May be difficult to find in store
– Saddle specs not printed on saddle
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The Velo Senso Ray saddle comes packed in a sleek yet simple black cardboard box with minimal branding in a metallic finish. Inside the box you’ll simply find the saddle held in place with a foam backing and no tags or instruction manuals.

Velo Senso Ray - packaging
Despite the affordable price, the saddle comes in a sleek premium box.


Velo currently only offers the Senso Ray in the stubby/standard width size of 242x143mm and a black color scheme. In terms of profile, the saddle has a traditional T shape that gently curves near the edges and a nearly flat top. Compared to the Selle Italia Flite Boost saddles, there is a slight inward curve to the padding but it’s otherwise quite similar in feel and overall appearance. The visual design on the saddle is well executed with a geometric design of alternating length straight lines in a glossy black and gray finish. Velo’s distinctive extended base design leaves the slate gray nylon base visible at the rear of the saddle and along the center relief channel. This gives the saddle a unique appearance and there is also a convenient round cutout that could potentially be used for mounting tail lights or tools. The Velo brand name can be found on near the front of the saddle as well as on the center relief channel.

Velo Senso Ray - design
While the saddle doesn’t have a full cutout, the full length relief channel works well.

Instead of incorporating their Y-Cutout, something you’ll find in the Velo Angel TT and other saddles in their line, the Senso Ray features a center relief channel.  Along the center of the saddle, the padding has been sculpted away with the saddle base visible on the rear half. This design gives you the benefits of a center cutout which makes riding the saddle in more aggressive positions more comfortable. Speaking of the padding, with the Senso Ray it is on the firmer side except for the nose and edges. Velo refers to the padding as Airform and claims it is an exclusive material that is 30% more shock absorbent than traditional polyurethane foam. The saddle also features Velo’s Atmos Shaping which means the saddle cover tucks above the saddle base so there is no visible seam. We found that this makes cleaning the saddle quick and easy as you can simply wipe it down.

Velo Senso Ray - underside
With the Atmos Shaping technology, there is no visible seam between the saddle base and cover.


The bike saddle is something most riders don’t put much thought into, unless it becomes uncomfortable. If you’ve experienced a poorly fitting saddle, you’ll know it can make even short rides painful. However, saddle fit is very much personal so we highly recommend you try the saddle yourself instead of taking the word of reviews. Hence we don’t want to say too much about the actual comfort of the saddle, as your results may vary. Nevertheless, we did find the Senso Ray to be a comfortable saddle with good shock absorption on the road. Although the center cutout doesn’t go through the base of the saddle, it provides a welcome pressure relief. On the road, the saddle feels quite similar to the Selle Italia Flite Boost but with a firmer feel.


Overall, we found the Velo Senso Ray to be an attractive and well priced bike saddle. With the titanium alloy rails and the seamless Atmos shaping design, the Senso Ray looks more expensive than the retail price would suggest. It’s not the lightest saddle on the market, but the stubby 242×143 mm dimension makes it easy to find a comfortable position on the saddle whether you’re sprinting or on a cool down spin. The geometric graphics and black/charcoal finish also give the saddle a modern look. While we do wish that Velo would offer more width and color variations, the affordable price makes this a strong contender for anyone looking for an affordable saddle upgrade. While Velo saddles may not be on your local shops shelves, their wide distribution network means most shops should be able to easily order it to allow you to see it in person before buying.

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