As a part of Fizik’s Terra all-terrain saddle series, the Alpaca saddle has been optimized for support and rider control. The $129.99 Alpaca saddle combines the $109.99 Terra saddle with an integrated tool carrier that is bolted directly under the saddle. With the direct-to-saddle mounting design, the Alpaca X5 saddle is perfect for mountain bike or dropper post use as it can replace saddlebags. Fizik includes two slots for 16oz CO2, note the CO2 canisters themselves are not included, along with a 12 function multi-tool to repair flats or for roadside repairs. The saddle is only available in a 145mm width with their Mobius rail design for optimized strength and weight distribution.

The Fizik Terra Alpaca X5 combines a comfortable flat profile with a cleverly designed multi-tool attachment and spots for two CO2 canisters.

Retail Price$129.99 ($109.99 without tool carrier)
Rating9.0 / 10
Measured Weight (in g)372
Likes+ All-in-one design
+ Clever thread-on design for CO2 canisters
+ Compact and versatile multi-tool
Dislikes– No wide width options
– Tool carrier blocks traditional saddle bags straps
Where to Buy (US)Fizik


The Fizik Terra Alpaca X5 saddle comes in a simple black cardboard box with the Fizik logo printed directly on the top lid. A cardboard backing holds the saddle in place along with specs and warning information printed on it. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • Terra Alpaca X5 Saddle
  • Alpaca Tool Carrier attached w/ multi-tool

Note, you’ll need to add your own threaded 16 oz CO2 canisters as they are not included with the saddle.


Fizik’s Terra Alpaca is well named as it’s a highly supportive saddle that offers an integrated tool solution. With this combo design not only do you get a comfortable MTB ready saddle but it also has a bolted-on tool carrier with two removable 16g CO2 holders and a multi-tool. The saddle has a nearly flat profile, similar to the Selle Italia Flite, with smooth cover that’s optimized for dropper use. Fizik has incorporated co-injected elastic wing panels that are designed to flex on impacts. The saddle also has their Mobius rail which is a closed loop design that wraps the rails around the saddle base for strength and weight distribution. It’s a sleek design that’s easy to clean with the fabric cover wrapped tightly around the base.

Fizik Terra Alpaca X5 MTB Saddle Tool Carrier CO2 Review - Side Profile
The saddle has a nearly flat profile with attractive Alpaca lettering and a textured rear for additional durability.

The saddle includes a 12 function multi-tool with multiple hex wrenches, screw drivers, Torx, and an integrated inflator head. Despite all the features it’s a compact multi-tool that sits inside its own custom holder on the center of the carrier. There are 7 different hex wrench sizes: 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8mm. You also have both a Phillips and Flat head screwdriver to cover any odd jobs. There are two sizes for the Torx bits: T25 and the less common T10. A rubber cover keeps the tool securely in place even on rough trails. Fizik has optimized the design of the multi-tool to minimize the length by keeping all the tools on one side with the CO2 inflator nozzle on the other.

Fizik Terra Alpaca X5 MTB Saddle Tool Carrier CO2 Review - Saddle Top
The Alpaca X5 uses a standard 145 mm width with a textured saddle cover and dipped center profile for additional comfort.

Attached to each side of the multi-tool bracket are plastic CO2 holders. Each of the CO2 holders slide onto the sides of the tool carrier with a removable tab design. That means you can leave them at home or only use one of them. What’s clever about the design is that the holders use a threaded head to hold 16 oz CO2 canisters. This is a simple but highly secure design as it securely holds the CO2 canister in place regardless of the terrain without the need for rubber straps or velcro. Note, Fizik does not include the CO2 canisters with the saddle.


The Terra Alpaca saddle is designed as a part of the Fizik’s MTB and all road lineup which is why it uses a fairly flat profile and shock absorbing construction. That’s why we installed it on our versatile Decathlon Triban RC 520 for gravel riding here in Northern California. The flat design of the saddle and center pressure relief dip work well whether you’re riding in or out of the saddle. As with any saddle, it’s hard to say if the Terra Alpaca will be comfortable as everyone’s anatomy is a bit different. We would have preferred a wider width option, we still found the saddle to be comfortable with good shock absorption. The attached multi-tool is a clever feature with well-designed multi-tool and inflator. However, you’ll have to stick to bike bags or handlebar bags with this saddle though, as the tool attachment makes it nearly impossible to fit a standard saddlebag to the rail of the saddle.

Fizik Terra Alpaca X5 MTB Saddle Tool Carrier CO2 Review - Multi-Tool
The saddle not only includes slots for two CO2 cannisters, but it also includes a compact 12 function multi-tool with a built-in inflator nozzle.


Overall, we found the Fizik Terra Alpaca X5 to be a well designed and comfortable saddle. The saddle lives up to the Alpaca namesake with a bolt-on tool carrier that attaches directly to the base of the saddle. A clever 12 function multi-tool sits in the middle of the saddle with two CO2 canister holders on each side. We were impressed with the thread-on design of the canister holders and integrated design. The saddle itself has great shock absorption and a flat profile that makes it easy to ride on or off the saddle seamlessly. If we could improve anything it would be to offer a wide width variation and alter the design to allow the tool carrier to be used with saddlebags. That said, if you’re looking for a comfortable all-mountain saddle that can also carry tools and CO2 canisters then you should consider the Fizik Terra Alpaca X5.

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