Happy Holidays fellow Cyclists! Once again this year, we’ve curated a list to help you gift yourself or your beloved cyclist something fun and useful without breaking the bank. This list of best gifts for cyclists under $100 has everything from for stocking stuffers to tools and accessories that can make your ride hassle-free and enjoyable.

KOM Cycling Tire Lever Combo Set

1. KOM Cycling Tubeless tire lever/valve core remover combo | $9.99

This KOM Cycling tubeless tire lever/valve core combo makes a great stocking stuffer for any cyclist. This combo costs less than traditional tire levers or separate valve core tools and the tire lever can also be used with non-tubeless tires.


Finish Line Speed Degreaser - Cassette

2. Finish Line Degreaser | $11.99

This Finish Line aerosol degreaser cuts thru grease and grime in a few seconds leaving your chain and cassette brand spanking new! Too bad it runs out fast!


Rehook Original and Plus Chain Tool - Comparison

3. Rehook Original | £12.99 (~$19.99)

Drop a chain or need to remove a wheel without having to worry about greasy fingers? No problem! The Rehook original is a nifty chain tool to take care of this without the mess.


Pro Bike Tool CO2 Inflator - Use

4. Pro Bike Tool CO2 inflator | $24.98

Bye-bye frozen fingers! This Pro Bike Tool CO2 inflator has a built-in canister and makes it easier to hold the inflator and also ensures you don’t need to directly hold the cold cartridge while inflating tubes.


Velocio Shoulder Season Cycling Kit - Signature Long Sleeve / Thermal Bib Tights / Merino Wool Sock

5. Velocio Merino Wool Sock | $28

You had us at Merino! In addition to being eco-friendly, these socks have padding around the toe box in addition to that in the foot bed as well on the back extending above the ankle. The Velocio Merino wool socks are sooo comfy and toasty you would not want to take off after your ride! 


The Beam Corky Rearview Cycling Mirror - The View

6. Corky Rear View Mirror | €26.99(~$28.31)

This rear view mirror mounts on your handlebar drops and is so sleek that you can’t tell its there when folded away!


SKS AIRCHECKER 2 Review - Display

7. SKS Digital Tire Pressure Gauge | $36.99

No need to bring out your bulky floor pump to check your tire pressure! The SKS tire pressure gauge has a super convenient deflate button and live measurement mode to reduce the pressure back to the desired value if the tire is over inflated. Works on road bike, MTBs, and even automobiles!


NiteRider Bullet 200 - Side

8. NiteRider Bullet 200 Tail light | $39.99

No cycling gift guide is complete without at least one bike light! With its unique profile and unparalleled side visibility, the NiteRider Bullet 200 taillight made our list!


Bryton Rider 15 neo GPS Computer - Layout

9. Bryton Rider 15 neo GPS computer | $69.95

If you’re looking for an affordable GPS bike computer that has Bluetooth connectivity, speed and cadence sensing, and heart rate monitoring, look no further than the Bryton Rider 15 neo!


Bont Cycling Motion Shoes - Front

10. Bont Motion Cycling Shoes | $99.99

Our final pick to top off the list are the Bont Cycling Motion shoes that have fiberglass soles and provide similar stiffness to those usually found in much more expensive carbon fiber shoes.


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