When it comes to cycling or any other endurance sport, nutrition is key to success. However, for long rides or runs, it can often become a challenge to eat enough food which is why Osmo developed Power Fuel. Osmo has combined 39g of carbohydrates and 410mg of sodium per 42g serving into a taste-free powder that can mixed with water before, during or after a workout. Power Fuel is available in both caffeinated and non-caffeinated versions as $35 23.9oz bags or $3.25 single serve packs. In either variation, Power Fuel can be combined with electrolytes or other drink mixes to optimize your nutrition and intestinal-carb absorption.

Rating9.1 / 10
Retail Price$35 (23.9oz bag)
Likes+ Neutral taste
+ Can be mixed with electrolytes for added benefits
+ Makes getting carbs on-the-go easy
Dislikes– Premium price
Where to Buy (US)Osmo Nutrition

The Osmo Power Fuel 23.9oz bag is a large resealable bag with a plastic scoop inside it. The non-caffeinated version (which we tried) has only 3 ingredients: Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin, Fructose, Sodium Citrate. Osmo’s recommended two-scoop serving size has a whopping 39g of carbohydrates per serving so this is definitely not for the diabetic athlete. This mix can be consumed before or during exercise. The company recommends ingesting 1-4 scoops Ingredients 30-120 minutes prior to exercise.

Osmo Power Fuel Review - Resealable bag and scoop
The mix comes in a large resealable bag with a measuring scoop.

Although Fructose and Sodium Citrate pretty much translates to sugar and salt, the Osmo Power Fuel tastes like neither. Its almost tasteless with a slight aftertaste of mineral water. It readily dissolves in water and can be consumed this way if you’re just looking for supplemental carbs or can be mixed with electrolytes.


Overall, we found the Osmo Power Fuel to be a great way to load up carbs on the go and its also easy on the stomach. Instead of struggling to eat additional food and risk stomach issues, Power Fuel lets you consume carbs while you hydrate. We were impressed with the neutral taste which only has a very subtle after-taste that’s easy to miss even when using only plain water. Particularly for long rides, Power Fuel is a great supplement to avoid cramping or stopping to eat additional food. If you’re looking for a liquid fuel to keep you going for longer, Osmo Power Fuel is a good option.

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