Whether you have a 200 or a 2000 lumen bike light, cars and other traffic may still not see you at night. To stand out from the crowd you’ll need to be creative. Planet Bike’s Bottle Blinky, a bicycle side light, is a great way to get people to notice you. Designed to sandwich between your frame and bottle cage mounts, the Bottle Blinky has 6 bright amber LEDs to improve your side visibility. Combined with a traditional headlight, tail light and reflectors, the Bottle Blinky can ensure you are visible from any angle.

The Bottle Blinky is a surprisingly effective and simple bike side light that improves your visibility when riding. With multiple surface mounted LEDs, long runtimes and creative output modes the Bottle Blinky can make you stand out from the crowd.

Although the LEDs are only rated for 7 lumens, the surface mount design makes them very bright and an excellent ‘to be seen’ addition for anyone riding in the dark. The creative mounting and low profile design also means you can leave the Bottle Blinky on your bike year long. With upto 100 hrs of run-time from the two AAA batteries, you also don’t have the normal recharging anxiety that comes with modern devices. 

CategoryBicycle Side Light
Retail Price$20
Measured Weight (in g) 54
Likes+ Improves side visibility
+ Easy and Convenient mounting
+ Impressive run-time in Superflash mode
Dislikes– Brittle plastic housing
– Easily obscured due to low mounting
– Long press does not turn light of
Where to Buy (US) Planet Bike


As with other Planet Bike products we have reviewed, we were impressed with the packaging. The Bottle Blinky is prominently displayed on a thick cardboard backing without any unnecessary plastic or other materials. On the card you’ll find their usual red and white graphics with the full specs printed on the back.

In the box you’ll find:

  • Bottle Blinky
  • 2x AAA batteries pre-installed


One of our favorite parts of the Bottle Blinky is the creative mount design. The light is directly molded onto a plastic rectangular piece that is designed to fit between your bottle cage and frame. The plastic is surprisingly thick and since it is screwed into place, you can leave it on your bike year round. Unless you have a longer multi-purpose bottle cage, the Bottle Blinky should also be compatible with any bike.

Planet Bike Bottle Blinky - Mount
Mounts under the Bottle Cage


The Bottle Blinky features a simple low profile design. With the light off, the dark colors and mounting location blends in with the bike. Although it’s uncommon to see a AAA battery powered light these days, the batteries make sense on the Bottle Blinky due to the mounting design. Also, as with a traditional battery design, the light will dim until the battery is dead, instead of suddenly dying.

To replace the battery you simply have to pry up the lens cover. This can easily be done while the light is installed on the bike, but we did find the plastic was soft and showed marks after removing the cover. Additionally, with only an IP64 rating, you have to ensure the rubber gasket is property seated to ensure water doesn’t get into the electronics. 

Planet Bike Bottle Blinky - Top and Bottom
Front and back of light detached from Mount

The modes can be switched with a single press of the large rubber button on top of the light. However, a long press does not turn the light off, which is a little unusual. You have to cycle through the modes to turn the light off and due to this, there is no need for mode memory either.


The Bottle Blinky comes with three different output modes. First is the steady mode which runs all 6 LEDs at a constant power. Second is Courtesy mode which ramps the two corner LEDs up and down in power while keeping the center LEDs on each side constant. The final mode is our favorite, Superflash which flashes the outer and center LEDs erratically. The runtimes for the modes are 24 hrs, 27 hrs, and 100 hrs respectively. Even though the maximum output of 7 lumens doesn’t sound like much, the lights are surprisingly effective. Similar to the Orb bottle light, the Bottle Blinky also highlights your pedal motion as it illuminates part of your legs while riding (aka biological motion).

Planet Bike Bottle Blinky - Light output
Night shot of steady mode


Overall, we were impressed with the simplicity and effectiveness of Planet Bike’s Bottle Blinky light. Despite only having a 7 lumen output, the six amber surface mounted LEDs were bright and significantly improved side visibility at night. With the simple plastic mount that fits between your bottle cage and the bike frame, the Bottle Blinky is also a light you can leave on your bike year round. Although it has a low IP64 water resistance and uses AAA batteries, the Bottle Blinky is a great light to add to your stash for improved safety if you are riding in low light conditions.

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