Since their introduction in 1994, Polar’s innovative insulated cycling bottles have been popular among cyclists worldwide. With a distinctive multi-layer design with visible insulation layer, the original Polar bottles were developed specifically for the unique challenges of cycling. The Polar Breakaway Insulated bottle reviewed here are the latest iteration of their cycling bottles that modernizes the design and improves the usability. Designed and produced in Colorado, the Breakaway bottles feature an easy to squeeze design with the self-sealing Surge Cap. Available in both insulated and non-insulated variations, the bottles offer unique designs at affordable prices.

The Polar Breakaway bottles combine the best qualities of the push-pull and self-sealing valves into a well designed cycling bottle.

CategoryBicycle Bottle
Retail Price$9 (20oz), $10 (24oz), $14 (20oz insulated), $15 (24oz insulated)
Measured weight (in g)90 (24oz), 132 (20oz insulated), 148 (24oz insulated)
Likes+ Attractive color options
+ Easy to hold one-handed and grip
+ Surge cap combines best features of push-pull and membrane valves
Dislikes– Heavier weight
– No dirt/gravel version with protective cap
– Rubber nozzle material is stiff
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As with other water bottles, the packaging is pretty minimal and only includes a simple tag that can be removed by opening the cap.

In this review we specifically looked at 3 of the primary variations:

  • 24oz – Wave Teal/Silver
  • 20oz insulated – Ridge Blue/Silver
  • 24oz insulated – Bolt blue/Silver


In order to be compatible with water bottle cages, water bottles need to have a standard 74mm diameter and an indented partially from the bottom of the bottle. These two constraints mean most water bottle profiles are quite similar in design. With the Breakaway bottles, Polar has chosen to use a more modern and uniform design which means the bottles have a constant diameter aside from the grip ring. Polar offers some unique color options which make the bottles standout. The non-insulated version is currently available in a wave design pattern in blue, teal, white, or black. For insulated bottles, you can choose between a bolt design (slanted lines) or a ridge design (a mountain ridge landscape). Both design variations are available in metallic blue/silver or more muted silver/black variations. We particularly like the brighter variations as they add a splash of color. The insulated bottles have a visible Tri-Layer design, with the graphics printed on an inner insulation later. 

Polar Breakaway Insulated Bottle - up close
The bottles have a subtle texture and large grip ring making them easy to use on the bike.

We found that both the insulated and non-insulated variations have a subtle texture to them that makes them easy to handle one-handed. The most distinctive aspect of the Polar Breakaway bottles is the Surge Cap. Although Polar describes it as an “innovative high-flow self-sealing valve” , those of us who have used other bottles like the CamelBak Podium or Elite JET and Elite FLY bottles will find a lot of familiar design elements here. What makes the Surge Cap unique is the fact that Polar combines a push-pull valve to lock the nozzle and a pressure activated membrane inside the nozzle. This means you get the best of both worlds, a non-spill cap that is also easy to lock one handed or with your mouth. Cleaning is also simple with these bottles as the cap has only two parts: the nozzle and the cap itself unlike the multi-part CamelBak Podium nozzle designs.

Polar Breakaway Insulated Bottle - Cap
The surge cap is a three piece design with a removable nozzle and no-leak membrane.


Overall, we found the Polar Breakaway bottles easy to squeeze design and Surge Cap make it an excellent cycling water bottle. The nozzle combines the best aspects of push-pull and self-sealing style valves with a simple to clean two-piece cap design. Even the insulated variations with the Tri-layer design are easy to handle on the road. We also like the available mild to wild color scheme Polar offers for the bottles that let you match the bottles with your kit or bike. Although the bottles are available in both insulated and non-insulated variations in 20 or 24oz sizes, there is no ‘dirt’ version with a protected nozzle. Otherwise, the affordable price and easy to clean design of the bottles make them one of our favorite cycling water bottles.

Disclaimer:  The product for this review was provided by Polar Bottle. The views expressed on this website are solely those of the authors and are here to help people make an informed choice before a purchase. The authors or the blog itself does not get any monetary compensation from the product manufacturer or third-party websites/vendor links that are posted here.

5 Replies to “The snazzy new Polar Breakaway Bottles”

  1. Would you choose the Polar Breakaway over the Camelback Ice Podium? I live in incredibly hot Phoenix, so I’m looking for a water bottle that’s easy to use with one-hand, easy to clean, and will keep water cooler?

    1. We prefer the Polar bottle over the CamelBack for the ease of one-hand use as well as cleaning. Temperature wise, both bottles seem to hold the chill about the same.

      1. …plus the Polar bottle is made in the US, while the Camelback is made in China, if that means anything to you.

  2. No test as to see which one would keep water the cold the longest? I had to read the comments about which one you thought kept water the coldest, but a test to actually see which one and by how much colder vs the other would have been proof.

    1. Great point. We plan to do a temperature check for the different insulated bottles we’ve reviewed Camelbak / Polar / Elite, especially as we are in a heat wave right now.

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