We for one are looking forward to the holidays after the year we’ve had. Of course holidays come with the challenge of shopping for gifts. Buying gifts can be a tricky thing, especially if you’re looking to buy something for a special cyclist in your life without breaking the bank. Being in those shoes ourselves, this year, we created gift guides to help you choose something fun and useful. This list of best gifts for cyclists under $100 has everything from our picks for stocking stuffers to tools and accessories that can make your ride enjoyable.

Polar Breakaway Insulated Bike Water Bottle

1. Polar Breakaway Water Bottle | $9-$15

One easy stocking filler for any cyclist or outdoor enthusiast is a water bottle. The Polar Breakaway bottles make a great stocking stuffer at less than $15. There are plenty of options to choose from as Polar offers both insulated and non-insulated variations as well as different size and graphic options. What we like about the Breakaway bottle is one piece nozzle design that integrates a no-drip membrane that is easy to clean. The insulated variations are one of our favorite cycling bottles.


Feetures Elite Cycling Socks

2. Feetures Cycling Socks | $16-$18

We know what you’re thinking, socks as a gift? While the Feetures Elite cycling sock collection aren’t the hand knitted socks your grandma may have gifted you, with a form-fitting design and moisture-wicking fibers, the Elite cycling socks are high performance socks. Competitively priced and offered in a variety of graphics, lengths ,and cushioning options, the socks are a perfect match for any cyclist. Feetures even stand behind their products with an unconditional lifetime warranty so don’t throw away your proof of purchase!


Evoc Seat Bag Tour Saddlebag - profile

3. EVOC Seat Bag Tour Saddle Bag | $32-$35

Saddlebags are an essential accessory for any cyclists as they offer a convenient and secure way to carry parts, food or tools while on the bike. Instead of carrying weight or bulky items in a jersey pocket, saddlebags are mounted underneath the saddle which is out of the way yet easily accessible. The EVOC Seat Bag tour is an affordable and well designed seat bag that looks good on any bike. With multiple internal pockets and a sleek water repellent construction, it’s a great option for any cyclist.


Planet Bike Rojo Tail light

4. Planet Bike Rojo 100 Taillight | $35

Whether you’re riding to the neighborhood grocery store or doing a multi-hour ride, a bright tail light is an essential accessory for both day and night time riding. With a bright 100 lumen output and USB Type-C charging port, the Planet Bike Rojo 100 is a well designed and easy to use tail light. Planet Bike even includes multiple mounts right out of the box allowing the Rojo 100 to be mounted on a rack, backpack/saddlebag or seatpost. The large reflector design and multiple output modes ensure you’re always visible on the road.


CamelBak MultiBev

5. Camelbak MultiBev Bottle | $48-50

Hydration is important, which is why whether you’re at the office or just running errands you should consider carrying a reusable bottle. What makes the CamelBak MultiBev unique is it’s like the swiss army knife of steel bottles. The two-in-one design means you can use the insulated upper main portion for warm beverages or pull out the detachable travel cup for water or snacks. What’s more is it fits perfectly in your bike bottle cage or in a backpack which makes it perfect for commuting. It’s also available in multiple colors and two different capacities making it easy to find the right one for yourself or as a gift.


Pro Bike Tool Torque Wrench - measurement

6. Pro Bike Tool Torque Wrench | $68

One of the advantages of owning and riding bicycles is that they are easy to maintain and work on. That’s why we like the Pro Bike Tool Torque Wrench as it’s an affordable torque wrench and offers multiple attachments and carrying case. It’s the perfect accessory for bicycle mechanics or new cyclists as the torque wrench can be used for everything from simple seat adjustments to swapping out drivetrain components. What makes the Pro Bike Tool Torque wrench particularly well suited for use on a bicycle is the calibrated 2-20 Nm torque range which covers a majority of the torque specs on bicycle parts.


Magicshine Allty 1000 - Rear view

7. Magicshine Allty 1000 Headlight | $85

Magicshine is well known for their affordable yet bright bike lights, and the Allty 1000 doesn’t disappoint. The all-in-one commuter style light has an integrated rechargeable battery and impressive 1000 lumen output. Despite the small size, the well designed optics are bright enough for riding around town or dark trails. What we particularly like about the Allty 1000 is that it offers a Garmin compatible mount, integrated DRL (perfect for daytime riding without running down the battery) and easy to read battery status.


Thousand Heritage Helmet - PopLock

8. Thousand Heritage Helmet | $89

What separates the Thousand helmet from other helmets on the market is the visual design at an affordable price point. It’s a helmet you’ll want to be seen in. Utilizing design cues from retro motorcycle helmets and unique graphical schemes, the Heritage is a good looking and comfortable commuter helmet. The hardest part about choosing a Heritage helmet is picking a color as Thousand offers everything from matte, metallic, to race-car inspired striped options.


Topeak JoeBlow Sport Digital Bike Pump

9. Topeak JoeBlow Sport Digital Bike Pump | $90

Having a high-quality bike pump at home is essential to keeping your tires at the proper pressure for the best performance. Topeak’s JoeBlow lineup of pumps are arguably one of the best bike pumps on the market. Although they are offered in a variety of variations, the Sport variations offer a great balance of performance and affordability. The Sport Digital in particular is one of the first to offer an easy to read digital gauge which makes adjusting your bike tire pressure quick and easy. Despite the affordable price, the pump also shares the same metal construction and has a dual head design and attachments allowing the pump to be used to inflate balls, car tires, or anything else around the house.


Bliz Fusion sunglasses - removable jawbone

10. Bliz Fusion Sunglasses | $95

Well made sunglasses not only protect your eyes from debris while cycling or outdoors, but they can also improve color contrast and clarity. The Bliz Fusion sunglasses is a surprisingly affordable option that offers the same premium construction and lens optics. We were also impressed with the customization options the Fusion offers with a detachable bottom jawbone design that can be worn as a full frame or frameless bottom. Bliz even includes two different jawbones with the sunglasses letting you mix up the style or go fully custom for only a few dollars more with their Colorama option which lets you select the lens/ jawbone/ frame colors separately.


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