Although bike headlights have continued to get brighter and offer more features they’re almost always only offered in simple black finishes. Magicshine has decided to change that with their latest $89.99 RN 1500 front headlight. What’s unique about the RN 1500 is that Magicshine offers the light in three eye-catching anodized colors: Space Gray, Wine Red, and Deep Blue. The colored finishes allow you to match the light with your bike color scheme. The RN 1500 is not only stylish but also offers modern amenities such as USB-C charging port (which supports USB C2C) and a Garmin compatible quarter turn mount. Thanks to an integrated 5000mAh 21700 Li-ion battery the RN 1500 is also capable of an impressive 1500 lumen output. Road cyclists or commuters will particularly appreciate the soft beam cut-off that reduces glare and focuses more of the beam onto the ground.

The Magicshine RN 1500 is a bright all-in-one bike headlight that illuminates the road and offers attractive anodized finishes to match your bike.

Retail Price$89.99
Measured Weight (in g) 164 (headlamp) / 16 (mount)
Likes+ USB Type-C
+ Stylish and sleek anodized finish options
+ Two-level interface separates flash modes
Dislikes– No DRLs
– Directional beam not suited for upside down mounting
– Charging port cover and mount are not color matched
Where to Buy (US)Magicshine
15% OFF coupon code: “TheSweetCyclists”


Although we didn’t receive the retail packaging for the RN 1500 for this review, it is safe to assume Magicshine will use the same sleek black cardboard box with Magicshine’s distinctive black and orange graphics on it. Our lights came with:

  • RN 1500 headlamp
  • GoPro to Garmin adapter
  • Simple handlebar mount + 3 different length straps
  • Allen key to install mount
  • USB-C to USB charging cable
  • Instruction manual

The provided different length straps allow the handlebar mount to work on road bikes, mountain bikes, or even aero bars which is a nice feature.


Magicshine has incorporated a simple Garmin quarter-turn style mount directly to the bottom of the RN 1500 which is compatible with any Garmin mount which allows the headlight to be used with a variety of third-party mounts unlike proprietary mount designs which can be expensive or limit mounting options. The RN 1500 comes with a familiar handlebar mount found in other road cycling or commuting Magicshine front lights. Designed to work with a variety of handlebars, the mount uses a plastic strap that attaches to the mount securely with a bolt. Although it’s a secure mount and easy to tighten, it requires a tool to install or remove and can be a bit cumbersome to install. We highly recommend investing in an out-front mount such as the Magicshine TTA mount or KOM cycling variations.

We also don’t recommend mounting the RN 1500 upside down as the anti-glare lens will produce more glare upside down. Unlike some of Moon Sport’s headlights which have reversible lenses, the RN 1500 has a static lens and mounting location which means you need to use a more aggressive angle when mounted upside down to account for the anti-glare lens. However, for daytime riding with flash modes, upside down mounting is less of an issue.


The Magicshine RN 1500 is part of the somewhat confusingly named RN series of front road cycling or commuter lights. With this series of lights, Magicshine has utilized their simple rounded aluminium housing, Garmin compatible mount, and soft beam cut-off lenses. Larger lights like the RN 3000 use a dual LED design while the RN 1500 and the RN 1200 use a single LED lens. The confusing part is that Magicshine also offers the more compact lights like the Allty 400, 600 and 800 which are downsized versions of the RN 1500. Visually the RN 1500 is actually identical to the RN 1200 but thanks to larger 5000 mAh Li-ion battery, it’s able to achieve a higher lumen output.

Magicshine RN 1500 Bike Headlight Review - Side by Side
Magicshine offers the RN 1500 in three different colors: deep blue, wine red and space gray.

As with other Magicshine lights, the RN 1500 feels premium and well built. The metal housing is broken up by shallow horizontal fins and RN 1500 printed on the side. Branding is limited to a Magicshine logo on the top of the light above the large rubber power button. The power button is backlit and even color matched to the finish of the light. Regardless of the color you choose, the anodized finishes have a vibrant and deep appearance as they enhance the glossy aluminium underneath. Magicshine uses the same black USB charging port and Garmin mount instead of color matching them. It’s a minor complaint, but like the fully color matched POC helmets, using a single color throughout can give products a high-end appearance.


Consistent with the other RN lights, the RN 1500 has a simple one-button interface and two-level menu. Holding the button turns the light on and off, while a single press cycles through the mode options. There are three constant modes: low (300 lumen / 12:30 hr:min), medium (750  lumen / 4:00 hr:min) and high (1500 lumen / 1:40 hr:min). The jumps between the constant modes are large which makes them easy to differentiate. We found the medium mode worked well for urban riding while the high was ideal for dark roads or trails.  There are an additional two flash modes: high-frequency on/off flash (0-750 lumen / 11:30 hr:min) and an interesting pulsing flash (0-750 lumen / 10:00 hr:min). The second flash mode is well suited for daytime riding as the irregular flash attracts attention and has a distinct pattern.

Magicshine RN 1500 Bike Headlight Review - Bottom
The RN 1500 features an integrated Garmin quarter turn mount on the underside and a backlit power button on top.

We would describe the beam pattern on the RN 1500 as more of a spot style with a brighter center that drops off the sides. It’s well suited for road cycling or even mountain biking as a helmet mounted light as it’s a bright and even beam. The anti-glare lens design doesn’t produce a sharp beam cut-off and instead it helps redirect more light onto the ground in front of the bike. It’s a simple design that is particularly useful for road cyclists or commuters. Small cutouts on the front lens also help improve the side visibility of the light which improves the nighttime visibility at intersections.

Magicshine RN 1500 Bike Headlight Review - Lens Closeup
The RN 1500 features a simple single LED design with an anti-glare lens that makes it ideal for road cycling or commuters..


Overall, we found the Magicshine RN 1500 to be a well designed and stylish bike headlight. The distinct anodized finishes make the RN 1500 standout out compared to standard black headlights on the market. Not only can you mix and match the lights with your bike, but with 1500 lumen output, the RN 1500 is a bright all-in-one headlight. Modern features such as USB-C charging, Garmin compatible mount and the anti-glare lens make the RN 1500 a great value. We also appreciate the two-level interface that separates flash modes from the constant modes with a double press. Our favorite feature is the battery status checker that lets you check the battery status via the backlight power button with a single press with the light off and allows you to confirm the battery status before riding so you don’t end up in the dark. That said, if you’re looking for a compact and bright headlight with some style the RN 1500 is a great option.

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