The more the temperature drops outside, the harder it can be to motivate yourself to ride outdoors. To address this, Velocio offers a wide range of cold weather apparel options to keep you comfortable and protected from the elements while riding. In this review, we’ll specifically be looking at a few of Velocio’s cold weather and Alpha products which utilize Polartec’s advanced Alpha insulation. It is a cutting edge fabric means Velocio can offer lightweight and sleek cycling apparel that’s far warmer than they appear. Specifically we’ll be looking at the $119 Alpha gloves which combine Polartec Alpha Direct insulation with a DVStretch Softshell. Velocio lists them as winter gloves with a recommended temperature range between 20-45 Fahrenheit. The other Alpha item is the $249 Alpha Merino Air Jacket which combines the impressive insulation with Merino wool. It’s a natural pairing that allows the jacket to be lightweight but be warm and windproof.

Stay warm this winter with Velocio’s Alpha collection of cycling gear from their cozy gloves to the highly technical Air Merino Jacket.

For a jersey we chose Velocio’s new $189 Signature Long Sleeve Bio Jersey. The jersey combines the same premium design and contoured fit of the Signature LS jersey with climate friendly materials. The jersey has microfleece lining on the sleeve cuff and collar as well as four large pockets for tools and snacks. Finally we completed the kit with the $249 Thermal Bib Knickers. It’s a three-quarter length knicker that offers similar warmth and comfort as Velocio’s Thermal BIb Tights but is lighter and can be worn in warmer temperatures. All together, the full Velocio kit has a modern minimalist design and enough warmth to keep you motivated and riding even as the temperatures drop.

Alpha GlovesAlpha Merino Wool JacketSignature LS Bio JerseyThermal Bib Knickers
RatingDesign:  A
Fit: A
Warmth: A+
Design:  A
Fit: A
Design:  A
Fit: A
Design:  A
Fit: A
Retail Price$119$249$189$249
Likes+ Bright color options
+ Lightweight yet surprisingly warm
+ Has the warmth of a winter jacket without the bulk
+ Minimalist design and unique color schemes
+ Double front zipper to adjust ventilation
+ Comfortable and attractive race fit
+ Reflective detailing for extra visibility
+ Chamois is perfect for short or all-day rides,
+ Wide microfiber bib straps are comfortable
+ Well placed insulation and wind blocking materials

Dislikes– Premium price
– Lack touch screen compatibility
– Premium price
– Rear pockets can sag with larger items
– Limited color selection

– Shorter length makes it better suited for shoulder season
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No winter cycling kit is complete without a pair of cycling gloves. Velocio’s Alpha Glove is their take on a winter cycling glove that leverages their experience with the Alpha products. Velocio offers the gloves in a wide range of colors from the bright Fire Red we have here to subtler colors like black and olive. The Alpha glove utilizes a DVStretch softshell along with Polartec’s Alpha Direction insulation on the inside for excellent warmth and minimal weight. Visually, the gloves have a form-fitting design that mimics a ski glove without the bulk. As with Velocio’s other products the gloves have minimalist styling with reflective Velocio logos and rubberized black accents on the palm and fingertips. It’s an attractive design that really stands out particularly in the Fire Red version in this review. While the gloves offer excellent grip, they are not touch screen compatible which can be an issue with some GPS computers.

Velocio Alpha Winter Cycling Kit Review - Alpha Gloves
Our favorite part of the winter kit are the impressive Alpha gloves which keep your hands warm regardless of the temperature outside.

In terms of fit, the Alpha Glove skews small as they have a form fitting shape. That’s why we’d recommend sizing up if you’re at the edge of the sizing chart. We found the large size fit well, similar to other brands we’ve worn, with a contoured yet comfortable fit. The long wrist cuff extends into cycling jackets or jerseys to eliminate any exposed gaps. Even though there is no elastic cuff or Velcro tab to tighten the cuff, the Super Roubaix inserts fill any potential gaps with additional insulation. Velocio’s recommended temperature range for the gloves is 20-45 Fahrenheit which can be quite subjective. As someone with cold hands, we found the gloves comfortable in as low as 30s and as high as 60 Fahrenheit range. Otherwise, the gloves have excellent lightweight cold weather gloves that offer excellent dexterity.


Described as one of their most technical riding jackets, the Velocio Alpha Merino Air Jacket uses the latest fabric technology to achieve a lightweight jacket with impressive warmth. Visually, the jacket has a sleek solid color with minimal reflective Velocio logo on the chest and on the rear. Velocio currently offers the jacket in three color schemes: Moon Rock (gray), Deep Sea (dark blue) and the Fire Red we have here. As with previous Fire Red summer Velocio gear we reviewed, we’d describe the color as a unique blend between orange and red that’s perfect for remaining visible on the road. The jacket is designed for dry cool or cold weather where light weight and breathability are a priority. That means the jacket can keep you warm and comfortable during high intensity rides or races even during shoulder season or winter.

Velocio Alpha Winter Cycling Kit Review - Merino Air Jacket Inside
The Velocio Alpha Merino Air jacket’s secret is the fur-like Polartec Alpha insulation on the interior which provides warmth without any bulk.

One of the main selling points of the Velocio Alpha Merino Air Jacket is the warmth-to-weight ratio as the jacket achieves the warmth of a winter softshell while being as light as a long sleeve jersey. The jacket achieves this by using the latest Polartec Alpha insulation combined with Merino wool. To the touch the Alpha insulation feels light and airy similar to the feather insulation found in down jackets. It’s an exceptionally thin insulation material which is why the jacket is able to maintain such a light and form fitting design. Velocio utilizes the Alpha insulation along the collar and front face of the jacket to insulate against wind chill while the back panel has a fleece-backed Italian milled recycled polyester for breathability and mobility.

The jacket features a tall collar for additional warmth and clever touches such as the Lycra cuff hem. It’s an additional black Lycra panel on the narrow cuff that allows it to expand to exactly match the size of your wrist. This eliminates the air gap between the cuffs and the jacket maximizing the effectiveness of the insulation. The cut on the jacket is an athletic one which means it contours around your body but has enough elasticity to accommodate multiple layers. Unlike some outer layers which have no pockets, such as the Ale Iridescent jacket, the Velocio Alpha Merino Air features three deep pockets on the rear. There is no zippered pocket so we’d recommend using a cycling wallet or placing them in your jersey’s zippered pocket to avoid losing smaller items such as keys.


Velocio has taken their popular Signature Long Sleeve jersey and applied their “Better Way” mentality to create a more eco-friendly bike jersey. The Signature Long Sleeve Bio is constructed using two climate-friendly yarns for a more sustainable cold-weather jersey while retaining all the cycling-specific features that have made their Signature Long Sleeve such a hit. Unlike other Velocio apparel, the jersey is only offered in two subdued colors: Anthracite and the Moonrock color which we have here. As the name implies, it’s an off-gray color which features a color matched zipper and reflective Velocio logos and reflective tabs on the shoulders. The minimalist design means the jersey can pair well with nearly any bike or cycling kit.

If you’ve worn Velocio’s other Signature jersey variations then you’ll find that the Signature LS Bio jersey has a familiar look and feel. We’d describe it as a race-fit with a contoured design and elastic fabric that stretches around you. It’s a great jersey for cooler weather or winter riding with proper layering. The medium size fit our 6’1″ 165lb rider well and offered excellent range of motion for aggressive and more relaxed riding positions. With three large rear pockets and an additional zippered fourth pocket the jersey has enough storage to carry snacks and gears for long rides. Velocio recommends the jersey as a stand-alone jersey for temperatures into the 50s but we found it comfortable in even warmer temperatures.


Velocio has taken their popular winter Thermal Bib Tights and modified them to create this Thermal Bib Knicker variation. These bib knickers feature the same fleece backed ThermoRoubaix Power fabric which offer warmth and breathability without bulk. Velocio only offers them in a single black color variation with minimal reflective Velocio branding. Unlike the standard bib tights the knickers stop at about calf length to achieve a lighter weight and more breathability. You can leave your skin exposed or wear taller socks to cover the gap depending on the weather and your ride intensity. Although it’s a niche product, we found the shorter length to be helpful for high intensity rides or in-between weather where a full bib tight can be too warm to ride with.

Velocio Alpha Winter Cycling Kit Review - Thermal Bib Knickers
Velocio’s Thermal Bib Knickers offer a comfortable fit and warmth that’s found on their Thermal Bib Tight but at a calf-length that’s perfect for shoulder season riding.

One of our favorite features of Velocio bib shorts and tights are the seamless microfiber straps. These are soft, wide, elastic and breathable straps that lay flat underneath jerseys and don’t dig into your shoulders even on multi-hour rides. The straps come together int a one piece rear which has a large mesh panel for ventilation and comfort. We highly recommend bib shorts or bib tights over standard shorts as the bib straps are far more comfortable and eliminate any air gaps between jerseys. Inside the Thermal Bib Knickers you’ll find the same proprietary signature chamois found in Velocio’s Signature Bib Shorts for long distance comfort. It’s developed by Elastic Interface using multi-density foam and a form-fitting design. As with the other Velocio bib shorts we’ve worn, the chamois in the Thermal Bib Knickers feels comfortable from the first mile you ride.


Overall, we found the Velocio winter cycling kit offered impressive warmth without the bulk of traditional cold weather apparel. The big highlights of the kits are the Alpha Gloves and the Alpha Merino Air Jacket which both kept us comfortable even during unseasonably cold weather. The Polartec Alpha insulation in both products is lightweight yet extremely warm which allows the gloves and jacket to be light and close fitting. Although both items are quite expensive, the high quality construction and warmth is well worth the cost if you do cold weather riding. We also enjoyed riding with the Signature LS Bio Jersey which has the familiar and comfortable fit and feel of Velocio’s Signature jerseys but offers more environmentally friendly materials. Finally, the Thermal Bib Knickers are a comfortable and warm set of knickers that’s ideal for high-intensity rides or shoulder season riding where you can’t choose between bib shorts and bit tights. Whether you choose to buy one piece out of the kit or go for the full set you won’t be disappointed with the sleek design and high quality materials Velocio has utilized.

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