While Velocio is well known for their premium cycling clothes which have modern designs and form fitting constructions they also have a full lifestyle clothing collection. That means you can enjoy the same high tech fabrics and form-fitting designs of Velocio clothing on and off the bike. In this review we’ll specifically be looking at two items in the lifestyle collection: the Recon Hoodie and Stealth Pants. The Recon Hoodie retails for $249 and is a Merino wool blend that elevates the ubiquitous hoodie. Velocio has incorporated bike-specific features such as reflective detailing and three zippered pockets. We’ve paired the hoodie with the $269 Recon Stealth Pants which have a 4-way stretch weave and DWR treatment. Both apparel items are perfect for commuting, wearing around the office or mountain biking and look and feel comfortable on or off the bike.

The Velocio Recon Hoodie and Recon Stealth Pants combine high tech materials and with the premium design and fit Velocio is known for.

Recon HoodieRecon Stealth Pants
RatingDesign:  A
Size: A
Comfort: A
Design:  A
Size: A
Retail Price$249$269
Likes+ Attractive solid color scheme with contrasting rear pocket and patch
+ Soft and comfortable for cycling or casual wear
+ Zippered pockets ensure you don’t lose anything
+ Slim fit with elastic material doesn’t inhibit range of motion
+ Zippered pockets with a stealth hidden pocket for carrying gear
+ Reflective detailing ensures you remain visible while riding
Dislikes– Premium price– Premium price
Where to Buy (US)VelocioVelocio


Velocio markets the Recon Hoodie as the ubiquitous hoodie refined. Developed for pre / post ride, commuting or general use the hoodie combines cycling details with a high quality construction. Velocio currently offers the hoodie in three attractive color schemes: Oatmeal, Navy, and Moss. We have the Oatmeal color scheme in this review which has color matched zippered and a modern solid color scheme with the minimal branding that Velocio is known for. The contrasting blue rear side pocket and elbow patches add some additional character to the design of the hoodie.

The Recon Hoodie is constructed of 60% Merino wool and 40% recycled polyester. It’s a heavy weight hoodie that’s designed for cooler weather with soft exterior and fleece on the interior. The hoodie has a slim modern fit that’s well suited for cycling or even around town. On the front of the hoodie you have two YKK zippers for adjustable venting. This has a contoured hoodie with soft fleece interior and a color matched Velocio logo on top. There are two zippered external pockets on the front which also have clever hidden inside pockets for additional storage. Construction wise the Recon Hoodie has a two piece arm pattern for a slim fit and extended cuffs.

Velocio Recon Hoodie Recon Stealth Pants Apparel Review - Hoodie Rear
Contrasting elbow patches and a zippered rear side pocket add some style to the otherwise solid color scheme.

The rear of the hoodie has a drop tail design to provide more coverage while cycling as well as a rear zippered pocket. This mimics the design of Velocio’s cycling jerseys and adds additional length to the rear to prevent any bunching on the front and allow you to ride in aggressive cycling positions. This is one of our favorite features as you can store valuable or other small items out of the way and mimics the pocket design of cycling jerseys. The zipper garage is reflective which also helps with low light visibility and is perfect for bike commuting. Despite some of the cycling specific features, the hoodie doesn’t look out of place around town or in the office.


Velocio developed the Recon Stealth Pants as everyday pants capable of mountain biking, commuting or the office. To achieve this, Veloci has utilized high-tech fabrics and cycling specific features to ensure the pants can excel in any environment. Velocio offers the pants in three muted colors currently: navy, charcoal and coffee. In this review we have the navy variation which has an attractive blue color that pairs well with nearly any shirt or jacket combination. All the pants have a solid color scheme with a slight sheen that makes them look good in any environment. The pants are constructed of Italian milled 4-way stretch nylon-elastane from MecTex for durability and mobility. These have a slim modern fit with enough elasticity to handle different body shapes.

Velocio Recon Hoodie Recon Stealth Pants Apparel Review - Pants Closeup
The Recon Stealth Pants feature cleaver details such as zippered pockets which ensure you don’t drop anything while cycling.

On the front of the Recon Stealth pants there is a single button with a YKK zipper and belt hoops. Unlike normal pants buttons, Velocio has used a sliding button design which requires a deliberate sideways motion to unlock. It can be quite confusing at first as the button doesn’t release when you pull it which is why Velocio has even added a reminder tag behind it to illustrate how it is used. For more security while riding, the side pockets are also zippered which ensures nothing falls out while riding. It’s a subtle touch but quite useful on or off the bike as you can ensure valuables don’t fall out when you sit or ride a bike. There is also a third hidden front pocket positioned along the right seam which is perfect for hiding valuable or smaller items.

Velocio Recon Hoodie Recon Stealth Pants Apparel Review - Reflective Details
Reflective details on the pants include a stripe on the hems which are perfect for low visibility conditions.

What makes the Stealth pants work so well for cycling are the reflective details on the cuff and on the Velocio logos. It’s subtle enough that most people won’t notice them but invaluable for riding in low visibility conditions. The stripes on the each leg hem which are perfectly placed to add visibility while pedaling and utilize the bio-motion phenomenon to improve visibility. Aside from reflectivity and zippered pockets, the Recon Stealth pants can easily be used to dress up or dress down around town or in the office. The pants are relatively lightweight and have a highly elastic construction that makes them easy to wear while hiking or traveling.


Our 6’1″ 165lb tester choose the size medium Recon Hoodie and the size 32 Recon Stealth Pants. Both items fit true to the size charts and have slim fits that are comfortable. We were particularly impressed with the versatility of both items as they can easily be worn on the bike, office or around town thanks to their premium look and high tech fabrics. While normal pants can be too hot or restrictive to bike or hike with, the Recon Stealth pant’s lightweight and elastic material don’t restrict your motion or weigh you down. We also appreciated all the zippered pockets on both the Recon Hoodie and Recon Stealth pants which ensure you don’t drop anything out of your pockets. Reflective detailing on both ensure the relatively muted colors are augmented to ensure you remain visible in low visibility conditions whether your walking or cycling.


Overall, we found the Velocio Recon Hoodie and Stealth Pants to be versatile and comfortable on or off the bike. With their premium appearance and minimal branding, Velocio has successfully created casual wear that retains the comfort and fit their cycling kit is known for. Cycling specific features such as a drop tail on the Recon Hoodie, reflective detailing and zippered pockets make both items perfect for bike commuting. We found both items to be comfortable to wear on the bike, around town or in the office. With their solid color schemes and premium materials, you can easily wear both Recon items for nearly any occasion whether your want to dress up or dress down. The only notable downside to the apparel is the premium price tag which can be justified with the high tech materials and fit. That said, if you’re looking for highly versatile lifestyle apparel to wear on the bike and around town you should definitely consider Velocio’s Recon Hoodie and Recon Stealth Pants.

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