If there is one accessory every indoor cyclist should own, it is a training mat. Not only does it keep sweat and grime off your floors, it also provides a non-slip surface and noise isolation. The Elite Trainer Folding Mat is a foldable portable trainer mat that retails for $62.99. Made of polyester and PVC material, the folding mat features an anti-slip backing. Although it’s compact when folded up, the mat opens up to a generous 1800 x 900 mm (approximately 5.9’ x 2.9’) size. Elite currently only offers the mat in a black finish.

The Elite Trainer Folding Mat is a lightweight and portable trainer mat that folds away when not being used.

Retail Price$62.99
Rating8.6 / 10
Weight (in g)1230
Likes+ Portable design
+ Black color hides grease marks
+ Anti-slip backing holds the mat in place even with steering block
Dislikes– Visible crease marks
– Doesn’t feel as durable as rollable trainer mats
Where to Buy (US)Elite


The Elite Trainer Folding Mat comes folded up in a simple protective plastic wrapping attached to a cardboard top with basic specs and dimensions printed on it.


To achieve the foldable and lightweight design, the Elite Trainer Folding Mat has a fabric like construction instead of the typical hard rubber or foam that allows the mat to fold into small squares resulting in a small form factor perfect for storing or traveling with. Elite only offers the mat in the single black color which works well to conceal grease or other marks. It’s a premium feeling mat with fully finished edges and an anti-slip backing that has a little grippy dot pattern. The only branding on the mat is the large white Elite logo along the top edge.

The underside of the folding mat has anti-slip perforations that keep the mat from moving.

Compared to Elite’s traditional red rolling mat, currently over $100, the folding mat is quite a bit more affordable and compact in size. When unfolded, the mat has the same dimensions as most rollable mats and provides ample coverage to keep sweat off your floors. The mat is also easy to clean as you can just wipe off sweat or grease and can be hand washed. Our only issue with the folding design is that the crease marks from folding are visible when the mat is unfolded which is doesn’t look as visually nice as smooth rolling mats. Although we didn’t have any visible damage on the mat after extended use, the material itself doesn’t feel quite as durable as the hard rubber like material found on Elite’s rolling mat.

While the exterior of the trainer mat is attractive, the folding lines can be distracting.


Overall, we found the Elite Trainer Folding Mat to be a compact and lightweight trainer mat. It is particularly useful for those that don’t have a dedicated “pain cave” for their trainer setup as it has a very compact footprint when folded. The thin fabric-like construction is lightweight and easy to fold up and tucks away when not in use. We found the mat offered excellent coverage and was easy to clean even after extended indoor rides. The main downside to the folding mat is the fact that the fold marks are visible which gives the mat a quilt-like appearance. That said, if you’re looking for a competitively priced trainer mat that is portable and easy to store, the Elite Trainer Folding Mat is a great option.

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