Next up is Venice in our Italy series. We just got back from France and Belgium and I’m still recovering from inflamed feet as I’m writing this.


Departure Station in Rome: Roma Termini
Arrival Station in Venice: Venezia S. Lucia 
Train Operator: Italo btw, you could also take Tren Italia
Duration: 3h 35m

This will be a short post as we were in the touristy part of Venice for just a couple of hours as the main agenda of this trip was to visit our friend J and his family who were based out in Treviso at that time.

Tip 1

Make sure you don’t book your train ticket to Venezia Mestre, which is on the mainland, if you are planning to visit the touristy Venice with the canals.

Tip 2

If you want to avoid the steep 80 gondola ride (after bargaining), and still go out on the water, I recommend you take the 5€7 traghetto (ferry/water-taxi) instead. We actually skipped this as the water looked murky.

Tip 3

I’ve heard that almost all food in Venice is made with black ink from cuttlefish. So if you have any dietary restrictions, do some research before you go.

Somewhere in Venice, Italy
Somewhere in Venice

J’s wife picked us up from the Venezia S. Lucia train station. The three of us made our way across the Rialto bridge onto the little streets of Venice exploring the narrow streets and made our way to Piazza San Marco. As you’re walking by, you’ll see almost every bakery displaying colorful marzipan is various shapes in the window. Try some especially if you love marzipan.

Venice is pretty small, walk-able in under 2 hours (with bakery stops). I’ve heard people get lost on those streets but we didn’t have any problems finding our way back to the parking lot near the train station.

Narrow alley in Venice, Italy
Narrow alley in Venice

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