If you are looking for lightweight road cycling pedals, the Xpedo Thrust 8 are tough to beat. Xpedo has combined lightweight materials such as carbon injection and a titanium spindle to create one of the lightweight pedals on the market. The Xpedo Thrust 8 pedals are one of their top pedals and are offered in a $195 Chromoly spindle version or the $275 Ti Spindle version we have in this review. To optimize the weight, the pedals feature a carbon injection body with titanium wear plates. For the Ti spindle version of the pedals there is a 85 kg / 187 lb rider weight limit. The pedals are compatible with Xpedo’s Thrust 7 cleats as well as Look Keo cleats and even feature adjustable spring tension.

The Xpedo Thrust 8 pedals combine a carbon composite body with a smooth and lightweight titanium spindle for optimal performance.

Retail Price$275
Rating9.0 / 10
Measured Weight (in g)176
Likes+ Lightweight construction
+ Serviceable design that doesn’t require special tools
+ Adjustable tension with wide platform
Dislikes– Low maximum weight for Titanium version
Where to Buy (US)Xpedo


The Xpedo Thrust 8 pedals come in a black cardboard box with bright orange graphics around the exterior. A cutout on the top of the box lets you see and touch the pedals. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Thrust 8 pedals
  • 0 & 6 degree cleats w/ hardware
  • Instruction manual

With the included cleats, the Xpedo pedals are ready to install and start riding right out of the box. The pedals use a standard 8mm bolt at the end of the spindle to install it on crank arms. As with all pedals, you have to remember that the pedals are reverse threaded on the non-driver side.


Visually, the Xpedo Thrust pedals have a classic spring retention design with a wide body. Xpedo has optimized the weight by cutting away most of the body and leaving only the minimal amount necessary. Unlike some Look Keo pedal models which tend to accumulate dirt and debris, the Thrust pedals have large openings behind and ahead of the spindle. The body is constructed from carbon injection mold and has an attractive titanium wear plate with an orange to blue color gradient. The pedals are compatible with Look Keo cleats and Xpedo’s own Thrust 7 cleats with a wide contact surface.

These pedals aren’t the lightest Xpedo offer though as Xpedo also sells a Thrust SL version with an elastomer retention system and a team edition of these pedals that are even lighter but sacrifice stiffness adjustment. With the titanium spindle version of the Thrust 8 pedals, there is one big restriction which is the 85kg / 187 lb rider weight restriction. That’s lower than most lightweight products we’ve seen and is one downside to the minimal design. Aside from that, the pedals have a sleek and premium finish. Branding on the pedals is limited to gold Xpedo and Thrust branding on the top and on the spindle.

Xpedo Thrust 8 Titanium Clipless Cyclist Pedal Review - Titanium Wear Plate
The pedals have an eye catching blue to gold titanium wear plate.

The Thrust 8 pedals use a standard spring retention system with an adjustable tension system. There is a tension gauge on the backside which lets you easily see the current setting and match both pedals. A metal indicator moves between the low and high markings, with the pedals set to the middle setting from the factory. It’s an easy to adjust system that lets you optimize the pedal feel to make it easier or harder to clip in and out. Xpedo’s Thrust SL version of these pedals eliminates the spring for a non-adjustable elastomer which is a clever alternative that also sheds a few grams.

Xpedo Thrust 8 Titanium Clipless Cyclist Pedal Review - Side Profile
The Thrust pedals have a sleek and thin profile with a simple Hex end bolt to open up the spindle.

At the core of the Thrust 8 pedals is the titanium spindle which has a smooth body and an 8mm hex at the end of the spindle. It’s a clean design with simple Xpedo logos and is easy to service with a 6mm front bolt. Unlike a lot of cycling products, you don’t need any proprietary tools to service the pedals or the three standard bearings inside it. There is a hex end cap bolt which holds the spindle onto the body which can easily be replaced or removed to clean the pedals if needed. Xpedo also sells a $25 replacement bearing set for the pedals which lets you maximize the lifespan of the pedals.


Having ridden everything from the budget friendly Look Keo Classic pedals to their top-of-the-line Look Keo Carbon Blade pedals and even Shimano SPD-SL pedals we’ve racked a lot of miles on clipless pedals. Even though clipless pedals can be intimidating for new cyclists, it’s something we’d highly recommend to everyone as it improves performance and comfort on the bike. The Xpedo Thrust 8 are no exception, right out of the box they have a satisfying clip-in noise and a wide platform that ensures you don’t waste any watts. We tried the Thrust 8 pedals with Look Keo cleats as well as the provided Thrust 7 cleats and didn’t feel a discernable difference between them. Aside from the lack of a Look Keo Memory Tab on the Thrust 7 cleats, they appear to be interchangeable cleats.

Xpedo Thrust 8 Titanium Clipless Cyclist Pedal Review - Tension Adjustment
The pedals have an adjustable tension design with a hex adjustment bolt and simple tension guage.

We found the pedals offered smooth operation and a noise free ride. The default center spring tension position was a bit too soft for us, so we adjusted the tension to increase the clip-in and clip-out resistance. Aside from that small adjustment, the pedals felt just as nice as our Look Keo Carbon Blade pedals. We’re not sure most riders would even feel the difference between the titanium spindle and the standard chromoly spindle option though, so unless you’re a weight weenie we’d recommend saving the money and sticking with the standard version. After over a thousand miles of riding the spindles still feel stiff with no side-to-side play.


Overall, we found the Xpedo Thrust 8 pedals are lightweight and attractive clipless pedals. Xpedo have optimized the weight of the Thrust 8 pedals by eliminating any extra materials from the body and using lightweight carbon composite body and titanium spindle. With three sealed cartridge bearings, the pedals offer smooth operation that maximizes power transfer to the bike. The pedals compatibility with Look Keo and Thrust 7 cleats means the pedals have a wide and secure platform that is comfortable for high-effort sprints or long rides. The main downside of the pedal, aside from the premium price, is that the titanium version has a fairly low 187 lb rider weight limit. That said, the Xpedo Thrust 8 pedals are attractive and lightweight clipless pedals ensure you don’t lose any watts while riding.

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