Ergon’s SR Allroad Core series of bike saddles are designed to provide full road bike feel even when you are riding off the road. The saddle’s main feature is Ergon’s Core HD technology which uses Infinergy material that consists of thousands of foam particles to absorb shocks and provides all-day comfort. Ergon offers the SR Allroad Core in three variations, the $139.95 Comp (Nylon base / CroMo rails), $159.95 Pro (Carbon Composite base / TiNox rails) and the $199.95 Pro Carbon (Carbon Composite base / Carbon rails). In this review we have the mid-level SR Allroad Core Pro which offers a balance between cost and weight. Ergon has incorporated their pressure reducing center channel and shock absorbing rails and padding into all versions of the saddles.

The Ergon SR Allroad offers a firm yet supportive ride for gravel or trail riding that doesn’t sacrifice feel.

Rating9.5 / 10
Retail Price$139.95 (Comp), $159.95 (Pro – as tested), $199.95 (Pro Carbon)
Measured Weight (in g)262 (M/L Width)
Likes+ Ergonomic shape
+ Core HD padding absorbs shocks while provide firm ride
+ Seamless cover is easy to clean with a smooth mating surface
Dislikes– N/A
Where to Buy (US)Ergon


The Ergon SR Allroad Core Pro saddle is attached to a bright green cardboard backing piece with branding printed onto it. There is a small instruction manual that helps with the positioning of the saddle. You simply rotate the saddle off the plastic hook and then install it onto your bike.


Ergon has designed their SR Allroad Core series of saddles for performance on or off the road. Visually, the saddle shares the same profile and center pressure relief channel as their SR Road cycling saddles but adds their Core HD padding. That results in a slightly thicker saddle as the BASF Infinergy material is sandwiched between the saddle shell and the microfiber cover. The saddle has a seamless design with the cover tucking into the Core HD which eliminates any folded fabric or hard to clean edges. Ergon offers three versions of the saddle, the more affordable Comp and then the Pro and Pro Carbon. The saddle construction is different between each saddle with the Comp using Nylon base / CroMo rails, the Pro using Carbon Composite / TiNox rails and the Pro Carbon using Carbon Composite / Carbon rails. If you’re not worried about saving every gram, then the Pro that we have in this review is a great compromise.

Ergon SR Allroad Core Pro Bike Saddle Review - Profile
Ergon has taken their ergonomic SR saddles and added off-road specific features like extra cushioning and textured surface.

All the saddles have a short nose 262 mm length which provides more versatility for seating positions. There are two width options, a 139 mm S/M version and the 152 mm M/L that we have here which is designed for people with wider sit bones. The saddle’s all have an all black design with linear grooves cut into the saddle which add a bit of texture to help the rider in place. Simple Ergon branding is debossed into the sides and rear of the saddle for a clean look. Under the saddle you have a well integrated base with smooth edges and rail attachments to help with dampening. There is a wide clamping area for the rails which lets you adjust the saddle to accommodate different bike fits.

Ergon SR Allroad Core Pro Bike Saddle Review - Rail Design
The seamless base has an easy to clean smooth design as well as carefully design rail attachments to absorb shocks and vibrations.


We mounted the saddle on our Triban RC 520 along with the matching Ergon CF Allroad Suspension Seatpost to tackle some gravel routes. With the Ergon SR Road saddle as one of our favorite saddles on our road bike, we were optimistic about the SR Allroad saddle. Thankfully the optimism was well placed as the SR Allroad was comfortable from the first ride. The saddle has a firm ride that dampens out harsh roads while still letting you feel the road. It’s a nice balance between traditional road cycling saddles and overly padded saddles. The wide version we chose was a perfect match for our test rider while the center pressure relief channel ensures you stay comfortable even on longer rides. However, as with any saddle review, we’d always recommend trying it out for yourself though as saddle fit can vary person to person.


Overall, we found the Ergon SR Allroad Core saddle to be comfortable and well designed. Ergon has taken their well tuned and ergonomic saddle design and added additional dampening to provide comfort on rough roads. The innovative Infinergy padding is compliant yet firm enough to hold its shape. We found the saddle shape to be comfortable for short or long rides on paved or unpaved roads. Our mid-level Pro version is also competitively priced with a seamless shell that’s easy to wipe clean. Aside from the lack of color options, black is the only choice, we couldn’t find anything negative about the saddle. The Ergon SR Allroad lives up to the ergonomic brand reputation is a great choice for riders looking for a smooth ride that doesn’t sacrifice feel.

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