DMT was one of the first brands to embrace knitted footwear and offer fully knit uppers in a cycling shoe. In this review, we’ll be looking at the new KR0 which DMT says represents the pinnacle of performance and knit footwear. The KR0 combines DMT’s years of expertise with the latest generation dual BOA Li2 dials and carbon outsole. With a retail price of $489.99 the KR0 sits near the top of DMT’s current lineup and has the latest full 3D Knit upper construction with integrated webbing. The shoes also feature the updated anatomic carbon SL outsole with large ventilation panels to circulate air through. A 3-bolt cleat setup allows the shoes to be used with Look Keo or Shimano SPD-SL cleats and even features 8mm adjustability forward/aft.

The DMT KR0 combines a stiff carbon fiber sole with a secure yet flexible full knit 3D upper construction.

RatingDesign:   A
Comfort:  A
Value:  A
Measured Weight (in g)454 (EUR 43)
Retail Price$489.99
Likes+ Dual BOA Li2 Dials
+ Comfortable Full 3D Knit upper construction
+ Stiff and responsive anatomical carbon sole
Dislikes– Premium price
– One piece upper makes putting shoes on a finicky process
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The KR0 shoes come in DMT’s iconic orange and black colored shoe box with basic specs written on it. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • DMT KR0 Shoes
  • Branded travel bag
  • 2x Look Memory Eyelet Screws
  • Information card

We’d recommend using or saving the Look Memory Eyelet screws (read our guide on how to use them) as they are easy to lose and can be difficult to order.


Whether you choose the bright and bold coral/back (red) color scheme shown in this review or a more muted white/black/gray variation the KR0 shoes are a beautiful set of cycling shoes. The knitted upper construction is hard to miss with the visible fabric textures and one piece design. Rather than a traditional tongue or cut down the center of the shoe, DMT has chosen to use a more elastic material that can compress or expand with the dial adjustments. The internal webbing is also clearly visible with raised ribs that extend from the wire attachment points to the outsole. A glossy rubber like coating also provides additional structure around the dials and along the edges of the shoe. Otherwise, the KR0 shoes feel a lot like elastic water shoes and can be collapsed until they are nearly flat.

DMT KR0 Cycling Shoe Review - Top Down View
DMT describes the KR0s as the pinnacle of their knit technology as it includes full ventilation and integrated webbing for additional structure.

Contrasting black dials, webbing and a matte finish outsole provide some visual contrast from the knitted upper material. It’s hard to see on the red color scheme, but there are also DMT tags on the heel and front face with their distinctive orange backing. You’ll also find DMT raised lettering on the outer sides of the shoes, and KR0 on the insides. Perforations along the front toe box and sides of the shoe help with ventilation while a non-slip material on the inside heel keeps your foot from sliding. Unlike the DMT KR3 shoes, DMT has chosen a matte carbon fiber sole with large vents cut into it. We are also happy to see the replaceable heel pad and a toe guard which help prevent the outsole from being damaged while walking


The KR0’s feature a dual zone setup with the latest BOA Li2 dials. Ankle fit can be adjusted with the top dial while the bottom dial adjusts the toe box. The Li2 dials offer micro adjustment for both tightening and loosening with an easy to control and sleek dial. Pulling up on the dial does a full release of tension and makes it easier to put the shoes on or take them off. Even with the one piece design and lack of fancy integrated wire wrapping found on shoes such as the Bont Cycling Helix the dials do an excellent job of tuning the fit. The integrated webbing helps keep your feet firmly in place without being too restrictive.

DMT KR0 Cycling Shoe Review - BOA Dial Closeup
The KR0 shoes features a dual zone closure system with the latest BOA Li2 dials for a sleek look and adjustability.


When it comes to cycling shoes, it’s a delicate balance between flexibility and structure. Too flexible and your feet will be sliding around, while a very stiff shoe can be uncomfortable. With the KR0 shoes, DMT has struck the perfect balance as the knit uppers are stiff enough to keep you in place while still allowing your toes and feet to expand. It’s a big improvement over the DMT KR3 shoes which we found to be too squishy when sprinting or during hard efforts. We’d recommend sizing down as the EUR 43 fits much closer to standard EUR 44 shoes from Bont Cycling Motion or Shimano S-PHYRE shoes we’ve reviewed. Even with the standard width version, our wide feet were comfortable thanks to the generous toe box and flexible knit construction.

DMT KR0 Cycling Shoe Review - Rear
Branding ls limited to raised DMT letters on the sides and the distinctive orange vertical stripe on the rear.

On the road, the perforations do an excellent job of funneling air through the shoes to keep you comfortable. It’s a well ventilated shoe which means you should consider thicker socks for chilly days. The knitted upper material really does feel more like socks than cycling shoes as there are no pressure points and minimal bulk. Within a ride or two, the knitted uppers soften and even become easier to put on despite the small opening. While the KR0s don’t have the custom molded feel Bont Cycling Vaypor S shoes have, they are stiff and quite comfortable.


Overall, we found the DMT KR0 shoes to be attractive and comfortable cycling shoes. DMT’s unique fully knit upper construction not only looks great but provides a unique balance between stiffness and flexibility. We found the KR0 shoes to be stiff yet quite comfortable on the road for short rides or high-effort sprints. Although the shoes are far from affordable, they have the premium visual design and performance you’d expect at this price point. The dual BOA Li2 dials provide fine adjustments while the internal webbing helps keep your feet firmly in place. One of the only downsides with the KR0s is that the one-piece knit construction can be a bit difficult to put on or take off. That said, if you’re looking for knit cycling shoes with uncompromising performance the KR0 shoes should be on your short list.

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  1. Never buy DMT KR0 size 37 in combination with Shimano cleats. It simply doesn’t work and DMT has an “engineered solution” … Shimano cleat spacer … doesn’t work either. A pity for a premium brand and a premium price.

    1. Thanks for the info – I didn’t realize there would be cleat fitment issues for smaller sized shoes. Hopefully you were able to find a solution or return the shoes.

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