Whether you’re working on a farm, building things, or pottering around in your backyard, it’s essential to have tough yet comfortable clothing that doesn’t get in your way. Regardless of what type of work you do, overalls are an excellent alternative to pants as they cover your behind without having to constantly pull up the waistband. Dovetail Workwear’s Freshley Overalls is designed by women, for women. The Freshley Overalls in Wabash Stripe retail for $119 and utilize Dovetail Workwear’s signature “stretch sauce” (cotton-spandex blend) for a comfortable and attractive fit. Dovetail Workwear offers the overalls in a variety of fabric and color options including Natural Canvas, Saddle brown canvas, Grey Canvas, Heathered Black Denim, Indigo Striped Denim, Grey Thermal Denim, Black Thermal Denim. Sizes range from 000 to 18 with inseam length options from 28-34. The 13 pockets, reinforced knees, and clever details make these overalls a must have.

The Dovetail Workwear Freshley overalls are a durable piece of clothing that not only fits and looks good but also provide abundant functionality to make your life on the move easier.

RatingDesign:  A
Sizing: A
Comfort: A
Retail Price$119
Likes+ Many many pockets
+ Stretchy fabric
+ Reinforced Knee
+ Made for Women’s silhouette
+ Numerous sizes and inseam options
Dislikes– Metal Zipper on the back trouser
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The Freshley Overalls are one good looking pair of work wear and most likely aren’t like anything you’ve owned before. The elastic bib straps make it easy to slide off the shoulder without having to unbuckle which is great for bathroom breaks. A combination of buckled elastic bib straps with side buttons and stretchy canvas makes it easier to put on and take off. The clever hook loop on the back bib makes it easy to hang them on a peg.  

Dovetail Freshley Overalls - Pockets
Dovetail Freshley Overalls has a multitude of pockets to carry whatever you need on your person.

The over abundance of pockets (9 trouser and 4 bib) is great for carrying tools or fit the contents of your handbag on your person. There’s even a hole on the chest bib to stash a roll of twine or wire in the pocket and feed it through the hole which frees up your hands to do other things. One thing of concern is the metal zipper on the back of the left trouser could potentially damage your leather couch or your car seat.

The gusseted crotch makes it easy to bend or squat without fear of tearing. If you find yourself crawling around a lot, the Freshley overalls have knee slots for inserting your own knee pads for cushioning. For someone who’s tried and failed with knee pads and moved onto kneeling pads, this feature is absolutely genius. The fabric is a bit heavy which is great for cooler to cold weather but it was a bit too warm to wear during summer.


Dovetail Freshley Overalls - Comfort
Dovetail Freshley Overalls are very comfortable while bending, crawling, and stretching.


For a 5’ 5”, 118lb female with a 27” waist and 39” hip, the size 6 was a more relaxed fit. We had to shorten the straps to prevent the bib from gaping. A size down would probably have fit better as the fabric has a bit of stretch.


Overall, the Dovetail Freshley Overalls in Wabash Stripe are well made and very comfortable to wear whether you’re working in the yard or hauling stuff and also stylish enough to wear around town. We do wish they also came in a lighter fabric for summer wear. However, if you’re looking for a well made women’s specific workwear, look no further than the Dovetail Freshley overalls.

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