There are two ways to improve your performance on the bike: increase your power output or make each Watt go further. With aerodynamically optimized bike frame designs and accessories, you can cheat the wind and ride faster. For road cycling, aero road helmets provide a balance between ventilation and aerodynamics. In this review, we’ll be looking at the Bollé Furo MIPS helmet which has NACA ducts and a Kamm tail profile to minimize the aerodynamic drag. The Furo MIPS also features removable vent covers, making it easy to configure the helmet for airflow or speed. With a flat top design, the Furo MIPS doesn’t look like the traditional helmet.

The Bollé Furo MIPS cycling helmet lets you cheat the wind with an aerodynamically optimized design and removable vent covers.

CategoryBicycle Helmet
Retail Price$229
Measured weight (in g)338 (helmet) + 58 (vent covers)
Likes + Sleek profile
+ Great ventilation for hot days
+ Clean design with minimal branding
Dislikes– Premium price
– No storage on the helmet for the removable vents.
– Fairly heavy for the price
Where to Buy (US)Bollé


Bollé packs the Furo MIPS helmet in a standard helmet cardboard box with minimal graphics. On the black box you’ll find high contrast graphics with information about MIPS and Bollé branding. In the box you’ll find:

  • Furo MIPS helmet with detachable vent covers installed
  • Instruction manual and MIPS tags

Surprisingly, Bollé doesn’t include a storage bag for the helmet which is something commonly offered on higher end helmets.


One of the most visually striking things about the Bollé Furo MIPS is the helmet’s profile which doesn’t look like a typical dome-like helmet. Instead it has a flat top with a very aggressive Kamm rear design. Combined with the attractive two-tone white/black color scheme the Furo MIPS is a modern looking helmet. The shell of the helmet is primarily a matte white, while the bottom edge and vents have black insets. As with other premium helmets, the helmet cover wraps around the edges of the helmet for a more finished look. The only visible foam is inside the vents and blends in well thanks to the white/black color scheme. Branding on the helmet is also minimal with the Bollé graphic on the sides, on the NACA duct on top of the helmet, and a slightly odd looking Furo badge on the rear.

Bollé Furo MIPS helmet - aero profile
The Kamm tail design of the helmet gives it an aggressive rear.

For improved aerodynamics, the Furo MIPS also features removable aero vent covers which are made of plastic that securely wedge into the air vents to reduce the aerodynamic drag of the helmet. Installed, they look like they are part of the helmet shell as they fit snugly and sit flush. There are three vent covers: a small one in the center and two larger ones on each side of the helmet. Removing them is as simple as pushing the rubber inserts from the inside of the helmet out. As you can’t store the vent covers on the helmet, you’ll need to remove the vents before starting your ride or shove them in your pocket if you decide mid-ride. Although this is a minor inconvenience, we prefer the more flexible vent cover designs from Lazer and other companies that allow you to switch between venting/aero modes mid ride by simply flipping the covers around or using dials on the helmet.

Bollé Furo MIPS helmet - air vents
A top mounted vent funnels air into and through the helmet.

Bollé has also seamlessly integrated the MIPS liner into the inside of the helmet. The liner is all black and cut around all the vent holes making it blend into the helmet itself. The combination of the MIPS liner and head retention system is what Bollé calls a 360-fit system. The cradle attaches to the helmet at three points and can easily be adjusted forward/aft or loosened/tightened with a large dual direction dial. For improved comfort, the rear cradle also has a wide gel pad on it, which is a nice premium touch. Also the plush helmet paddings are well placed and can be detached from the velcro backings for cleaning.


As we’ve found with many more premium road cycling helmets, the Bollé Furo MIPS is a very shallow helmet. This means it doesn’t extend very far down, and allows for additional space for oversized sunglasses such as the Smith Flywheel or Bollé Chronoshields to fit well against the brim of the helmet. Thanks to the adjustable straps and rear head cradle, we found the helmet comfortable and secure. Also at 338g (medium size) without the vents and 396g with the vents, the Furo MIPS feels comfortable but isn’t a featherweight helmet you’ll forget you’re wearing. We were also happy with the venting of the helmet as it provided excellent airflow through the helmet. While the Furo MIPS isn’t as ventilated as the road cycling helmets such as the Smith Trace, there is enough airflow to keep you from overheating even in the aero configuration. 


Overall, we found the Bollé Furo MIPS to be a sleek aerodynamic cycling helmet. The removable vents allow you to easily switch between an aero configuration or a ventilated road cycling helmet. Although you can’t store the vent covers on the helmet, they allow the helmet to be used in both racing or weekend fun rides. We are particularly impressed with flat top design that results in a helmet that doesn’t look anything like the traditional dome shaped helmet. With the shallow design of the Furo MIPS, the helmet also pairs well with oversized sunglasses that can even quickly be stored on the helmet itself. If you are looking to cheat the wind, but still want ventilation, the Furo MIPS is a strong contender.  

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