The iGPSPORT BSC200 GPS computer is iGPSPORT’s mid-tier cycling computer that sits in the middle of their Bike Smart Computer or BSC lineup. The BSC200 is a compact GPS computer that features navigation and a wide range of features at an affordable price point. While the retail price on the computer is only $99.99, it features a 30 hour runtime and full sensor compatibility except for bicycle radars. The computer uses a 2.5” black and white non-touch display that is controlled through six physical buttons along the sides of the computer. Navigation can be done via downloaded routes, but the map view is limited to a basic breadcrumb style display.

The iGPSPORT BSC200 is a budget friendly GPS computer with simple breadcrumb navigation view and customizable data layouts.

Retail Price$99.99
Rating8.7 / 10
Measured Weight (in g)66 (head unit)
Likes+ Budget price
+ Intuitive user interface and button placement
+ Customizable data fields and layouts
Dislikes– Basic breadcrumb map
Where to Buy (US)Amazon


The iGPSPORT BSC200 comes in a slim black and orange box that matches the iGPSPORT branding. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • BSC200 GPS computer
  • Handlebar mount + o-rings
  • Quick start guide

iGPSPORT does not include a USB-C charging cable which is reasonable as most people likely can re-use a cable from another device.


The iGPSPORT BSC200 uses a standard quarter-turn style Garmin mount which uses two protruding tabs that lock into place on a corresponding mount. iGPSPORT includes a simple handlebar mount with two rubber straps to attach it to a stem or handlebar. It’s a simple but effective way to mount the BSC200 on a stem or handlebar. However, we’d highly recommend getting an out front mount for a sleeker setup like the Topeak UTF or iGPSPORT’s own M80 mount. The M80 is a simple left-sided plastic out front mount with a contoured design. It retails for only $16 so it’s quite affordable but requires a separate adapter for mounting cameras or lights underneath it.


As a part of the BSC lineup, the iGPSPORT BSC200 uses a familiar rectangular design with slim profile. It’s a fairly compact computer that’s only 82x53mm with a thin 14.5mm thickness. To achieve a $100 price point, the BSC200 uses a black and white 2.5” screen with a glossy finish unlike the iGPSPORT BSC300’s color touch screen. The edges of the computer have a matte finish with six buttons to navigate the interface and a small cutout on the front to attach a lanyard. You’ll find the iGPSPORT logo on the top of the screen and on the front edge in white lettering. The computer has an attractive design that has no exposed hardware and sharp creases.

iGPSPORT BSC200 GPS Cycling Computer Affordable Review - Garmin Mount
The BSC200 has a thin profile with an integrated Garmin mount and a USB-C charging port.

On the backside of the computer you’ll find a rubber cover that conceals the USB Type-C charging port. The BSC200 has an impressive IPX7 rating which means it should easily handle wet weather with no issues. Above the USB-C port is the Garmin quarter turn mount that is molded directly into the body of the computer. As there is no touch screen, the BSC200 has six physical buttons placed along the edges. Each of the buttons are well labeled and have a nice spring loaded feel that you typically only find in higher-end devices.


The BSC200 uses a non-touch screen design in which navigating through menus or switching screens is all done by the physical buttons. Given the relatively small 2.5” screen we think iGPSPORT made the right decision as it’s faster and easier to use the buttons while riding. With so many buttons, each action is well defined and has clear labels printed on the bezel of the screen. That means the user interface is quite intuitive as you don’t have to do long holds to access secondary features as you do with the Bontrager RIDEtime Elite. The power button is on the top left corner and has a red outline to help identify it. With the GPS computer on, you can do a short press to use the button to exit menus or return to the main status page. There are two buttons on bottom for accessing the lap feature or starting and pausing a recording.

iGPSPORT BSC200 GPS Cycling Computer Affordable Review - Map View
The BSC200 has a simple breadcrumb map view that shows your route and basic navigational prompts.

On the right side there are three buttons, a menu button on the top right and then an up and down arrows on the bottom right. We’re happy to see dedicated scroll buttons as they are placed directly next to each other and allow you to quickly cycle through menu options or ride pages. iGPSPORT has designed the user interface to have four primary levels: a quick status page (this shows notifications / time / status), scrolling mode selection page (pick between ride modes or settings), riding pages (customizable ride data pages) and then sub-menu pages. Aside from the data page layouts requiring the app, you can connect sensors and adjust settings directly through the device.


As with most GPS cycling computers, iGPSPORT provides a free cell phone app that can be paired with the computer. The app allows you to download ride data, push routes to the device and customize the data page layouts. Despite being a relatively small company, iGPSPORT has done a good job of creating a clean and modern app. The app has a standard four page layout: home, activity, device and profile. Within the home page you can see an overview of your goals, activities and even recommended routes based on your location. The activity page shows a summary of all the uploaded routes and lets you see ride stats and overview of the route. Device page lets you connect to computers and adjust the device settings and notification settings. Finally the profile page contains your physical information, routes, training and your ranking compared to other rides.

The activity overviews show all the relevant sensor data and let you analyze the ride in detail. iGPSPORT also allows you to link third party apps like Strava or RideWithGPS to sync ride data or download saved routes. All in all, the app is easy to use and seems to be mostly bug free. We found it easy to upload routes, review them and send routes back down to the device. You can also create a route directly from the iGPSPORT app, but it’s a very clunky interface that is frustrating to use. Unlike other route building tools, it’s very challenging to re-arrange waypoints or make small adjustments with any precision. If you have other friends using the iGPSPORT app you can also utilize the social aspect to follow them or share routes with them directly through the app.


Having just recently finished a review on the iGPSPORT BSC300, it was an easy transition to switch to the BSC200 computer. It’s a simple computer to set up and has the customization features typically reserved for higher-end computers. Using the app we were able to quickly modify the layouts to show the data fields we preferred and update the firmware to the latest version. While the black and white display lacks the crispness or color of higher-end cycling computers like the Bryton S800, it is easy to read during the day or night with a uniform screen backlight. The user interface is also quite intuitive which means you can quickly switch between pages using the up/down arrows or change settings while riding.

iGPSPORT BSC200 GPS Cycling Computer Affordable Review - Main Menu
The main menu has some simple graphics that let you select between different modes.

The breadcrumb navigation on the BSC200 is best reserved for riding on familiar roads as the map does not show any street names or detail. Instead you simply get an overlay for the uploaded route and a black line indicating where you have ridden. The computer provides turn-by-turn directions based on the route information but without any map overlay it’s easy to make wrong turns. Note the navigation algorithm also  has the same issues as the iGPSPORT iGS630 which gets confused with overlapping routes and can create false turns on windy roads. At only $100, it’s easy to forgive these issues though as it’s rare to see even a breadcrumb view on cycling computers at this price point. 


Overall, we found the iGPSPORT BSC200 is an affordable GPS cycling computer and has an intuitive interface. Even with the budget orientated black and white screen, we found the user interface to be attractive and easy to navigate using the six physical buttons. The computer offers a wide variety of data field displays and customizable layouts via the iGSPORT app which is nice to see at this price point. While we wouldn’t rely on the breadcrumb navigation, it’s a nice feature and can help you find your way home and shows basic navigation prompts. The main negative with the BSC200 is that the navigation can be confused by overlapping routes and creates false turns on windy roads. That said, if you’re in the market for a budget cycling computer with an intuitive interface and customization then the iGPSPORT BSC200 is a great choice.

Disclaimer:  The product for this review was provided by iGPSPORT. The views expressed on this website are solely those of the authors and are here to help people make an informed choice before a purchase. The authors or the blog itself does not get any monetary compensation from the product manufacturer or third-party websites/vendor links that are posted here.

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