Built on years of innovating road tubeless technology, Hutchinson’s Fusion 5 bicycle tire lineup offers an impressive range of performance and technology. The lineup consists of multiple variations to cover a variety of use cases, from all-weather riding with the All-Season tire, to a well balanced Performance variation. If you’re looking for tubeless ready tires and speed is your primary concern then Hutchinson Fusion 5 Galactik tires have you covered. By utilizing a light reinforced nylon belt underneath the center of the tire and their ElevenSTORM rubber compound, the Galactik tires offer the highest grip and low rolling resistance out of the Fusion 5 lineup. The tires are currently available in two sizes, 700×23 and 700×25 and retails for $74.99.

Whether you are looking for a race day tire for your next event or just want to win the local weekend club ride, the Hutchinson Galactik tires are a great choice.

Hutchinson also makes tire shopping a little easier by providing detailed rating breakdowns for each of their models which makes it easier to compare different products and match the tire to your riding style. According to Hutchinson, the Galactik tires are optimized for high performance. Not surprisingly Hutchinson rates the Galactik tires 5/5 for performance and grip while the other categories (lightness, puncture resistance, comfort and durability) achieve a 4/5. On our scales the Hutchinson Galactik (in 700×25) tires weighed 454g which are quite light for a tubeless ready tire.

CategoryBicycle Tires
RatingGrip:   A
Durability:  A
Comfort:  A
Value:  A
Retail Price $74.99
Measured Weight (in g)454 (pair of 700×25)
Likes+ Excellent grip
+ Smooth ride
+ Soft tire makes installation easy
Dislikes– Limited size availability
– Lack of color options
– Lacks wear indicator
Where to Buy (US) Hutchinson


Hutchinson packages the Galactik tires in a simple cardboard holder with tire specs and installation instructions printed on it. As with most tires, they come with a “new tire smell” that takes a few days to air out.


As a part of the Fusion 5 tire lineup, the Galactik visually looks similar to other tires. The tires are directional with an arrow like groove thread pattern spaced along the otherwise slick tire. While the tires are only available in black, the Hutchinson logo is prominently printed on the sidewalls in white/red. In the 700×25 size, the tires have a sleek look without the bulging look that is common with wider tires. With the 127tpi construction, the tires are also soft and flexible.

Hutchinson Fusion 5 Galactik - profile
Hutchinson graphics add a little color to the tire


To evaluate the Galactik tires, we mounted them on to a set of Token DHuezz tubeless ready wheels. We chose the Token wheels as they are high performance, lightweight wheels that are designed for climbing which pair well with the Galactik tires. The wheelset comes with rim tape pre-applied making the installation as easy as mounting the tires and adding valves and sealant. The 127tpi construction of the Galactik tires results in a soft tire that was easy to mount on the rim without resorting to tools or any profanity. Using the Topeak Tubibooster to seat the tire bead, both wheels mounted with the distinctive ‘pop pop’ sound on the first try.


With the current trend of wider and wider tires, the 700×25 size of the Galactik is relatively narrow. Nevertheless we were impressed with the smoothness of the ride, particularly compared to the 700×23 Continental 4000S tires we were previously using on a Mavic Ksyrium wheelset. We ran the Galactik tires at about 85 psi which provided an excellent balance between comfort and feedback. Whether we were descending at high speeds or just sprinting on flats, the Galactik tires also were responsive and grippy. This provided confidence to ride faster and more aggressively while still feeling in control. We haven’t tried the tires on wet roads, but Hutchinson’s description of ‘optimized for racing and optimal conditions’ means the tires are better suited for dry conditions. Also we didn’t experience any punctures in the 1000mi or so we’ve ridden them, but will update this review if we experience issues as we log more miles on the tires.

Hutchinson Fusion 5 Galactik - tread
Semi slick design offers low rolling resistance and good grip


Overall, we found that the Hutchinson Galactik tires are a fast yet supple tubeless ready tire. Optimized for racing or triathlons, the Galactik tires sacrifice some puncture resistance in exchange for more grip and low rolling resistance. While we didn’t experience any flats, we were quite impressed with the grip and comfort the 700×25 tires offered. Despite being relatively narrow, the Galactik tires filter out the harshness traditional 700×23 tires have while still providing excellent feedback. We also found that the tire installation was a breeze as the soft construction makes them easy to get on a rim. Whether you are looking for a race day tire for your next event or just want to win the local weekend club ride, the Galactik tires are a great choice.

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