While Goodyear is best known for  high performance automotive tires and their iconic blimp, their Eagle F1 road bike tires are a competitive offering. Goodyear offers two variations of the F1 tires, the Eagle F1 which we’ve previously reviewed and the Eagle F1 SuperSport that is the subject of this review. While both tire variations are described as ‘ultra-high-performance tires’, the SuperSport is targeted toward competitive use with a lighter weight construction. Available in sizes that vary from 700×23 to 700×28 as well as a tube only or tubeless complete option, it’s easy to find the right tire for any application. The tires are also well priced whether you choose the $60 for the tubed option or the $65 tubeless complete especially compared to more expensive Continental or Schwalbe tires. What sets the SuperSport tires apart is the proprietary Dynamic:GSR rubber compound and 120 TPI casing. The tires are also 10% lighter than the standard Eagle F1 due to the more narrow R:Shield anti-puncture belt.

The Goodyear Eagle F1 road bike tire is a great all-around performance tire that offers low rolling resistance and lightweight.

Retail Price$60 (Tubed) / $65 (Tubeless Complete)
RatingGrip:   A
Weight:  A
Comfort:  A
Value:  A
Measured Weight (in g)284 (700×28 Tubeless Complete)
Likes+ Competitively priced
+ Lightweight tires for the size
+ Low rolling resistance and high grip
Dislikes– Lacks wear indicator
– Installing Tubeless Complete version takes muscle
– Only available in black sidewalls
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The tires come in a simple cardboard box with Goodyear’s iconic black/yellow graphics with a cutout to see and touch the tires. There is surprisingly little information about the actual tire tech on the box, only a simple list with the technology acronyms.


The Eagle F1 SuperSport tires have a conservative design with minimal tread. While the SuperSport tires use the same Dynamic:GSR compound, the tread is divided into three sections, a smooth center section, and textured side walls. Surprisingly the tires are a directional design even though the tread appears to be unidirectional. The smooth tread means the tires are less suited for wet weather as they lack water wicking channels. Branding on the tires is also minimal with Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport written in white on the sidewalls. Fans of tan sidewall tires will be disappointed to know that Goodyear doesn’t currently offer that color for the SuperSport tires.

Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport - Side
Goodyear offers the tires in a simple black colorscheme with white lettering in either tubeless or tubed variations.


With the Eagle F1 SuperSport tires designed to be a race-ready tire, it seemed only fair to mount them on the equally high performance XeNTiS Mark3 SL wheelset. We found that the tire installation took a fair amount of muscle due to the stiff tubeless complete construction. Once we were able to get the tires onto the rim, the tires seated properly without a fuss. Note that the tires are directional even though it has semi-smooth tread which means you need to be careful when installing them. As a race-ready tire, it’s no surprise that the F1 SuperSports roll quickly and smoothly. That translates to confidence when doing fast technical descents or when trying to get a PR on a local sprint. As with other high performance tires like the Hutchinson Galactik, the tires prioritize grip and performance over durability which means they wear out faster than traditional training tires. While we didn’t experience any flats, within a few hundred miles there was visible wear on the tires.

Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport - Thread
The SuperSport tires feature a dual thread design with smooth center section and textured sides.


Overall, we found the Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport tires to be fast and smooth rolling. Optimized for high-performance and racing, the SuperSport tires use Goodyear’s Dynamic:GSR rubber compound and provide low rolling resistance and grip. The 120 TPI construction also means the tires are soft and supple which improves the ride while still providing good communication. While we hope Goodyear adds a tan wall option to the SuperSport tires, the simple white lettering and all black finish looks sleek and pairs well with any bike or wheelset. The SuperSport tires are also competitively priced which means it’s easier to justify the faster wear the race day tires have. If you’re looking for a fast set of performance tires, the Goodyear SuperSport tires are worth considering.

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