Side bottle cages are the perfect solution for mounting water bottles when space is limited. By allowing the water bottle to be inserted and removed from the side, you can fit a water bottle on smaller bike frames or suspension bikes where space comes at a premium. Traditional side bottle cages are only designed to be left or right-handed from the factory while the Topeak NINJA MASTER+ CAGE SK offers a reversible side bottle cage that lets you choose which side you prefer. With a retail price of only $12.95, the bottle cage is an upgrade that won’t hurt your wallet. Aside from the reversible design, the NINJA MASTER+ CAGE SK is also compatible with Topeak’s NINJA MASTER+ accessories that allows you to directly attach tools, inflator kits, or the tube holder directly to the bottom of the bottle cage for a sleek all-in-one storage solution.

The Topeak NINJA MASTER+ CAGE SK is a clever reversible side bottle cage that works seamlessly with Ninja Master+ accessories.

Retail Price$12.95
Measured Weight (in g) 44
Likes+ Reversible design
+ Compatible with Ninja Master+ accessories
+ Holds water bottles securely in place
Dislikes– Only offered in matte black finish
Where to Buy (US) Topeak


The Topeak NINJA MASTER+ CAGE SK comes attached to a cardboard backing using a zip tie. There is no mounting hardware included with the cage so you’ll need to re-use your existing bolts.

The MASTER+ CAGE SK has a symmetric design that allows the bottom tab to be easily swapped between the top and bottom.


To achieve a reversible design, the Topeak NINJA MASTER+ CAGE SK has a symmetric construction and a removable bottom tab. This allows the cage to be mounted as a right-side or left-side bottle cage by simply flipping the location of the bottom tab. It’s a clever design that works well in either direction as the cage is fully open on one side allowing bottles to slide in easily. The MASTER+ CAGE SK is constructed of engineering grade polymer which gives it a relatively light 44 gram weight and a very affordable price point. Topeak only offers the cage in the semi-gloss black finish with no graphics or accent color options. Although It’s not as pretty as the carbon fiber Elite Prism side bottle cage, it’s far more affordable and versatile.

The cage holds water bottles securely in place and allows for MASTER+ accessories like the Toolbox 16 to be easily attached to the bottom of the cage.


One of the advantages of the NINJA MASTER+ CAGE SK is that it’s compatible with Topeak’s updated NINJA MASTER+ accessories. This includes a full range of  tool repair kits, tire holders, and inflators that simply attach to the bottom of the cage. With the MASTER+ series, the accessories attach using a Torx bit for a secure rotatable mount. We specifically used the Topeak Toolbox 16 which is a small multi-tool with weather proof case. Installation is as simple as removing the bottom tab from the bottle cage and swapping it for the one included with the MASTER+ accessory. The only downside to this design is that for a two bottle cage setup you’ll likely need the optional mount relocation kit as the MASTER+ accessories require more space below the bottle cage.

Although the semi-gloss black finish on the plastic cage isn’t as sexy as carbon fiber cages, it’s highly functional and has recessed mounting bolts.


Overall we found the Topeak NINJA MASTER+ CAGE SK to be a clever and easy to use side bottle cage. With its symmetric design and removable tab, it’s easy to install the cage as a left or right-hand cage. Even though it’s not as attractive as carbon fiber water bottle cages, the low price point and NINJA MASTER+ accessory compatibility make it a perfect upgrade for road, gravel, or mountain bikes. We specifically used the MASTER+ Toolbox 16 which was easy to install on the cage and makes the multi-tool easy to access. The only real downsides to the MASTER+ CAGE SK is that it is only offered in a black color without any mounting hardware included. That aside, it’s a well built side water bottle cage that offers an all-in-one storage solution.

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