As a muscle car fan and adult-sized child, when I realized LEGO had released a new Creator Expert Ford Mustang model I was excited to get my hands on it.  The Creator Expert product line are highly detailed, expensive, and large-scale adult orientated models. Having already built a few of the previous models like the Ferrari F40, Mini Cooper and 007 Aston Martin I was well prepared for what to expect. In this article we’ll go over the build, model details and give it a rating.

Retail Price$149.99
Likes+ Intricate details
+ Fun to assemble
+ Iconic Mustang fastback design
Dislikes– Expensive
– Lacks mechanical features
– Lack of clear instructions at times
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Lego Ford Mustang - Close up
Close up

Each LEGO Creator vehicle model features opening doors, trunk, hood and have detailed engines and interiors. Also, each model typically has unique special features to differentiate them. For the Ford Mustang, LEGO has incorporated steerable front wheels for the first time and also a ‘hot rod’ mode. In the hot rod mode the rear end can lifted up for an aggressive rake, front spoiler, supercharger, side exhausts, NOS bottle and a rear spoiler are added to the model.

Lego Mustang - Rear View
Rear View


The LEGO box itself is impressive on its own, with glossy shots of the model and a full list of all the parts included.  Inside the box you get:

  • Assembly instruction booklet – large and glossy with snippets of Mustang history
  • Decal page
  • Labeled bags of LEGO (labels from 1-6)

Similar to the other models, the instructions are broken up into multiple stages (six stages for this set) with each stage having a corresponding labeled bag of parts. This is a nice touch that makes it easier to find the part you need while assembling. The instructions themselves are really well done as well, with large glossy pages. Similar to IKEA furniture, the instructions are simply large photos with annotations to indicate what to do.


The best part of these LEGO sets is putting them together. With 1471 pieces and at over 13.5” for the final model, you should expect to spread the work over a few days to avoid getting burned out.

Bag 1 of 6 – The Chassis

  • Basic chassis built with rectangular frame parts
  • Create front steering mechanism
  • Start of rear axle raising mechanism

Bag 2 of 6 – Mechanical Details

  • Center console and shifter
  • Steering wheel and steering column
  • Start of engine headers
  • Rear axle

Bag 3 of 6 – Start of Interior

  • Front seats
  • Additional engine details
  • Start of doors and rear

Bag 4 of 6 – The Interior

  • Complete interior and rear sets
  • Front windshield and fastback glass
  • Finish rear tail lights and quarter panels

Bag 5 of 6 – Exterior Details

  • Front fenders and headlights
  • Complete engine

Bag 6 of 6 – Final Details

  • Hood, trunk and roof
  • Wheels and hot rod accessories

Overall, it’s a really fun set to put together with a lot of well thought out details.  The steerable front wheels use a variety of technic parts to rotate the steering wheel rotation to the front wheels.  Similarly, the rear axle raising mechanism uses multiple gears and connectors to rotate the axle up and down.

Also, it’s also great that the many of the details use custom pieces instead of relying on decals. The stripes on the roof and side panel, as well as the ford logo parts are printed from the factory. Decals are limited to license plates, engine details, rear GT logo, rear view mirror and minor details like the radio. Placing decals on straight is stressful process particularly for highly visible portions.


The completed Ford Mustang set is really impressive in person. Compared to previous models it is clear that LEGO has learned from previous issues and added new tricks. Details like the steerable front wheels and sleek door hinges (compared to the posts used in the Ferrari for example) are a big improvement.  Also the proportions on the Ford Mustang are spot on compared to the full-scale car. There really are no unflattering angles, unlike the awkward slab sided Aston Martin model.

Speaking of scale, the Ford Mustang is also a very large model at 13.5” long (around 1/13 scale).  Putting it side by side with the Ferrari F40 it is the same width but several inches shorter. Unfortunately, LEGO has not been consistent with the scales of the various Creator models so displaying them together looks strange. The wheel sizes seem to be the same diameter (Ferrari wheels are interchangeable with the Ford) but have different thickness tires to match the vehicles.

The engine bay itself also deserves special mention as the attention to details is impressive. Minor details like the radiator fan shroud are not only captured but have special ‘caution fan’ decal. Fuel lines are captured using the provided rubber black pieces and held in place using small LEGO pieces. Even the front accessory belts are captured at the LEGO scale using provided small white rubber bands. 

Lego Ferrari vs Ford Mustang
Lego Ferrari vs Ford Mustang

Swapping to the hot rod mode is as easy as swapping out some small pieces to transform the exterior of the vehicle. The included super charger using a surprising mix of LEGO parts down to the red butterfly valves in the hood scoop. Personally I prefer a hybrid version of the vehicle by only using rear spoiler of the hot rod version.

Lego Mustang Scale Comparison - Side View
Lego Mustang Scale Comparison – Side View


All-in-all, the Ford Mustang model is one of the best Creator models yet. LEGO has done a great job translating the iconic fastback design into a smaller scale LEGO model. Intricate visual and mechanical details really set the model apart from previous models.

The only downsides to the model are the simplistic dashboard and the lack of exterior color options (green Bullitt would be a great special edition). Otherwise, the proportions and details of the Ford Mustang make this a must have for automotive enthusiasts or LEGO collectors.

Lego Mustang Scale Comparison

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